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   Chapter 34 It Was Spencer (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-01-30 00:02

Fiona sighed silently in her heart and nodded. After admitting, Fiona heard a few small chuckles behind her and saw a few busy sights after. She kept silent.

"Get out!" Spencer shouted, "Take it out! Give me back my phone! "

Then, Fiona walked out of the group and took out her cellphone. All of a sudden, when she saw the message on the screen, her pupils shrank. A small angry flame flashed in her eyes, because she saw that the column sending the message was full of the name, Spencer!

Spencer then grabbed her phone, clicked the message and showed it to her.

It was from Spencer.

It said, "you are dead, Fiona Ji!

Staring at the message, Fiona clenched her teeth and almost roared with anger.

The message was from Spencer! 'How dare he warn me that I'm damned! Sure enough, he came here for her. He did it on purpose. He wanted to embarrass her! Damn it

Looking at the expression on Fiona's face, Spencer was secretly glad, but he still looked serious. "You can't play with your phone during the training! I've got a clear distinction between rewards and punishments. I'll remember it first. Go back to your position! "

A hypocrite of hypocrisy

"Yes." Fiona returned to the group angrily. When she saw Sophia's concerned eyes, she shook her head to reassure her that she was fine.

Holding Fiona's phone, Spencer glanced at the team and said, "That classmate who gave the lesson a moment ago learned from her mistakes. The rest of you must not play with your phone in the future military training! If I heard someone's phone ringing. You can't eat anything for the whole day. Do you hear me?! Hmm? "

"Yes, sir..."

"Yes, sir."

Response from the team came one after another. Hearing this, Spencer frowned, but he couldn't contro

Spencer's eyes.

Sophia pushed Fiona away and said, "Go get it back!"

Hesitating, Fiona nodded and stood up. Under the gaze of the whole team, she ran two steps to the tent. With a straight face, she said, "Mr. Instructor, it's my phone."

He was like a wolf, waiting for a little white rabbit to grow up. When he heard what Fiona called him, he suddenly smiled with an evil and attractive smile. "Don't you know me, Fiona?"

"Spencer!" Lowering her voice, Fiona stressed each word, "what the hell are you doing! Give me back my phone! "

"Haha..." A content smile cracked on his face and he teased cheerfully, "I can give the phone to you. But you should come to see me tonight at the instructors' dormitory."


Before she could ask more, Spencer spoke first. "Because I don't want to expose my identity."

Surprised, Fiona heard the chatter of the company again. She thought people would be suspicious if she delayed longer, so she compromised and said, "Okay, I'll go. Give me the phone."

Then he handed her the phone between his fingers and said, "you can go now."

Without saying a word, she took the phone and dashed towards the door.

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