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   Chapter 43 The Evening Party to Welcome Newcomers Of D University (Part Two)

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Fiona's face flushed bright red. She shook her hands and responded, "I really can't do this! I haven't even seen the score! "

"Don't try to get away with me in such a critical moment, Fiona!" Someone said anxiously, "We can't mess up the order of the whole party just because of a program!"

"Yeah, look, the program list is ready!"

"Yeah, Fiona." Ryan stared at her scorching eyes and said, "I've been preparing for that violin for a long time. Do you really want to prevent me from showing it?"

"There are still twenty minutes before the officially beginning of the party. Please go to the backstage to prepare for it. The audience take a seat, maintain the order, and the party is about to start! The party is about to begin. "

Suddenly, someone's voice rang in the hall. Fiona was pushed toward the backstage by several people.

"Hurry up! Put on the make-up on this girl! Hurry up! You must dress up her to the most beautiful! "

"Sophia, I..."

"I believe you!" Sophia pressed Fiona's shoulder and sat down.

Being pushed by Sophia, Fiona had no chance to leave but to change her clothes passively.

Just ten minutes before the opening, Spencer and a group of instructors marched in and became the focus of the crowd, attracting many girls' attention.

"Wow, so handsome!"

"He's so cool!"

"Instructors, your seats are in the second row! This way, please. "

"Yes." Spencer nodded and followed the guide to his seat. He glanced at the hall but didn't see Fiona. She's not here?

The hall was so noisy and lousy that it could accommodate thousands of people. The audience waved the flashlights, waiting excitedly for the beginning of the new party.

Several leaders of the university also came to the hall. When they saw Spencer, they hurried to surround him with a smile and started to chat with him in a pretended familiar way.

"Mr. Spencer, you are here! How could you sit in the second row! Come over here now! "

"I wonder if you are in our school......"

Spencer frowned and then turned to these leaders and said, "I told you not to expose my identity in public! Go back to your seats! "

"Yes, yes!" They were embarrassed and sat back. With arms crossed, Spencer leaned his back against the chair with dissatisfaction. He looked around and didn't find Fiona.

At six o'clock in the afternoon, the light in the hall suddenly turned dim, and a voice with excitement sounded, "Now the party begins!"

"Oh yeah!"


In high screams, there was dynamic music.

The lights on the stage were colorful. A few tall beauties in hot pants stood on the stage and danced with the music.


The hall was immediately echoed by shouts, and the audience were immediately excited.

"Well done!" Eric whispered in Spencer's ear, "look! Young people are always

d something and his body stiffened. He didn't expect the two people to perform on the same stage so soon. As expected, their feelings are warming up very quickly!

When the accompaniment part was played, the two people on the stage looked at each other tacitly and sped up the concert.

All Fiona could see was a tall and straight figure standing in the middle of the stage. It was the first time that she realized what it was like to "play the piano and sing" and how she felt the feeling of being with others. At this moment, she felt that Ryan was her confidant. A man who knew her well, a man who cared about her, and a man who said he would protect her

Ryan turned his head to look at her and both of them smiled lightly.

The smile on Fiona's face was very frightening!

Under the stage, hearing the melodious piano music, Spencer held his cell phone tightly, but felt very annoyed. He took his cell phone and suddenly dialed out a number, but his eyes were still fixed on the stage, facing Fiona

"Hello? Mr. Spencer? " The phone was quickly picked up.

"Inform the Civil Affairs Bureau to work overtime tonight. I'm going to go through the formality of marriage!" He said word by word, gritting his teeth.


"I will arrive there in an hour. If I can't see the staff there, I will destroy that place!" Spencer said with sinister and insidious expression on his face.

After that, without waiting for any response from the other line, Spencer hung up the phone directly. Under the applause of the crowd, he watched coldly as Fiona stood up in front of the piano and was held by the hand of Ryan again.

The two people bowed to each other in the dazzling light and then slowly walked down the stage.

Spencer's palm suddenly hit the table in front of him, which made the water cups on the table move Very good! Fiona, I'm waiting for this day!

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