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   Chapter 33 It Was Spencer (Part One)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 6111

Updated: 2020-01-29 00:32

Getting out of the car, he was like a superstar walking on the stage. He immediately attracted all the girls' attention. He walked towards the stadium with steady steps. He looked straight ahead with his dark eyes and pursed his lips, which seemed to be able to shake the entire stadium with his strong aura.

Still feeling unreal, Fiona wondered how she could see him there!

Soon after, a man came out from the back seat of the car. Fiona looked at him and found it was Eric! 'They both come here. I didn't see it wrong

"Oh my God! He's so handsome!"

"You are so handsome..."

"Oh, My God!"

All the people around were exclaiming in admiration. However, Fiona broke out into a cold sweat because of fear.

Getting out of the car, Eric saw Fiona in the company immediately. When he was about to call her, he realized something. So he closed his mouth immediately and smiled at Fiona.

Not daring to respond, Fiona bowed her head quickly.

Standing behind Fiona, Leona saw the smile on Eric's face. She glanced at Fiona and frowned.

Spencer compressed his lips and his face was cold. His angular facial features and his forceful figure attracted girls' heart. He cast a cold glance at Fiona before turning to look at Eric and said, "Go to your team."

"Yes, sir!" He made a salute, clenched his fists and ran away quickly.

Wearing his boots, he walked two steps forward and stopped in front of the company. He stood there and turned to look at Fiona, as if to show his respect. "Good morning, everyone. I'm your military instructor," he said in a deep voice

Fiona winced as spencer's voice approached.

How could he be a drillmaster because of his identity? It was unnecessary for a superior or subordinate to be the military training officer, but he came in person. Who would believe that if he cam

on the hand and said, "your hand should be tightened!"

When his rough hand reached her hand, she stiffened.

Feeling the unnatural look on her face, Spencer thought in his mind, 'silly girl, are you afraid now?'? I still remember that you hung up on me last time! Now your life is in my hands. See where you are going!

"Okay," said Spencer as he turned around and walked back towards the rear of the line. "Everyone, keep your posture. Chest out, stomach out, head up, eyes straight ahead, and shoulders back out. Don't move without my permission! "

The fierce sun was scorching on the ground of cement and on everyone's face. Standing for only five minutes, the whole girls in the team had been sweaty.

Spencer wandered around leisurely, looking at Fiona standing straight. He has no reason to make trouble, he felt annoyed. Then he touched his pocket and an idea came to his mind!


In the dead silence, someone's phone suddenly rang.

Following the voice, he asked while walking, "whose phone is ringing?! Ah? "

Feeling the vibration of her phone in her pocket, Fiona felt terrible. Before she could react, she saw Spencer coming over. He asked with cold voice, "Is this your phone?"

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