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   Chapter 23 Your Wallet Is Wet

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The room was silent except the sound of Spencer having dinner.

The floor to ceiling windows in the living room reflected the city's lights, the traffic and the rush cars on the viaduct, the colorful neon lights and Fiona's weak figure.

Fiona walked quietly to the door of the apartment. Looking at the two meter high parcel of Spencer, she bent down and dragged him into the bedroom.

Spencer was starving, and after a while, the plates were all finished. He started to eat porridge while watching the Fiona. Seeing Fiona taking a few steps forward, he crossed his legs and looked at her with a bright smile.

Fiona seemed to be reluctantly to show her true feelings, but there was no way for her to get angry. She had spent a lot of time trying her best to achieve her goal, which made Spencer feel comfortable all over.


Suddenly, the word came to his mind, and he was startled. He immediately sat up straight and mumbled, "Are you crazy? Who is calling himself shameless?"

Standing in the side bedroom, Fiona took out Spencer's sheets and quilt cover and began to make the bed. 'Just hold it for a little longer. When the new semester begins, I can live in the dormitory, and if Spencer wants to live here, just let him go, ' she thought.

He walked barefoot to the side bedroom and looked at her back. It was like a feather gently fluttering his heart, which caused him a little restless. His eyes fell down her neck all the way to the ribbon, but he frowned and asked, "What's it on your back? It's just like a scar. "

Fiona shivered and her eyes were sparkled in an instant. She quickly straightened up her back and turned around to face Spencer. She was afraid, but she pretended to be angry. "You Where are you looking at? "

As soon as he heard this, Spencer looked away and snorted, "I just have a glance at it! I'm not interested in it! I just want to say that I said, you go to buy a pair of slippers tomorrow. I forgot to bring it. "

"I have no money." Fiona started taking clothes from the package, trying to keep her back out of spencer's sight.

"How much will a pair of slippers cost you?! Stingy! " Spencer turned around and ran to the bathroom.

As he was out of sight, Fiona hurriedly put her hand around her shoulder and touched it. There was indeed a scar on the sling. Her eyes grew painful as she thought she couldn't wear pajamas like this anymore. While she was thinking, she heard the sound of Spencer coming back. She quickly put down her hand and began to hang clothes in the closet.

He took his wallet and threw it in front of Fiona. "Here you are. The wallet is rich," he said

Fiona was a little surprised when she picked up her wallet, because it was wet. Her face suddenly became strange. She stared at Spencer and said, "did you wash your wallet?"

"No, it's in my pocket all the time." Spencer shrugged his shoulders.

Fiona quickly opened the wallet. Sure enough, the bag was still wet. She asked hurriedly, "Spencer, do you have any important identification in it?"

"They are all inside!"

Fiona's eyes widened. She raised his wallet and said carefully, "But the wallet is wet!"

"What? !" With a scream, Spencer grabbed the wallet and looked at it. "Shit!"

It was the first time that Fiona had seen he get so emotional. She took out all the things in his wallet, and all kinds of cards and bills were scattered on the bed and the floor.

Fiona picked up the papers scattered at her feet, touched them, and said, "This one is fine."

However, as if he hadn't heard what Fiona had said, his dashing eyebrows tightly tightened because of nervousness. He struggled to shook his wallet. All of a sudden, a photo, two inches wide, flew out from the inside of his wallet, with its back on the ground. Just as Fiona was about to reach out to pick it up, she was stopped by Spencer. "Don't move!"

Fiona was startled. She saw Spencer picked the photo up from the table and carefully lifted it to his mouth, blew it dry.

"You may leave now." Said Spencer suddenly.

"…… Hmm? " Fiona nodded her head and walked to the door. The moment the door was closed, she looked up and saw the deep love and longing in Spencer's eyes.

She was curious for a moment, wondering who the person on the photo was. But the next second, she didn't care about it at all.

In the bedroom, Spencer was standing still, his hand holding the photo trembling slightly, and the sadness in his eyes couldn't be dissolved. In the photo, there was a young man and a young woman. The two of them were very close to each other. The boy looked cool and expressionless, but the girl tilted her head and displayed a pair of scissors.

He still remembered that his heart was pounding when he took the photos. In order to hide his shyness, he pretended to be cool. But the photo was a little yellow now. Where was the person in the photo?

Would everything be different if there wasn't that car accident?

The next morning, Fiona woke up from her sleep. Thinking that it was hard to live with Spencer at home, she quickly got up to cook.

Knock, knock, knock

"Spencer!" Meanwhile, Fiona knocked on the door of the bedroom and said, "Hi, Spencer? What do you want for breakfast? "

It was quiet in the room. Fiona tried to turn the doorknob, but suddenly the door was opened. The quilt and the bed sheet were neatly folded.

Where is he? Is he leaving?

Fiona shrugged her shoulders and seemed relaxed.

After breakfast, she put the drawing board on the shelf, sat in front of the French window and began to paint the coast not far away.

"Tinkle.". A message popped up on the screen. Fiona took a look at it.

"There is a new ice cream shop around our college. Do you want to try it, Fiona? It's my treat to get familiar with the surrounding environment of the college. "

'Senior Ryan....

Fiona smiled. Since they had an encounter in the museum last time, they had kept their phone number. Then Ryan sent her messages from time to time, which were either about the weather, the school, or the drawing. It was the first time that he invited her out today.

Should she go?

Holding the phone in her hand, Fiona didn't notice the smile on her face. Ryan's white shirt and clean smile on his face which was exactly what Fiona liked.

"Can I just take a car to the school gate?"

While she was editing her messages, she heard a noise behind her. Sitting on the sofa and turning around, she saw Spencer push the door open and walk in. He was wearing sportswear, not as arrogant as he usually was. He looked like a boy, sunny and energetic.

"Are you up?" He looked at his watch and found it was just past seven o'clock.

"You..." Noticing the sweat on Spencer's face, Fiona asked hesitantly, "Did you go for a run?? Have you eaten yet? "

He pointed his chin out of the window and added, "I ran round the coast, and of course I haven't eaten anything. Did you cook? "

'if I eat without waiting for him, he must be angry.' Fiona thought.

"I didn't eat anything." Sitting up from the chair, Fiona put her phone aside and asked, "What do you want to eat, Chinese food? Western food? "

"Western food! I never eat it! " Looking at the shoe cabinet angrily, he said, "Don't forget to buy me slippers after lunch. I'm going to take a shower."

Raising her eyebrows, Fiona watched him walk into the bathroom and then turn to the kitchen. The phone on the table dimmed and was no longer bright.

When he came out of the bathroom, he found that Fiona was still cooking, so he said, "You cook a little more. I have a good appetite."

"Okay." But Fiona didn't even look back.

Wiping his hair, Spencer walked to the window. Looking at the painting on the wall, he turned two pages and saw the necklace's Dragon Pendant.

Is this finished product? Why was she in such a hurry to paint the necklace? Who was she going to give it to? He thought with a frown.

"Spencer! What are you doing?! Don't touch my drawing board! " When Fiona came out of the kitchen and saw Spencer standing in front of her painting again, she was shocked.

Turning around, he let out a snort at the sight of the panic stricken look on Fiona's face. "I told you it was an accident. Stay alert," he said

Pressing her lips together, Fiona didn't say anything. Anyway, she had better be on guard against Spencer.

On the table, Fiona only carried a bowl of porridge to eat. Spencer pursed his lips. "Look at your little figure. You should eat more."

I've already had breakfast

Fiona nodded, gently licking her lips, raised her eyes and glanced at Spencer, saying, "Spencer, let's discuss something."


"Don't you want to live here?" Fiona tried to speak in a negotiable tone, "Do we have to share the cost of living?"

"If you want money, just say it." Spencer blurted out.

Fiona's face turned red at once. It was not because she was shy, but because she was humiliated. Just tell me if you want money? How humiliating?

"I'm just a student now. I don't have my parents to raise me. I don't have much money. I hope you can understand that." After half a day, Fiona endured the discomfort in her heart and said calmly, "well, it's reasonable for you to stay here only for one day for a week. I shouldn't ask you for money because of my carelessness. Besides, the money you bought a phone for me hasn't been given to you, and I'll give it back to you soon. "

Fiona stood up from the chair and said, "I'm done. I'll clean the table after a while."

He watched as Fiona walked back to her bedroom with the drawing board. His heart missed a beat. He couldn't say a word.

It was not until Fiona returned to her bedroom that she realized that she hadn't replied the message to Ryan. Thinking of Spencer, she decided to go out for a walk.

"Where is the shop, Ryan? I want to go there and have a look. "

After sending the message, Ryan replied in a few seconds, "It's near the school gate. Do you need me to pick you up?"

"Don't bother. I'll be there in an hour. You have to pay for it today. "

"I'm so happy that you can come. I'll wait for you!"

After that, she changed into a dress and pushed the door open.

When Spencer saw that Fiona came out from the kitchen with carrying her bag, he asked, "Are you going out?"

"Yes." Fiona nodded and walked towards the door.

"What Who are you looking for? " He suddenly stood up from the sofa and stood in front of Fiona.

"A friend."

"You made a friend as soon as you came to the M City?" "A man or a woman? Are they bad people? "

'You are the worst person in the world!'

Fiona cursed in her heart and instead of answering him, she made a detour.

"Fiona, you are not allowed to go out today!" Spencer stretching out his long arm.

"Why not?" Raising her head, Fiona looked at his eyes.

"Because Wayne's birthday is coming soon, we have to choose a gift for him today."

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