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   Chapter 21 Go to the Art Exhibition Together

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Fiona led a comfortable life when Spencer was absent. She was satisfied that she could commute between the hospital and the apartment every day

She had been used to coming and going alone in the past ten years. On weekends, when she was allowed to live in the school, she would try to stay at the school as much as possible. If she couldn't, she would stay in the art studio for a whole day. Her aunt Jenny only provided her an accommodation. She liked to think quietly and not to be disturbed, but Spencer......

Looking at the half finished work of the necklace on the drawing board, Fiona was a little annoyed. Why did she think of Spencer?

She looked at the time and it was almost noon. She put down her brush and was going to buy some food to make lunch.

In July, the scorching sun shone on the ground.

'It's better to stay at home, ' she thought! When she arrived at the supermarket, a gust of breeze blew. Before she could enjoy a moment of coolness, a piece of paper came to her feet.

'Summer Vibe'--The summer dream of contemporary art masters.

Fiona was attracted by the words. She stooped down and picked up the piece of paper, "the awesome painting exhibition Summer Vibe will be held in July to September. The venue is in the H Art Museum.".

Today was the last day! She had been staying at home for the past few days and didn't know there was an activity!

Fiona decided not to eat anything and she wanted to go to the art exhibition first!

It was the last day of the art exhibition at the H Art Museum. It was not until noon that very few people visited the museum. Only few people walked inside.

A black car was parked on the road across the museum. A driver and a young man was in the car. The young man was Ryan.

"Mr. Ryan," Andrew turned around and looked at him, "it's almost noon. Do you still want to wait?"

"Just wait!" Said Ryan, fixing his eyes on the entrance of the museum.

"Alas....." Andrew sighed, "You have been here since the first day of the exhibition. You have been waiting here since early morning. When the museum is closed, you won't go inside to visit the art exhibition. Are you waiting for someone? "

The frown on Ryan's face was smoothed away and he answered with a smile, "Yes, I am waiting for someone."

"Who is he?" Andrew got a little angry, "Does he or she have any noble status? That's too impolite! "

Ryan smiled with his teeth showing, "Andrew, I'd like to wait here by myself. That person didn't know I was waiting for her here at all. I came here just to try my luck! "

"Didn't you make an appointment with that person?" Andrew was confused.

"No, I just think that she likes painting. I don't think that she will miss this art exhibition." With half happiness and half sadness on his face, Ryan asked, "by the way, Andrew, didn't the girl named Fiona Ji I asked last time participate in the competition?"

"No, I have sent someone to the company to look into it, but it hasn't been found until yesterday."

"Well, all right." Ryan lowered her head and felt a little disappointed.

Andrew looked at Ryan from the rear-view mirror and wondered if the lady Ryan was waiting for was that girl?

Sitting in the car, Ryan felt hot in his heart although the air conditioner was on. 'Doesn't she come here? I really regret that I didn't ask for her number that day! '!

Thinking of that, Ryan heaved a sigh of relief and stared at the museum for a long time. Then he said, "Andrew, I don't want to wait. Let's go!"

"Yes, Mr. Ryan."

Ryan kept staring at the entrance of the museum. When the car was just started, he shouted in surprise, "Andrew! Stop the car! Stop the car! "

He fixed his eyes on the figure who just got off the bus. As soon as the car stopped, he opened the door and ran down.

"Mr. Ryan, where are you going?" Andrew shouted.

"I am going to see the art exhibition!" Ryan shouted excitedly, "don't wait for me. I'll call you if I'm in trouble!" Then he ran across the street in a hurry. Although the weather was very hot, his heart was very cool. Sure enough, his waiting was not wrong!

After getting off the bus, Fiona wiped the sweat off her forehead and was going to buy the ticket to the museum.

"Fiona! "Hi, Fiona!"

But before she took a few steps, she heard someone calling her name behind. She quickly turned around and saw Ryan running towards her. Ryan was still wearing a clean white shirt. His eyes were bright and he look

ed quite handsome when he was running.

"Senior Ryan?" Surprised, Fiona saw Ryan running to her and asked, "Why are you here?"

"You still remember my name. That's great!" Panting slightly, Ryan replied, "I'm here to see the art exhibition! I saw you as soon as I got here. What a coincidence! "

Fiona smiled, "Yes, what a coincidence." She took a look at the sweat on Ryan's forehead and looked for a while in her bag. She took out a silk handkerchief and handed it to Ryan. "Ryan, why don't you wipe the sweat off your forehead?"

"Thank you! Thank you so much!" Ryan took the bathrobe from Fiona at once. He wiped off the sweat and said, "I'll return it to you after I get back and wash it."

"No, it doesn't matter." Fiona waved her hand, "I..." I have many small handkerchiefs

"Let's go in first." But before she could finish her words, Ryan opened his mouth, "it's so hot here!"

"…… Fine, fine. " Fiona nodded. She didn't realize what was going on until she went to the museum. She came here alone, but why did she suddenly keep company with Ryan?

"Have you learned painting?"


"You must know these paintings very well, right?" Ryan asked with a smile, "May I ask you if there is anything I don't understand?"

"I don't know much." "Everyone has his own taste in art."Fiona smiled modestly.

"I believe your judgement." Looking at Fiona's profile, Ryan's heart skipped a beat. He had never felt so excited in the past twenty years.

Fiona looked these paintings one by one and Ryan followed her silently. With the help of his family's experience, Ryan was familiar with painting art. He would come to the art exhibition only if he had time. But today, Fiona was the most beautiful scenery in his eyes.

However, it was totally beyond Fiona's expectation that Ryan paid no attention to her. She was attentively studying and appreciating the painting. Intent, drawing location, design, lust These are all what she needed to learn.

"How colorful is this picture?" Asked Ryan in a low voice.

Fiona looked up and said, "green means the growth of branches and leaves in summer, and red means the temperature of summer. Such a strong contrast should be to show the painter's enthusiasm like summer!"

Ryan nodded his head slightly and was reluctant to move his eyes away from Fiona when he saw the confident expression on Fiona's face. What was wrong with him? He had just met her twice and knew her name. He was so into her. Was this the so-called love at first sight? Did he like her? Ryan asked himself silently in his heart, but the answer was self-evident.

Yes! He liked the rare and thin smile on her face, the pure, firm and serious look in her eyes, and the unique temperament of her.

After watching the art show for a long time, they walked out of the art studio side by side and went to the bus station.

"Ryan, I'm very happy to see the art exhibition with you today. Thank you." "Well, I'm leaving now. See you later," Fiona said politely

"Well," said Ryan hesitantly, "don't you want to go somewhere else?"

"Yes?" Fiona raised her eyebrows. She was a little surprised, but then she smiled, "Do you always treat people so warmly?"

Ryan opened his eyes wide and was annoyed by what he just said. He wondered whether he had frightened Fiona?

"Since we run into each other by chance, I think we'd better find a place to sit down." Ryan smiled and said, "if you have something to do, just forget it."

Fiona nodded her head and said, "Okay, for the next time."


At this time, the bus that Fiona was waiting for drove over slowly. Fiona said to Ryan, "well, I'm leaving now."

"Wait! Wait!" Something occurred to Ryan, and he quickly asked, "where's your phone?"

In a daze, Fiona took her phone out of her handbag and asked, "what's up?"

Ryan took it and quickly dialed a number. The phone in his pocket started to vibrate. He was as relieved and said, "This is my phone number. If you have any questions about the school, remember to call me!"

"What? …… Oh, okay. " Fiona nodded, holding the phone, and said, "well, Ryan, I'll get in the car first."

"Okay, go ahead! Pay attention to safety! "

Fiona threw the coins into the car and walked to the back of it. Seeing that Ryan was still waving at her, she raised her hand slightly as well. Then she found a seat and sat down.

'Senior Ryan...... White shirt

Fiona smiled when she saw the new name on her phone book.

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