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   Chapter 24 Take A Present for Grandpa Wayne

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"Grandpa Wayne's birthday is coming?" With a frown, Fiona asked, "when?"

"It's next Wednesday." Putting his hands into his pockets, Spencer continued, "the eighty year birthday party was supposed to be held. But considering Wayne's health, my father and I decided to invite some relatives and friends to our house for dinner."

Fiona nodded, "I see. But it's still several days later, I'll pick a gift myself. I have to go now. . "

"Hi, Fiona!" Spencer bellowed, "I say you are not allowed to leave today!"

"Don't make a fuss out of nothing," Fiona glanced at him coldly.

"Make trouble out of nothing?" Suddenly, he pointed at the door with his right hand and said icily, "Fiona, if you have the ability, just leave and see if you can get out of the door without my permission!"

"What the hell do you want?" he asked, biting his lips

"I told you to buy a gift for my grandfather with me today!" "We will give the gift in the name of both of us. Because Wayne plans to introduce you to everyone on his birthday!"

There was a bitter smile on the corner of Fiona's mouth. She stood still for a while before she said gently, "Let's go and buy gifts."

"Don't pretend to stoop to compromise, Fiona." "I don't like Wayne's arrangement any more than you do." Spencer laughed sarcastically.

After that, he took out his phone and called, "Johnson, drive to the Four Seasons Scenery in twenty minutes."

Meanwhile, Fiona took out her phone and sent a message to Ryan, "Senior Ryan, I'm sorry that I can't go to college now because of something urgent. I'm so sorry that I can treat you to dinner next time."

In the cool ice cream shop, at the main gate of D University, Ryan was waiting for her when he sent the first text. When he received the text from Fiona, he almost jumped up excitedly, Even waiting, which he usually hated the most, was worth it.

A new message popped up in Ryan's phone. He panicked and slid the screen. When he read the message with a bright smile on his face, he was shocked and sad.


"Well, nothing is more important than business." Ryan felt that his fingers had run out of strength. He slowly knocked on the message with his mobile phone, "But remember to invite me next time!"


At the same time, her phone rang when she just walked out of the community. She took it out and had a look. She smiled and didn't reply.

Spencer raised his eyebrows and stole a glance at the screen of her phone. Still, he failed to see anything.

There was a Hummer parked at the door of the community. With an ordinary license plate, Fiona thought that it might not be the car of Spencer?

"Sir!" While she was thinking, Johnson got out of the Hummer and saluted to Spencer.

"Yes." Spencer nodded and walked over, "You go back. I'll drive by myself."

"Yes, sir!"

Fiona followed him to greet Johnson and then asked Spencer, "Is this your car?"

"Of course!" "Get in!" he commanded

As soon as she got to the back seat and opened the door, Spencer shouted, "Sit next to me!"

Fiona shrugged her shoulders and got in the car from the other side.

"Don't think I don't know what you're up to." Spencer then started the car.

"What am I thinking about?"

"Humph," Spencer snorted and shook his body with the collar of his T-shirt. "I bought this car with my own money."

"I'm not interested in your business at all. You don't have to explain to me." Turning her head to look out of the window, she saw the reflection of Spencer who was glaring at her.

Spencer then took out his Bluetooth headset and put it on, and dialed a number.

"Hello?" Terence's lazy voice came from the other end of the line.

"What time is it now? Why are you still sleeping?" "What did you do last night?" Spencer let out a bellow of contempt.

"I worked overtime last night in company! I'm busy with a case recently... " "What are you calling for?" asked Terence with a sullen face

"How about the set of Chinese chess I asked you to order last time?" Asked Spencer.

"Are you worried about me? I have already prepared it for you. "

"Tell me the address of the store and I'll pick it up now."

"It's at the antique shop called JY Store on the QS Road. You can just tell them my name."

"Got it. I'll hang up."

"Wait a minute!"

"Anything else?"

"By the way, is Fiona by your side?" Terence grinned from ear to ear.

"Yes, she is. What's wrong?"

"Take a picture for me."

"Get out! I'm driving!"

"So petty! Anyway, we'll meet her at Wayne' birthday. It's useless to hide her from me. "

"I didn't hide her! !" Spencer was furious.

"Yes, you're right. I'm judging you by my standards. But you are so many years older than her. Don't you feel ashamed? She is such a young girl! How can you destroy her like this? "

"I am a teenager! Go away! " He pulled the earphone down and threw it out.

Fiona didn't want to listen to him on the phone. But when she heard the last sentence from him, she could

n't help raising her lips. But when she thought of what Spencer had said was so nasty, she withdrew her smile.

The car arrived at the QS Road in a blink of an eye. Looking up at the plaque JY Store hung above the antique shop, Fiona followed Spencer and then entered the house with him.

The shop was bustling with all kinds of antiques. The shop owner in front of the wooden cabinet was wearing a long robe. When he saw them come in, he hurriedly walked up to them, bowed to them and asked, "What do you want to see?"

"Terence asked us here to get something." Spencer looked around as he spoke.

"You are Mr. Spencer!" The shop owner said.

"Yes." Spencer nodded.

"Okay, please follow me upstairs!" The shop owner gestured them to go upstairs.

The staircases were too narrow for them to walk up in a row, so the shop manager was at the very front, and Spencer followed him impolitely.

Fiona shook her head and walked to the end. She stepped on the stairs carefully and didn't realize she missed one step. She opened her arms and staggered backward. "Ah --"

Spencer's ears were very good. The moment Fiona missed her step, he heard a strange sound under his foot. Sure enough, when he turned around, he saw Fiona stagger backward.

He frowned, grabbed her arm and hugged her.

Just then, Fiona felt herself run into a warm chest. Her hands subconsciously wrapped around his strong waist. The strong heartbeat beside her ears, and a faint smell of Spencer filled her nostrils.

"Is she okay?" The store owner said with concern, "I was so careless that I forgot to remind you that it is difficult to climb the stairs."

"It doesn't matter. She is too stupid." When she heard what Spencer said, Fiona stopped expressing her gratitude.

Noticing that Fiona didn't move, he thought she was frightened and didn't know what to do. He put his right arm around her waist and hold her under his arm immediately, going upstairs with her.

"Hey!" "What are you doing?! Put me down! Spencer! "

"It's much more steady for me to hold you while walking," He went upstairs in heavy steps.

"Watch out!"

The shop owner led them upstairs and took out a half meter square box from a carved rosewood shelf. Then he took the box to a wooden table beside and said, "This is Chinese chess Mr. Terence asked us to order, let's see if you're satisfied."

Spencer let go of Fiona, walked to the box and opened it.

Rubbing her waist, Fiona came over and saw a wooden chessboard and a set of chess made of the same material in the box. There was a faint fragrance on it.

"The materials of the chessboard and chess pieces are all maple tree honey. The color was pleasing to the eyes, the texture was smooth and straight, and the touch was undoubtedly exquisite. It took my teacher three months to create the new chessboard and chess pieces by hand. " The shop owner said, "Mr. Terence is our regular client. What he wants is definitely the best."

Spencer nodded and turned to look at Fiona, asking, "what do you think? As a birthday present for Wayne. "

With a touch of the chessboard, Fiona nodded slightly. "Very good!"

"Did Terence pay?" Asked Spencer.

"He has paid."

"Then we'll take it away. Please pack it for us."


"Thank you, boss." "Didn't you say you wanted to buy a gift? Why did you ask me out when it's already done? "

"I have told you this is for the sake of us. You also have a part. Of course you should come." Spencer took it for granted.

Fiona ground her teeth in anger. 'you bitch! She added, "You let other people to pay for Wayne's gift?"

Putting his hands into his pockets, Spencer continued, "I gave Terence money and asked him to order it for me. Do you think I'm a man greedy for small advantages?"

"Cheapie?" "How much is this set of chess?"

"Not much." Then he turned to look at Fiona and said, "Besides, if Grandpa asks you, you can tell him that giving chess to him is your idea, and it is also my business to order."

"It's okay to say that's my idea. You have to tell me the price of it. I'll pay you back."

Spencer smiled, "You still have a grudge? We had a quarrel during breakfast this morning, and you just don't want to let go of it, do you? "

"This is my principle." Fiona turned her face away. Don't you know how to make an apology?

"One hundred thousand. Half yours, okay?" Spencer raised his eyebrows.

Fiona's eyelids twitched. She swallowed and blinked, "Are you lying to me?"

"I have nothing to do."

"Then..." Fiona opened her mouth, "I'll pay it back after I have enough money. I owe you one."

The chessboard was packed and brought to them. He took it and said, "Hi, Fiona. Let me carry you downstairs."

"No need!" Fiona glared at him and carefully held the handle of the stairs, going down step by step.

"Hey!" Seeing how nervous she was, Spencer suddenly shouted behind her.

Fiona turned around and gave him a dirty look. Spencer shrugged like a proud child.

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