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   Chapter 27 I Have Someone Else I Like

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The Cheng family's house was the best building in the family residence with three floors. The yard in front of it was as big as the villa.

At this moment, the yard was full of people. When they saw Spencer and Fiona walk in together, they all greeted them with a smile.

Spencer nodded to greet them and whispered to Fiona, "Wayne has already let out an announcement about our relationship, so everyone knows your existence. Someone says hello to you. Just say yes."

"Got it."

In the living room, Wayne was sitting on the sofa and chatting with the younger generation. He was wondering why Spencer and Fiona hadn't come yet. When he saw them, he hurriedly said, "Fiona, come here!"

Fiona walked to him, squatted down and said with a smile, "Grandpa Wayne! You in high spirits today! We wish you a good health and many happy returns. "

Mr. Wayne took her hand and said gently, "That's nice."

"Grandpa Wayne." Spencer came over with the gift in his hand and said, "This is I bought a gift for you together with Fiona. Do you like it? "

"It's a gift from grandson and granddaughter in law. I'm sure your grandpa will love it!"

"Yes, yes!"

"Your grandpa's granddaughter in law is so beautiful! Spencer and she are a perfect match! "

A chorus rose around them. Mr. Wayne couldn't help smiling. He showed his chess and said, "I like chess very much. I haven't got such a favorite gift from Spencer. It must be the choice of Fiona."

Fiona smiled and didn't say anything. But it was Spencer who spoke, "Grandpa Wayne, you forget your grandson after you have a granddaughter in law! Every time you praise her, all good things are hers. "

"How can you compare yourself with Fiona?" Wayne laughed heartily. "She is going to have a great grandson!"

The smile on Fiona's face froze for a moment. 'when did grandpa forget his great grandson? Alas...'

Smiling, he pressed his lips and said, "Fiona Fiona, you keep Wayne company and I will go out to greet the guests. "


When he was about to walk out of the living room, Victor came over to him with a box in his hand. He greeted him politely, "Mr. Spencer!"

"Yes." Spencer nodded and asked, "What's in your hand?"

"Mr. Spencer, Miss Celine sent a gift from B country."

Staring at the box, he nodded and said, "Okay, go ahead."


Victor's footsteps are farther away,. Spencer took a deep breath and his heart seemed to miss a beat. Celine......

In the yard, Ethan and Anna were talking with guests. Spencer walked over and greeted, "father, Auntie Anna."

"Yes." Ethan nodded.

"Spencer!" Anna said with a smile. "Where's Fiona?"

"She is chatting with Wayne!" After that, he greeted them with a smile, "Uncle Gu, Uncle Zhang, nice to meet you."

"Okay, okay..."

After staying in the room for a while, Fiona was driven out by Wayne who asked her to follow Spencer. Fiona had no choice but to walk out of the living room to find the figure of Spencer. Someone said that he was heading to the back garden.

There was quiet in the back garden. Just as Fiona wanted to go there, she saw Spencer and Kristen standing side by side under a tree. Nobody knew what they were talking about.

Kristen was not in a good mood. It's not supposed to be fun

"Spencer, do you like Fiona?" Kristen asked.

He lowered his head and looked at the grass under his feet, and said, "No matter whether I like her or not, she will always be my wife."

"It's not like you! Where is he now? He is so cruel and resolute! " "Are you so obedient to our family? A marriage must be based on love! " Kristen said angrily.

Raising his head, Spencer said with a smile at the corners of his mouth, "Miss Kristen has done a good job in ideological education."

"I'm not kidding." Kristen said through gritted teeth, "Don't you think our marriage is more appropriate than that of Fiona? I... "

"I know what you are going to say, but I like someone else." Spencer interrupted her coldly.

Kristen gasped.

In the distance, Fiona stared at them for a few seconds, sighed, and turned back.

"What are you looking at, Fiona?" It was Terence. He walked towards her and a few steps away, with hands in pockets casually and a smile on his face.

Raising her head, Fiona said softly, "Enjoy the view."

Raising his eyebrows, Terence took a glance at the direction where Fiona looked at and asked, "Do you want to talk to me?"

Fiona couldn't deny it. Terrence just gave her the impression that he wa

s like her brother. Even though they had only met once, she thought he could be trusted.

"Spencer told me everything about you." "As the saying goes, one can cross the same boat in ten years, and the other can sleep on the same bed in a hundred years. It was a kind of fate that two people got married for whatever reason. Let's have a try. Maybe your marriage is not as repulsive as you think. Moreover, I know that Spencer has a knot in his heart. I hope you can help him solve it and move him with your warmth. "

"I don't think I have that interest and the ability." Fiona replied.

With a smile, Terence said, "Spencer is right. You're a cold and indifferent girl. You can neglect everything."

Turning to look into Terence's eyes, she continued, "but I'm curious about what has been troubling him."

Spencer's heart knot......

"Why are you two together, Fiona and Terence?" The voice of Spencer suddenly came over. The two people turned their heads and saw him striding over from the garden. Spencer shouted while walking, "What are you talking about?"

Shrugging, Terence replied, "nothing."

Spencer walked up to them and looked at them suspiciously. Apparently, he didn't believe what they said.

"Why are you staring at me?" Terence patted on his shoulder and said, "I helped you out when you came in just now, or Kristen would definitely keep following you. How could you suspect me now?"


"Mr. Spencer!" Victor ran over, "Mr. Wayne asked you to come with Miss Fiona and Mr. Terrence."

"Got it." Spencer then turned to look at Fiona and said, "Come with me to Grandpa Wayne."

Terence pretended to be sad and shook his head. "They said that people forgot brothers after having a wife. It turns out to be true!"

Spencer was amused by his words, but did not reply to him. He just loudly said to Fiona, "Terrence is an old fox. Don't talk to him in the future, or he will let you fall into a trap."

"Haha..." Terence laughed and followed them into the living room.

They gathered to have dinner on Grandpa Wayne's birthday party in the afternoon.

At the dinner table, Mr. Wayne waved his hand and asked Spencer to propose a toast to the elder together with Fiona. They looked like a newly married couple.

"This is uncle Zhao."

"Hello, uncle Zhao."

"This is uncle Yan."

"Hello, uncle Yan."

"This is..."

They walked around the party hand in hand. Fiona surmised that the guests here would show off as dignified as they were. Unfortunately, she failed to keep them in her mind. She would only be remembered by others, which meant that all her uncles and aunts had acquiesced in her identity.

"I'm so tired!" After sending the last guest out, Spencer pulled his tie while walking to the living room. "It's so strange to wear this suit."

Fiona silently nodded in her heart. Today, she had been wearing high heels all day long. She was so tired and awkward.

"Spencer, how about you and Fiona staying in the residential compound tonight?" Anna said when she saw them coming in.

"Yes," Ethan nodded and said, "You don't have to go since you're tired."

Hearing that, Spencer stopped his steps. With a sly smile, he said, "I will listen to her."

Suddenly, Fiona raised her head and froze. Then she stared at Spencer with anger. He dared to pretend to be innocent and throw such a difficult question on her

Hearing that, Wayne smiled. Sure enough, he turned to look at Fiona and said, "Okay, I'm sure Fiona is right. Fiona, are you leaving now?"

"I..." Fiona was conflicted, "Well I think it's better... "

"Just stay here. You will live together from now on." Anna also suggested. Biting her lips, Fiona was too shy to utter a word.

Looking at her troubled look, Spencer was quite satisfied for a while. Then he walked to Wayne and whispered a few words in his ear. Wayne's eyes brightened and immediately changed his idea, "let someone send you back. You should go early!"

On the way back, Fiona was sitting on the copilot seat. She asked coldly, "What did you just say to Grandpa Wayne?"

"Are you sure you want to know?"

He smiled like a proud peacock. Fiona frowned and glanced at him. Then, he opened his mouth slowly, "I told Wayne that we are going to have a baby recently. It's not convenient for us to stay in the courtyard."

Damn it! He was just another man!

With a red face, Fiona glared at Spencer a few times and then turned her face away angrily. However, Spencer was the sly fox!

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