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   Chapter 32 The Overbearing Drillmasters Came

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 7599

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The day of early September in August was just the time when the autumn tiger was rampaging. But it's also the day of military training for freshmen of D University.

At seven o'clock in the morning, groups of students in military training uniform flocked out of the dormitory building and rushed to the playground.

"Wait for me!" Outside the dormitory building of art school, Sophia was shouting while running, "Fiona! 'Leona! Wait for me! "

Ella followed Sophia and trotted, "Why are you running! We can't be late! "

Fiona turned around and urged, "We're going to hold a military training program. The school leaders and the military instructors are all there. It's not good for us to be late. Let's go!"

"Let's go! Hurry up! We need to catch up with Fiona!" Sophia urged

Leona turned to look at Fiona and found her hair was tied up and covered in her hat, with only her face exposed, clean and fresh, just like a fairy.

In the open-air stadium, the counselors of every school had arrived and ordered their students to stand in the designated place. The counselor of the art school was a woman in her thirties. She was Hilda Han.

"My schoolmates, the headmaster, leaders and the head officer of the military training base will all come over to give us a wakeup. Please keep a good look." "After the mobilization meeting, military training will be started immediately and will last for one month." Hilda said


"Oh my God..."

As soon as Hilda finished her words, the crowd burst into an uproar and complaint.

"I thought there was only a mobilization meeting today!" Sophia took off her hat and fanned himself.

"Oh my God, the military training begins today!" Ella screamed, "But I didn't put on any sunscreen this morning!"

Without saying a word, Fiona stared at the green space in front of her. Suddenly, she thought of Spencer.

"All right, all right, don't make any noise!" The counselor said loudly, "the military training is to train everyone's discipline. Everyone should listen to the instructors in the next month! And try your best to complete every task given by the instructor! "

The meeting began with a dazzling and majestic song, and the principal and other officers of the D University sat on the stage.

"On be

here are our instructors? Has he forgotten us? "

The instructors turned around and said, "Your instructors are coming soon!"

Come right away? The lien burst into a heated discussion. At this moment, the sound of car engine and a loud order came from the stadium, "Salute!"

Then, all the instructors on the playground stopped their action, standing still, straightened their bodies and saluted in unison. They looked at the coming car and greeted with deafening sounds.

"So cool!"

"Damn it! Big shot!"

At this moment, everyone's eyes were fixed on the off-road scenes of the stadium. 'who is so arrogant? She remembers that rule 206 of the school rules made it clear that no motor vehicles were allowed to enter the stadium.

"The car is coming towards us!"

"The car is coming!"

The girls around Fiona couldn't help but scream out. Sure enough, the off-road vehicle stopped directly in front of her team for a few seconds.

Bang! Bang——

Suddenly, the car door was pushed open. The man on the co pilot took out one leg, and the boots steadily stepped on the ground. Then, his slender, straight legs with a well proportioned body

Standing in the middle of the crowd in the second row, Fiona curiously looked at the person walking out of the car. As soon as she saw the person, she widened her eyes and opened her mouth in surprise. Her heart was about to jump out of her throat.

Was there something wrong with her eyes?

'Spencer?! She actually saw Spencer! Why was he in the car!

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