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   Chapter 31 Dinner for Seniors and Girls

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Ryan Wen, Ryan Wen......

Leona repeated this name in her mind for several times. It turned out that the senior was Ryan Wen.

"Ryan, what happened? What do you mean by saving her? " "Tell me!" said Sophia

"Come on!" Gently pinching Sophia's nose, Ryan said, "I'll tell you later after I help Fiona pack up."

"Come on, let's help Fiona pack up her stuff," said Sophia, sticking her tongue out at Ryan

"Thank you." Fiona hurriedly expressed her thanks.

"Hey, hey," Luke gathered those boys and whispered, "Look at the four girls in the dormitory. Fiona is absolutely a goddess. Sophia is a kind of cute female. Leona is a lovely girl. Ella is a hottie, but they are all beautiful! All of them are luxurious! "

"That's right." Warren nodded and asked Ryan, "You know each of the three girls. Which one do you want to choose, tell us quickly so that we can avoid and pursue the other three girls!"

Ryan laughed and said, "What do you mean by letting me choose one? You think it's the emperor's choice? " Ryan glanced at Fiona and whispered in his heart, 'Even if I want to choose, can she agree?'?

"Which one do you like?"

Hearing this, Ryan came to his senses and raised a bright smile on his face. "Who Don't you know? "

The other three boys exchanged a knowing smile. 'Sure she is Fiona!'

Having cleaned up her stuff, Fiona wiped the sweat on her face and said to them, "Thank you all for your help today. I'll treat you to dinner some other day to show my gratitude."

"Why another day! Just today! " Sophia jumped up and said, "Since we're so lucky to meet each other, why not have a meal together? How about Leona and Ella together to enhance our friendship? " Tonight! "

After Sophia's words, these boys nodded immediately and looked at the girls with inquiry.

At this moment, somebody's phone rang

It was Fiona's. She took it out from her pocket and found it was from Spencer!

"Hello?" Fiona hurried to the balcony to answer the phone, but she did not notice that Ryan's eyes had been fixed on her.

"What are you doing? It took you so long to answer the phone!" Said Spencer in a slightly annoyed voice.

"I... I'm packing up." Fiona whispered.

"Have you moved in the dorm after you registered?"


Spencer stopped for a few seconds and said, "I'm calling to tell you that I can't go back this weekend."


Taking a deep breath, Fiona replied, "I see."

"Don't get carried away. I'll see you soon." "I'll let you taste the bitterness by then," he added

'he is bluffing, ' Fiona thought.

"Are you going to have lunch or not, Fiona? We're waiting for you." Sophia's cry came from the dorm. Taken aback, Fiona hurriedly said on the phone, "I have to hang up now!"

Beep, beep, beep

"Hey! 'it's Fiona! I will go to your...... Damn it... "

"Leona, you didn't respond when I asked you to have lunch with me this noon. Now you have Ryan here, so you just accept his invitation. What

they seemed to have tacit understanding.

"It's said that it's easiest to make friends at the dinner table," Sam said while swaying his head and pretending to be proud. "See, we became familiar with each other tonight?"

"That's right." Luke added, "How about we go singing together when everyone is in high spirits? What do you think? "

"Stop making a fuss!" Warren patted Luke's face and said, "The first day these young girls came to school, you told her to stay out all night!"

"Exactly! We can't run around! " Sophia stretched her neck and said in a complaining tone, "We have to go back early to take a day off tomorrow. We have to start the military training from the day after tomorrow!"

"Ah, the thought of military training gives me a headache!" Ella raised her pinky and rubbed her temple, "A month of military training! What should I do if my skin is sunburned? "

"This is the first test for you from the University!" Sam clicked his tongue mockingly and said, "You girls, come on!"

At the gate of girls' dormitory building, girls waved goodbye to the boys.

Standing by Ryan's side, Sophia tiptoed to whisper in his ear, "Do you have a crush on Fiona?"

Raising his eyebrows, Ryan looked at Sophia with a smile. "Well, you've grown up, Sophia. You have a good eyesight."

"Humph!" With a smug snort, Sophia added, "Ryan, don't worry about that! I will definitely help you! "

"What do you want me to do?"

"Haha..." "Please put in a good word for me in front of my father, and tell him that you'll take care of me in D University, so that he can rest assured," said Sophia smiling obsequiously

With more than half a minute's thought, Ryan nodded and said, "No problem."

"OK! Done! " Thumping the back of Ryan, Sophia turned around and ran to the dormitory building. "Fiona! Wait for me! "

When they ran away, only a slender figure could be seen in Ryan's eyes.

Fiona, Even Sophia can tell that I like you. Have you seen it?

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