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   Chapter 25 Like A New Couple (Part One)

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For the next five days, Spencer hadn't returned to the gym. Instead, he stayed at home all day long. He held the computer and quickly knocked on it with his fingers, not knowing what he was doing.

Because of the birthday party, Mr. Wayne had been taken back to the courtyard of the Cheng family. Since then, Fiona hadn't gone to visit him, but she probably couldn't avoid going back to the birthday party.

Sitting in front of the window, she put a lot of paint on her feet and held a painting brush in her hand. She wore an apron and a sleeves to draw the painting carefully.

"Hi, Fiona." Spencer then put down the computer and said, "the clothes will be sent soon. You can stop drawing now."

"What clothes?" After she finished, she turned back, put down the brush and wiped the sweat off her nose with her arm.

Spencer was slightly stunned. The way she looked always gave him illusions.

"The clothes for tomorrow's birthday party." He stood up from the sofa and stretched, "You can't wear a pair of jeans."

"Then what will you wear?" Fiona asked abruptly.

"I," said Randy, raising his eyebrows, "I'm wearing a suit."

Ding Dong

At this moment, there was a sudden knock on the door. Fiona took off her sleeves and hurried to open the door.

"Excuse me, is Mr. Spencer here? Mr. Terence sent us here. " Outside the door stood a young man dressed in fashion and white frame glasses and a flowery shirt.

Fiona looked at him doubtfully. Spencer nodded and said, "Come in, please."

When permitted, the man outside waved his hand backward. Several rows of clothes were pushed into the room, which was full of dress.

Looking at the clothes, Fiona was deeply attracted, not because of the clothes, but because of their design.

Spencer furrowed his eyebrows deeply ever since he saw this man in flowery shirt!

"Did I tell Terence to pick one for me? Why did you buy so many?" Spencer walked to the middle of the clothes and pulled a sexy suspender dress with a piece of lace. His face darkened and he asked, "What are these?"

"Mr. Terence asked us to bring some more for Miss. Fiona. He wondered which style is it suitable for her." The man pushed his glasses up his nose and opened his mouth awkwardly. "This is Ralph Russo's spring/summer couture collection. He's got it all. "

Flowers, hollowed out, see-through blouse......

Spencer couldn't help but take a look at the clothes one by one, and then he pointed at one and said, "Take that one!"

"Take this one!"

At the same time, Fiona also pointed to a dress at hand and said.

The two of them spoke in unison. Spencer lowered his hands and a careless smile appeared on his face. Fiona was a little stunned, wondering Spencer was on the same level as her?

"Well, you choose the same dress, then we will take this one!" The man with white frame took off the dres

s himself. "It suits this beautiful lady very well."

Fiona took the skirt from her hand. In a white off the shoulder dress, the neckline was in an arc shape, leaving one's collarbone invisible. Several light flowers were embroidered on its waist. The hemline was slightly open, reaching the knee.

It was a conservative dress. Because of its conservative, the scars on her back were rarely seen.

Raising his eyebrows, Spencer asked, "where are my clothes?"

The man in white glasses waved his hand behind. The assistant immediately came forward in a suit. "This is prepared for you by Mr. Terence."

When he saw it, he cursed, "Damn it! Fiona's clothes almost full the whole room. Why is there only one mine?"

"Mr. Terence ordered me to..." The man with white glasses muttered.

"All right, all right! I'm not that kind of person! " Then he turned to look at Fiona and said, "Go get changed and see if it's appropriate."

Fiona nodded and entered the bedroom with the clothes.

"Miss Fiona, let my assistant help you! The clothes zipper is in the back and you yourself are not easy to wear. " The man with white glasses shouted.

"No, thanks." All of a sudden, Fiona got flustered. She hurriedly ran into her room and closed the door.

Staring at the suit in his hand, Spencer was a little scared. 'it's not easy to wear it!' he thought!

It took Fiona some time to put on the dress. This was the first time she had worn a meaningful dress.

With a click, Fiona turned the doorknob and opened the door. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a man walked out from the next door, and it was Spencer.

The suit was straight, with a tall figure and neat short hair, which made him look more casual than usual, but somehow, Fiona felt that part of his body seemed to be about to break the shackles of the suit and rush to her face. His eyes were so dark that no one could see his expression even if he was smiling.

When Spencer heard the door open, he raised his head, but his hands were still struggling with his tie. At this moment, the awkwardness in his eyes was replaced by a touch of amazement.

'Why does she look like a different person now? She is as noble as a princess after changing into a dress, ' he thought.

"A perfect couple! A perfect couple!" The man in white glasses clapped his hands and walked over, his eyes filled with admiration. "It's really a great match!"

The two persons returned to their senses and turned to the living room.

"That's it!" With a wave of his hand, Spencer said, "I'll wear this tomorrow."

The next morning, the man with white glasses brought the make-up artist to do Fiona's hair.

Fiona was wearing a white dress and a pair of high-heeled sandals. Her long curled hair was like a flower bud, and with only a little makeup on her delicate features, she looked fresh and refined.

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