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   Chapter 41 Take You For A Ride

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 4153

Updated: 2020-01-31 00:32

From the hospital to the school, Fiona walked slowly to the school hall. The students in the hall were busy. Fiona didn't bother other people, she just found a place to sit down

In the center of the stage, Ryan was directing the curtain to be covered. "Yes, a little higher Lift that crumple up... "

"Ryan, what about this bulletin?"

Ryan turned around and patted on the man's shoulder. "Ask some people to hang it there."

"Senior, how about this..."

People kept asking him questions, but he always answered with a smile and patience.

Looking at his back, Fiona was lost in thought.

"Hey, Fiona is here!" Ryan's roommate, Warren, was also in the student union. When he looked back by accident, he saw Fiona and quickly told Ryan.

Hearing this, Ryan looked back immediately and saw that Fiona was sitting quietly not far away and her indifferent expression was a fatal attraction. He hurriedly put aside his work and said to Warren, "watch the rest for me! You can go if things are done. I'm leaving now. "

"Well, well... The power of beauty is indeed immeasurable. " Warren grabbed Ryan by the shoulder and said, "Ryan, where's your concentration?"

"Just be missing ." With a sly smile, Ryan walked briskly towards F

ticed the smile on Ryan's face.

"I want to add fuel to the fire!" With a sly smile on her face, Sophia played with her mobile phone while saying, "let the good news about Ryan and Fiona spread all over the campus! Haha... "

At the residential area of military training officers and instructors, Spencer checked in again. As soon as he turned on his computer and connected to the school website, there was a top post.

"The best man of D University and the most beautiful goddess! They were together! A perfect couple! "

Slowly, he clicked the mouse and saw the picture of Ryan riding a bike with Fiona. His face darkened and his eyes darkened.

Bang! Spencer said through gritted teeth, pounding the table. Very good! Had they been together? I would like to see if you could be together for the rest of your lives!

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