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   Chapter 26 Like A New Couple (Part Two)

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Hearing this, Spencer thought, 'Finally it's done.'. He raised his head by accident and saw Fiona. There was only one word left in his heart, beautiful!

Feeling the clothes piled on her, Fiona blinked her eyes and asked, "Isn't it strange to dress like this?"

Spencer stood up from the sofa and put the phone back in his pocket. He walked to Fiona and said indifferently, "It's not strange."

"Humph!" Fiona protested in a low voice.

At the end of July, the birthday party of Wayne began in the courtyard of the Cheng family.

Before getting off the car, Fiona took a deep breath. A car accident, a scream, a doctor, a family residence.....

"Sir, please show me your ID card and get off the car for registration!" The man on duty at the gate stopped the car.

Looking out of the car window, Spencer said, "I haven't come back for two days, so you don't know me?"

"Mr. Spencer!" That man saw it was Spencer, gave a salute and let him in according to the rules.

Then he drove directly to the house of the Cheng family.

The whole courtyard seemed to have been besieged, and a person stood straight and meticulously from two meters away to pay attention to the car coming in.

The parking lot in front of the house was quite beautiful. The cars were divided into three groups. There were either a Hummer or a Land Rover with special license plates, or a common car with a government license plate, or a luxury car with an ordinary license plate worth ten million. People were divided into two kinds. They were wearing uniforms and suits, but they had one thing in common – they were rich, powerful and influential.

"Didn't you say just invite some relatives and friends to Wayne's birthday party?" There was a trace of fear and surprise flashed through Fiona's eyes. She turned around and asked, "Why are there so many people?"

"That's not enough. You should be satisfied!" After that, he got off the car with the gift, walked to the passenger seat, opened the door for Fiona, and said, "Get off the car, you are the VIP of Grandpa Wayne today. There must be no neglect."

Pulling her skirt, Fiona walked out of the car. As soon as she closed the door, the assistant of Wayne walked over.

"Mr. Spencer! Miss. Fiona! "

"Victor!" Fiona smiled, "Why are you out?"

"Mr. Wayne asked me to pick you up." Victor smiled and found that Fiona's face was a little hot. "Miss Fiona, you look very beautiful today!"

"Ahem!" Fiona did not speak, but Spencer coughed violently with a dark face. He put the gift in his hand into Victor's hand and said, "Take it! This is for Wayne! "

"Yes, Mr. Spencer!"

Then Spencer turned to Fiona and commanded, "Hand me over your arm."

She cast a glance at the people inside the house. 'all of them did this, ' she thought. With a resi

gned expression, she put her hand on his arm.

A satisfied smile crept on Spencer's face. He led Fiona inside.

"Spencer! Spencer! "

"Wait for me!" a voice came from behind when they just took two steps

Both Fiona and Spencer turned around and followed the sound. They saw a man in a black sports car at a glance.

The man said with a smile, his short hair flying in the air. It was a face like a sculpture, the straight nose made him look very strong and masculine, the thin lips outlining a curve, and his eyes as deep as black crystal.

Different from the natural imposing manner and domineering manner that were shown up on Spencer, this man did have an aura that could control everything, but he made people feel that he was deep and reserved.

"Terence," Spencer uttered these words in a low voice.

All of a sudden, it dawned on Fiona. 'I finally met Mr. Terence in person, ' she exclaimed inside!

Terence got off the car and wore a decent suit, the height of which was almost the same as that of Spencer's. He walked to the front of the two people, stared at Fiona, and said with a smile, "Finally I see Spencer's wife. Hi, Fiona. I'm Terence He, a friend of Spencer. " Then he reached out his hand.

Fiona's face turned a little red when she heard that Terence called her as Spencer's wife. She stretched out her hand and greeted, "hello."

However, before she could touch his hand, she was pulled back by Spencer.

Putting her hand on his arm, Spencer reached out his right hand and rudely pushed Terence's hand away.

"What are you doing?" However, Terence was not annoyed. He withdrew his hand, put his hands into his trousers pockets, looked at Spencer and said with a smile, "are you jealous?"

Spencer gave him a cold look and said, "I just don't like you. Fiona, let's go. "

Fiona nodded and followed him into the yard. A few steps later, she saw an acquaintance getting off a car.

"Spencer," Kristen got off the car and put on a strapless dress, which made her figure even taller.

"Miss Kristen." Spencer nodded to show his appreciation. The smile at the corners of his mouth was a bit strange. "Fiona, say hello to Kristen."

"Nice to meet you, Miss Kristen." Looking at Kristen, who was very confused and unhappy about what she had seen when she saw Spencer, Fiona didn't ignore that.

Kristen walked over, proud and stubborn.

"Miss Kristen!" With a slight smile on Terence's lips, he added, "I came here alone. How about you come with me?" Then she opened his arms.

Kristen looked at the other three persons and held Terence's arm, "let's go!"

The two walked into the yard first. Just when Fiona and Spencer were about to lift their feet, they saw that Terence turned his head and winked at them with his left eye. His face was full of pride.

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