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   Chapter 20 Grandpa Wayne Wants a Great-grandson (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-01-26 00:22

"Fiona, thank you so much. Have you eaten yet? " Wayne asked.

"Yes, Grandpa Wayne." With a faint smile, Fiona said, "I'm fine."

"By the way, will you go back this afternoon?" Wayne added

"No, I won't go."

"Why not? Did Spencer bully you? "

Spencer is eating with his head down, when hearing this he shivered and rushed to say something before Fiona, "Grandpa Wayne, I've been busy for the next month. Even if she goes, she won't have the chance to see me."

"I see!" Wayne nodded his head and asked, "then you won't come back this month?"

Looking at Fiona, Spencer nodded and said, "Yes."

"So you two don't have a chance to meet again?" "What about my great grandson?" Wayne asked uneasily

great-grandson?! Fiona's face turned red and was engulfed by shock and fear.

"Ahem!" It was such an unguarded behavior. Spencer coughed a few rice out of his mouth and quickly drank some water. He said angrily, "Grandpa Wayne, don't mention your great grandson every day. Your granddaughter in law is still under age!"

'what a bitch! Why did he pretend to be innocent in front of Grandpa Wayne?' Fiona wondered Bastard!

"I'm an old poor man. I have just one wish, but you didn't let me say it!" Wayne glared at Spencer with anger. "You're the only promising young man in our family. You're seldom at home every day. If you have a brother or sister, that would be nice! Now it's impossible. What I can do is to wait for my great grandson! What do you want to do? "

'Grandpa Wayne really doesn't treat Celine as his granddaughter. But it makes sense. They have no blood relationship. She didn't come back even when Wayne got sick, ' Fiona thought.

On the other side, Spencer was totally speechless. "Okay, Grandpa Wayne, just tell me. Let's see if I can make you a great grandson."

Wayne was so angry that he threw the spoon in his hand to Spencer's body, turned around and said to Fiona, "Little girl, I won't tell this brat. I'll tell you."

"Grandpa Wayne, what is it?"

"Fiona, give birth to a great-grandson for me as soon as possible. I am looking forward to seeing that day and night. Now that I'm finally looking forward to seeing you go to the college, I'm begging you."

Standing beside the bed, Fiona was at a loss. After a while, she managed to say, "Grandpa Wayne, I need to go to college." 'After all, I couldn't just take a kid to college'. Besides, why did she have a baby with Spencer?

Spencer lowered his head and began to eat.

After dinner, Fiona walked out of the ward with Spencer. Fiona quietly breath and thought that divorce hasn't had time to talk, grandpa unexpectedly put great-grandson things on the agenda. What should she do?

"Where do you live, Fiona?" Suddenly, Spencer asked.

"Didn't grandpa tell you?" Fiona raised her eyes.

"No, he didn't."

"Well, then yo

u don't need to know." After saying that, Fiona shrugged her shoulders and turned around to leave.

"Fiona!" Spencer got very angry and grabbed her arm all of a sudden.

"Don't touch me!" But Fiona didn't want any body contact with him. Biting her lips, she took a few steps back.

His heart sank and he had to say, "Okay, okay. I won't touch you. But do you think I can't find it out if you don't tell me? "

"That is none of my business,"

Looking at the door of Wayne's ward, he swallowed his anger and said, "Fiona, don't mention the dissolution of engagement in the future! And you promised me to give birth to a baby! "

Turning her face away, Fiona didn't reply. Because she want to talk about this thing to Wayne when Spencer is absent!

"Don't think that I don't know what you're up to!" Giving her a stern look, he commanded, "follow me."

"Where are we going?"

"Just follow me." Spencer strode in front of her.

When they arrived at the office of the director of surgery department, Spencer pushed the door open and said to Fiona who was standing behind him, "come in."

"Mr. Spencer, what brings you here?" Mr. Cui hurriedly stood up.

"Yes." He then pointed at Fiona and said, "You can tell the condition of Grandpa Wayne."

"Okay." Mr. Cui nodded. "Mr. Spencer, please take a seat."

"No, thanks. I will leave in a minute." Waving his hand, he responded, "Tell the point."

"Yes." Mr. Cui replied. "Mr. Wayne's condition is stable now, but there are still many potential dangers. Because he is old and his physical function is not as good as before. He should not be stimulated by anything, or it will easily aggravate his illness. "

"Did you hear that?" After walking out of the office, Spencer frowned and asked.

"Yes." Fiona nodded.

"So, when I'm not here, please behave yourself and try to make Grandpa Wayne happy. Don't say anything that you shouldn't say."

"Okay." Fiona replied reluctantly.

He stared at her with doubts and asked, "Why am I so upset with you?"

Raising her head, Fiona stared at him. "It's okay if you don't believe me. But if you don't, there's nothing you can do, isn't there?"

"Damn it..." "I have never been threatened by anyone." Spencer said angrily.

Fiona snorted and said, "If you want me to keep Grandpa Wayne happy, I have one condition."

"Tell me!" Spencer replied briefly.

"Stay away from me, far away from my drawing board. Don't force me."

"Force you what?" Suddenly, the corners of Spencer's mouth lifted into a smirk and he moved closer to Fiona.

"You..." Fiona was so frightened that her heart started to pound. She hurriedly stepped back a few steps and shouted, "Spencer, don't come over!"

"Humph!" With a sneer, he stood up, put on the hood, turned around and strode away. "It's a deal, Fiona!"

"That's a deal."

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