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   Chapter 38 Fainted On The Track (Part One)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 7238

Updated: 2020-01-31 00:02

"Run around the track quickly. Don't get us into trouble!"

"Does she want to do whatever she wants by knowing the instructor?"

"Thanks to you, my voice is hoarse. Damn it!"

As soon as Spencer finished his words, the girls in the back row were too jealous to stop him. When he was about to be angry, Fiona said first, "Mr. Instructor, I will run."

"You..." Spencer hated Fiona's indifferent attitude. He held back the words he was going to say, pointed to a direction and replied angrily, "Okay, go ahead! As you wish! Twenty laps! "

While running to the playground, Fiona remained calm. Although she had a stomachache and low spirit, she was determined to fight against herself.

She jogged one lap after another. She didn't know how long she had run. She just felt that her feet were soft and she was getting weaker and weaker.

"Hurry up, Fiona!" The roar of Spencer came from the distance.

Biting her lips, Fiona quickened her pace. But after a few steps, she suddenly felt everything in front of her turned into darkness. Her head was buzzing and the sky was spinning in an instant.


Feeling like all her strength had been drained away, Fiona closed her eyes and fell down slowly.

"Fiona! Mr. Instructor, Fiona fainted! " Sophia's eyes were sharp, when she looked at the playground that Fiona suddenly fell on the track, she couldn't help screaming. Regardless of any discipline, she ran there.

"What? !" Hearing the voice, Spencer turned around and ran towards there without hesitation. After a few steps, he threw Sophia far away and cursed, "Damn it!"

"Fiona!" Spencer ran to her and held her up, running to the infirmary.

Sophia snorted and ran half way to see Spencer holding Fiona running fast, and her steps stopped gradually. Then she took out her mobile phone to make a call. "Ryan... Ryan... Fiona fainted on the ground. And now, she was sent to the infirmary by the drillmaster! Go and take a look! "

"What? !" At that moment, Ryan was in class. He was so shocked that he sat up immediately and said to the teacher on the stage, "I have something urgent and I have to ask for a leave!" Then he hurried awa

izziness overpowered Fiona. Fortunately, Ryan managed to support her and lifted her to the bed. "Lie down," he said

"Well, thank you, Ryan." While smiling gratefully, Fiona floated her eyes to the half closed door of the infirmary. After Spencer left, she didn't know what she would suffer afterwards.

"Do you need to go to the hospital?" "You look so pale. Let me send you to the hospital," Ryan continued

"No, thanks." Fiona immediately shook her head and said anxiously, "I'm really fine. I'll be fine after taking a rest."

"Here, please drink some hot water." A cup of hot water was handed to her.

"Thank you, doctor!" Ryan hurriedly took over and put the glass of water to Fiona's mouth

There was a moment of embarrassment in Fiona's face, but when she saw the sincerity in Ryan's eyes, she was relieved and opened her mouth to drink some water.

"Did you mess with the drillmaster during the training?" Ryan suddenly asked, "I just saw the drillmaster was very angry with you."

"Maybe it's because I went too late today. He must be angry." Fiona forced a smile, feeling a bit guilty.

"Okay, I will stop talking. Have a good rest." Then he helped Fiona lie down. "I'll be here with you. Don't worry."

A sense of warmth flooded her. Fiona nodded and closed her eyes.

The tense atmosphere in the infirmary had been gone. The doctor left quietly. There was only the breath of Fiona and Ryan left in the room.

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