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   Chapter 22 I Am Hungry

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Time flied. More than half a month later, Fiona found the jewelry design competition submission date is coming, so she seized the time to complete that men's necklace design without eating or drinking anything.

The necklace was a three complex black lines twisted into a ponytail chain. According to each other, the pendant was made of Jacob stone, on which a lifelike dragon was carved, and the necklace's name was the dragon leaps all over the world.

Staring at her work on the drawing board, Fiona heaved a long sigh of relief. She had revised it for many times, and now she was finally satisfied.

In the M hospital, Fiona walked towards the ward of Grandpa Wayne She was a little anxious and said, "Grandpa Wayne, I'm sorry for being late." She had designed an electronic version of the necklace and sent it to ZR Company's e-mail. But she didn't expect that it took a lot of time to come here so late.

"Oh, Fiona, you're here!" Wayne was reading newspaper when he heard her. He laughed and said, "It's not late at all. The time is just right. Thank you for coming here every day."

"It doesn't matter." Fiona shook her head and said with a smile, "Grandpa Wayne, let's eat."

"Okay." Wayne nodded and asked, "Fiona, did Spencer contact you recently?"

"No, he didn't," replied Fiona gently, shaking her head

Wayne sighed, seeming to be dissatisfied and a little feeling of proud. "He is serious about his work and forgets everything when he is busy. When he comes back, I will have a good talk with him. Don't care about it."

"It's okay, Grandpa Wayne. I understand." 'It's better not to contact, and never to contact again!' Fiona thought to herself!

"It's been almost a month. I expect he'll be back soon. How about you two living together after he come back? You two are gonna date everywhere. "

Fiona froze and didn't know how to respond. She thought to herself, 'grandpa Wayne bought this house for me. Can I have the right to say no?'? But this was too surprising?

"Silly girl, didn't you promise me to work hard with Spencer and get pregnant as soon as possible last time?" "It doesn't matter if you're going to college. When you get married, I'll let the whole M City know that you would be my daughter-in-law. No one is in charge of your baby."

"……" Fiona was embarrassed to smile, giving birth to a child is a verbal promise to Wayne's delaying tactics. As for the wedding ceremony, it should be low-key. What should I do, Spencer?

"Fiona, if you don't say anything, I'll take it as a yes!"

"What?" It suddenly brought Fiona back to earth.

"Let Spencer live with you"

When she walked out of the hospital, she was on the verge of collapse. She didn't agree with what Grandpa Wayne asked her to do, but she also didn't turn him down. If they really married, Grandpa Wayne would keep an eye on them closely like this, would she and Spencer be able to stand it?

Crack Bang

In the evening, when Fiona was sleeping in a daze, she suddenly heard some strange noise in the living room. She immediately woke up and sat up, swallowing with fear. Before going to bed, she always checked the door carefully, but how could there be any noise outside? Thief? Were they robbers?

Duh duh duh

The heavy footsteps suddenly approached the bedroom slowly. In the dark, Fiona heard her heart beating so fast that it was almost in her throat. An idea occurred to her and she immediately lay back on the bed, trying to pretend to be asleep.

If it was a thief, he should not do anything to her

With a sound of click, the door of the bedroom was suddenly opened, and a glimmer of light appeared from the gap, hitting Fiona's eyes. Her eyelids could not help but jump up. Her palms, her forehead, were all wet with cold sweat.

For a moment, there was no other sound except the breath of the two people. It seemed that Fiona could feel that that person's eyes were staring at her and seemed he was no intention of quitting.

"Fiona, are you asleep?"

A familiar male voice suddenly sounded in the quiet room. It was Spencer! Suddenly, she opened her eyes and turned to look at the man standing at the door.

"Spencer? !" Fiona quickly sat up with her hands on the bed. When she saw him, she didn't know if she felt more relieved or more surprised. "You scared me to death..."

"It's me." He wore a set of dirty clothes with wrinkles and mud on them. His voice sounded hoarse.

"You are back?" Turning on the lights in the room, Fiona looked at Spencer's face. It had been a month since they last met. He seemed to have turned darker and thinner, and his face had become more angular.

"You're back." With one hand propping against the door frame, he uttered in a tired and imperceptible voice, "I'm hungry."


Taking a step forward, Fiona continued, "But why are you here? If you are hungry, what should we do? "

Looking towards Fiona, he only wore a thin slip dress, the hemline of which was just above her knees. Her soft hair hung over her shoulders, revealing her slender neck, delicate clavicles, and long, straight legs. Although there was a cute bear on the nightgown, it was so enticing in his eyes.

"Ahem!" He then looked away and said with a frown,

"No sooner had I come back than Grandpa Wayne drove me here. If I am hungry, you must cook for me! "

"Grandpa Wayne sent you here? Why did he make the decision all of a sudden? " Confused and helpless, Fiona took a look at the clock in the living room. It was twelve o'clock now

The corners of his mouth lifted into a smirk. Looking at Fiona, he asked, "do you know what Wayne said?"

Fiona shook her head.

"Wayne said that you promised him to have a great grandson," said Spencer with a bigger smile on his face. "So he couldn't wait to drive me here."

"You..." With a blushing face, Fiona desperately explained, "you know I don't mean that! Before you left, you told me to please Wayne and make him happy, so I... "

"Who knows if you have changed your mind?" With a charming smile on his face, Spencer continued, "I will be glad to cooperate with you on your decision of giving birth to our baby."

Even after a month, he was still as shameless as before!

Fiona stared at him angrily. "Don't say that again. I'm not going to have a baby! Go away! "

"You haven't cooked for me yet." Spencer took a step back and said, "I'm going to take a shower first. You must make dinner for me after that."

'how could he steal my thunder?' she thought?

"Did you hear that?" Seeing that she did not answer him, Spencer asked again.

Fiona spread out her hands, "I don't have anything here. I only have clothes and living goods of my own. Are you sure you want to take a bath here?"

As soon as she finished speaking, a smug smile appeared on Spencer's face. Raising his eyebrows, he pointed at a bag lying on the door and said, "Guess what it is."

Following the direction Spencer pointed, Fiona saw a big parcel and asked, "What's it?"

"It's my clothes and daily necessities." Then he turned around and walked to the parcel. "Wayne has made up his mind to bring me here. He has packed up all my belongings and given me the key to the apartment. So, here I am. I don't need to worry about the bath. "

No wonder! No wonder he knew where she lived and he could come in without any disguise!

Seeing that Spencer had walked to the parcel and took out a pair of pajamas, Fiona asked with a frown, "Do you really want to live here?"

"Do I have any other choices?" Shrugging, he added, "I'm so hungry that I can eat a cow now. You'd better prepare all the food I can eat here." After that, he swaggered into the bathroom.

Fiona stood still and let out a long and deep sigh. Things were getting out of her control.

Spencer was taking a shower in the bathroom, but suddenly he lifted the corners of his mouth. He suddenly found that grandpa's idea was really good. He just asked Fiona to pack all the things including cooking, washing and clothes. It was much better than when he was in the cold white building.

The pleasant smell of the food wafted from the kitchen. After taking a bath, he walked out of the bathroom and smelt the food, and then walked towards the kitchen. He took a bath towel and wiped the water on his hair. When he saw Fiona busy in the kitchen, he suddenly understood.

As soon as Fiona turned around, she saw him. He had a bath towel around his neck, and his hair was half wet. He was wearing a short T-shirt and shorts, which showed his good shape. Because he had just taken a shower, he looked a little lazy and casual, but his dark and charming eyes were not relaxed at all. He was staring at her.

"Dinner is ready." After staring at him for a few seconds, Fiona turned back in a hurry, trying to suppress her fast beating heart.

Spencer did not speak, but went to the table and sat down. Looking at the table full of delicate dishes, he nodded with satisfaction.

"Enjoy your meal. I'm going to rest. Help yourself." After these words, Fiona left.

"Wait!" "I will sleep in the next bedroom. Go and make the bed ready and put the clothes for me into the wardrobe. As for the clothes which are not washed in the bathroom, you can choose to wash it or not. After you finished, come out and have dinner with me. "

Turning around, Fiona was surprised with her mouth wide open. "Who do you think you are, Spencer?"

He kept eating without looking up, "Why do you ask me that? Why? I don't want to use violence to force you, okay? "


But suddenly, he raised his head and looked at her carefully. He interrupted her and said, "You have to learn to get used to the life here, Fiona."

"Get used to it?" "Get used to what?"

"Adapt to the life we are living together. Since you have promised to marry me, we have to live together in front of the elders, or even in a room! So, from now on, there is no need to avoid! "

After that, Fiona lowered her shoulder and asked in confusion, "what should we do in the future?"

"Otherwise, we can have a baby as Grandpa Wayne said." He gave a sinister smile.

"Not at all!" Suddenly, Fiona opened her eyes wide and grabbed the clothes on her chest. She stared at Spencer, "I'll go pack up your things." Then she rushed to the door of the next bedroom.

Looking at her back, Spencer suddenly felt that his full mouth of food lost its taste. The smile on the lips disappeared, and his eyes became deep.

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