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   Chapter 30 Acquaintances

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"Excuse me, is this the new entrance to economics and management school?"

When Ryan was laughing and joking with his roommates, a timid voice came from behind. Ryan turned around and saw a girl carrying a suitcase staring at him. He nodded quickly and said, "Yes."

Noticing that the girl looked nice, Sam leaned over and asked her enthusiastically, "Hello, girl. I'm a senior student of the school of management. Can I help you?"

The girl took a glance at Sam and said nothing. Then she turned to look at Ryan and smiled shyly. "Can you drive me to my dorm, senior?"


"Hahaha, you are so shameless!"

Hearing that, Warren and Luke, another roommate of Ryan, immediately covered their mouths and laughed secretly at Sam. Sam turned around and glared at them. Then he turned around and sat back angrily.

"She likes Ryan. You don't have to send her!" Warren patted Sam on the shoulder.

"Go away!" Sam looked away in anger and muttered, "I hate these girls who look at boy's faces most. As the captain of the cradle team, I am no worse than Ryan! Poor taste! " After saying that, he glanced around the school gate. Suddenly, his eyes lit up. It was Fiona!

"Hey, look!" When Sam saw Fiona, he got excited at once. He quietly pulled Warren and Luke and said, "Fiona is here. Don't make a sound. We don't tell Ryan and secretly go to see her!"

Warren and Luke stood up immediately and stretched their necks to see what was going on among the crowd. They then followed Sam to run towards Fiona.

Ryan, who was still dealing with the little girl in front of him, said apologetically, "Sorry, I have other things to do. Can I find someone to send you back to your dormitory? Absolutely reliable. Warren... "

As he spoke, he looked around but didn't see the other three men. He frowned and looked around, wondering why they disappeared?

"Senior?" The girl called out.

"Yes?" Pursing his lips, Ryan was about to look back when he saw the dreamy figure. It was nobody but Fiona! She is so eye-catching in the crowd, but why are Sam and the other two person beside her?

Ryan was angry and amused. He patted the person beside him and said, "You drive this girl to her dormitory. I have something to do. I'll leave first." Then he rushed to Fiona.

"Yes, senior. Come with me, my classmate! "

The girl stared blankly at Ryan's receding figure and murmured, "He is so handsome!"

At the gate of the D University, Fiona was walking to the reception area of the art school with her suitcase. Just a few steps, she heard someone call her. She turned around and saw Sam.

"Senior Sam?" Fiona was a little surprised.

"Good job! I know that you still remember me!" Sam smiled and pulled Warren and Luke close to him, "They are my roommates. We both live in the same dormitory with Ryan."

Fiona has seen Sam's passion when she first met him. She looked at the two persons beside him and nodded, "Hi, senior."

"Well, well, well." Luke replied immediately. Looking at Fiona, he swallowed.

Warren kicked the Luke and said. "Be careful in front of primary school girl."

Fiona blinked, lowered her head and smiled embarrassedly.

"Come on! Go! I'll take you to the art school. " Sam pulled Fiona's luggage and patted his chest. "Fiona, let me help you with your luggage."

Not knowing how to answer his question, Fiona said gratefully, "thank you, senior!"

The three boys escorted her to the art school. Fiona nodded with an awkward smile.

"Hi, Fiona!" At this time, Ryan walked through the crowd and finally came to the side of Fiona. Panting slightly, he glanced at the three roommates and smiled, "I finally found you! I'll take you back to your dormitory! "

He took the suitcase from Sam's hand and asked, "Did my roommate frighten you?"

"What do you mean? !" Luke was the first one who was unhappy.

"Exactly! This is a friendly reception!" Agreed Warren.

"You are really something!" Shaking his head, Sam said, "How could we scare her?"

Fiona nodded her head slightly and was about to say something. But she suddenly frowned when she saw the wound on Ryan's arm. She asked, "Is your arm okay?"

With a smile on his face, Ryan replied, "It's nothing serious. It's just a bruise. I'm sure it's okay to take your luggage."

Fiona gave him a grateful look.

They talked while walking. Soon they arrived at the school of art.

Teresa Zhao, the president of the student union of the art school, saw Ryan and came over. Her eyes were full of joy. "Ryan, what are you doing here?"

"I got a new student for you." Ryan pointed at Fiona and said with a smile, "Her name is Fiona Ji."

Then, Teresa moved her eyes from Ryan to Fiona. She felt uncomfortable at the sight of Fiona, she suddenly lost her countenance.

"Hello, Teresa." Greeted Fiona. Of Course she noticed Teresa's mood swings but she didn't say


"Hello. Can you sign here now? " "You should be in charge of the overall situation, why did you pick up the new student yourself?" asked Teresa indifferently.

Sam interrupted, "Because this new student is very special to Ryan!" As he said this, he bumped Ryan's body and raised his eyebrows to ask, "isn't it?

After signing the paper, Fiona took out the key. Her face turned red when she heard Sam's words. When she raised her head, she happened to meet the eyes of Ryan.

With no intention to hide, Ryan stared at Fiona with burning eyes. "Yes, she's very special."

Bang! Bang! Bang

The crowd was boisterous and clamorous. But Fiona could still hear her heart beating faster and faster. What did he mean? She was special to him?

With a pale face, Teresa forced a smile. She turned around and said to Fiona, "You are Fiona Ji, right? You can go back to your dormitory!"

"Let me send you back." Ryan nodded to Teresa and walked towards the dormitory building with Fiona's luggage. Sam, Warren and Luke immediately followed after.

Biting her lower lip, Fiona was stunned. I'm going to become Teresa's enemy because of you, Mr. Ryan.

They arrived at the girl's dormitory of art school and the room number was 315.

Standing in front of the door, Fiona knocked on the door.

"Come in!" A girl's voice came out of the dormitory.

Fiona pushed the door open and walked in. She glanced around the dorm and found that there were four bed positions in the dorm, each of which was made for upper floors, the desk and wardrobe next to the bed. There was an empty bed near the window. That was her bed.

There were two girls in the dormitory lying on the bed lazily. One with short hair, the other with long wavy hair. They were both very beautiful. When they saw Fiona, their eyes were more or less full of curiosity.

"Hello, everyone. I'm Fiona Ji and I'm also living in this dormitory. Nice to meet you." Fiona walked into the dorm and said, "There are several seniors who helped me to carry the luggage. Would you mind letting them in?"

"Come in, welcome!" The girl with short hair quickly got out of the bed, looking fresh and energetic. She greeted to Fiona, "Hello, I am Sophia Su."

Another girl in the dormitory also got out of the bed, wore delicate makeup and sexy clothes, and said slowly, "My name is Ella Yang."

"Hello." With a friendly smile, Fiona turned around and said to them, "Senior, please come in!"

Out of curiosity, Sophia looked out and saw Ryan walking at the front with a suitcase. Suddenly, her eyes lit up and she rushed over with a pair of slippers. She shouted excitedly, "Brother Ryan!"

Ryan only saw a person rushed over and hugged him. He heard that the girl called 'brother'. Who was she?

With arms holding Ryan, Sophia was stunned by the people in the room.

"What's going on? !" Warren replied as he adjusted his glasses.

"Damn it! What a lucky guy Ryan is!" Sam was jealous.

"What Sophia? !" Ryan pushed away the girl in his arms and looked at her in surprise. "Why are you here?"

Turning her eyes, Sophia said proudly, "Of course I'm here for school! You are surprised, aren't you? We are in the same school! "

"But, didn't uncle and aunt ask you to stay in NJ City? Why are you here at M City? " Asked Ryan.

"I'm here on purpose! Please don't tell my parents! " Stepping out of Ryan's arms, Sophia felt the atmosphere was a little weird. She turned around and found everyone was looking at her in surprise. She asked, "Why are everyone looking at me like this?"

"You are Ryan's girlfriend?" Asked Warren.

Hearing this, Daniel quickly waved her hand and said, "no! Please don't get me wrong! Ryan is my elder brother! I have no feelings for him at all! We are innocent! "

"Yes, our parents get along well with each other." Said Ryan with a smile on his face. He raised her hand to fondle Sophia's short soft hair, but his eyes were fixed on Fiona while he was speaking. "So, Sophia is just my sister. I'm sorry for frightening everyone just now. "

All of a sudden, Fiona was flustered. She hastily turned her head to avoid eye contact with Ryan. She saw a girl standing at the door with thick bangs. She was......

"It's you? !" "Why are you here?" Fiona was surprised.

Following the direction of Fiona's gaze, all the people looked. Ella said, "Leona is our roommate!"

"Roommate?" Surprised, Ryan turned to look at Fiona and said, "Your dormitories are all acquaintances!"

"What a coincidence!" 'Leona is exactly the girl who was rescued by Ryan that day!' Fiona thought to herself!

Leona was a little shy. She lowered her head and greeted, "Hello, everyone. My name is Leona Lin." Then she looked up at Ryan and said, "Nice to meet you, senior. Thank you for saving my life that day."

"So it was you who Ryan saved that day!" Sam nodded at Leona.

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