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   Chapter 39 Fainted On The Track (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-01-31 00:12

Fiona was too tired and fell asleep soon. Ryan quietly stood up and took the phone out of the infirmary. He made a call, "hello? Andrew, help me investigate Fiona Ji's family background. Tell me all the details. "

"Yes, Mr. Ryan." Andrew replied, "Mr. Ryan, Mr. Charles is back. Would you like to go home today?"

"Is Charles back?" Ryan frowned and pursed his lips. "Let's talk about it later. I will call home when I get back."

"Yes, Mr. Ryan."

Then he hung up the phone and went back to the infirmary. Looking at her peaceful sleeping face, he thought that he wouldn't feel bored to see her like this all his life?

In the stadium of D University, the girls of the art school were waiting for their instructor and Fiona.

"Is she okay?" Asked Leona.

"She should be fine," Sophia exhaled. "Ryan must be in the infirmary now."

'does Mr. Ryan also go to the infirmary? Leona frowned.

"The instructor ran so fast!" Raising her eyebrows, Ella said, "He took Fiona away in the princess's arms. It's a view of the stadium."

"Then you must feel dizzy too. You will enjoy the same treatment!" Said Sophia with a smile.

"Okay, I pass out as soon as instructor come back!" Ella agreed and nodded.

As soon as she said that, a man in a training suit ran to the front of the queue and said directly, "Hello, everybody. Mr. Spencer Instructor Cheng left in an emergency. I will take charge of the military training these two days! "

"What's the emergency?"

"Did he take Fiona to the hospital?"

"Do they have any relationship?"

"Stop arguing, everyone!" The drillmaster shouted, "The female classmate of your company is in the infirmary. Your instructor escorted her away, don't gossip! Now, all of you are on attention! Start standing! "

"Oh my God Stand at attention! "

"We have changed the instructor, so has the training content, right?"

"I miss you, Mr. Cheng. You are good-looking, at least we can appreciate your good look when we stand at attention!"


"Well, shut up! Those who d

running a bar without telling him!"

"Don't mess up. My father would have taught me a lesson if he knew it. You should be responsible for it, especially it was you who tell the news to him."

"What do you mean by 'let me say it'?" Asked Spencer.

"You don't know that now in my father's eyes, you, Spencer, are the perfect man," said Terence, shaking his head. He also learned from his father's tone, "Look at him, who has taken the position of the leader at such a young age and is going to get married this year. He's so much better than you! If you don't do anything, why don't you take a daughter-in-law here and let me see. My friend's daughters, do you like them? It's OK to make an appointment for dinner. "

After listening to it, Spencer patted on Terence's shoulder with a gloating face.

"Go away!" Terence shrugged and took off Spencer's hand, but he couldn't help but mention Spencer's pain. He asked, "I said you pulled a long face when I mentioned the name of Fiona. What's wrong? Today is not weekend. Why don't you go to the school and train them? "

"Nonsense! I was so fed up that I went to that poor school to be a drillmaster! " He then added, "And what's more, Fiona? Who does she think she is? She always gives me the cold shoulder!"

Terence nodded. He said in a serious tone, "Sure enough, you were wronged by Fiona!"

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