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   Chapter 42 The Evening Party to Welcome Newcomers Of D University (Part One)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 7458

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The next day, Spencer returned to the school and continued to be a drillmaster, which attracted many girls' attention. After several days, they had finally comprehended the truth. No matter which tutor they were in, they would always be treated strictly. Therefore, it would be better to have a good-looking instructor so that the girls could feel better.

On the other hand, Fiona was fidgeting in her seat. Looking at the way Spencer spoke and acted in a serious manner, she felt that he might take off his mask and fire at her at any time


There were horns on the playground. After the whole day's military training, Fiona let out a long breath. Nothing happened!

"Let's go, Fiona!" Sophia stepped forward and grabbed her arm. "Come on, Ryan is going to invite us to dinner today!"

Fiona glanced at Spencer intentionally or unintentionally and saw him walking towards the gathering area of instructors. She thought, 'he should have not heard that?

"Hurry up!" Without giving her a chance to say anything else, Sophia pulled Fiona's hand and walked out.

Fiona was a little embarrassed and said, "Sophia, Ryan's treated us to dinner all these days. I don't think it's good. Otherwise, I won't go. Go by yourself."

"No way! Ryan is inviting you to dinner. I'm an excuse. If you don't go, my dinner will be ruined! " Sophia said coquettishly, "You should go there! This is a boy's usual way of pursuing girls. He will be happy if you spend his money! Ryan is very rich! "

"……" Fiona was speechless for a while. When she was about to say something, she saw that Ryan was standing in front of the stadium. He smiled when he saw Fiona.

How could anyone refuse such a smile? Fiona sighed and smiled back. Yesterday's good mood when they were riding seemed to be rekindled

"Mr. Spencer, look! Isn't that Fiona? !" On the other side, Eric and Spencer walked out side by side. When he saw Fiona, he poked Spencer in the waist and said, "There's a handsome boy standing next to her!"

Raising his head, Spencer replied flatly, "I see."

"You just said yes. Is that all?" Eric was a little urgent, "Did you see that! what if that young man is vicious to Fiona? Fiona is your... "

"Vicious?" With a cold s

o, from your art school, had just set up the meeting room. Her hands were injured and was sent to the infirmary just now. So she probably can't play the piano tonight. Of course Ryan doesn't have to play the violin." Someone explained.

"We can find another one who can play the piano!" Sophia stretched her neck out and said, "Or we can have Ryan play it alone!"

"It was a piece of instrumental music. I couldn't play it myself." Ryan looked at Fiona with a smile. Suddenly, an idea came to her mind.

"We can find another one who can play the piano." They started to discuss among themselves.

"There is half an hour before the opening. Where can we find them? It seems that you're from the art school. Would you like to go to the Department of music to look for a person? "

"But we can't find anyone else randomly, we must find someone who is a suitable match for Ryan! Otherwise, it will lower the quality of this program! "

In the noise, Ryan suddenly asked, "Can you play the piano, Fiona?"

After that, all the people looked at Fiona. Stunned, Fiona nodded her head, and quickly added, "But I can only play a little."

"What's your piano level?"


"Level ten." Before Fiona said anything, Ryan pursed his lips and said.

"Level ten? !" Without hesitation, Sophia pushed her out and said, "You go!" Fiona, why don't you play with Ryan! "

"What a windfall! Fiona, it really depends on you! Level ten is not something an ordinary person can reach! "

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