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   Chapter 19 Grandpa Wayne Wants a Great-grandson (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-01-26 00:12

At the M hospital.

After hanging up the phone, Spencer walked into the ward and called, "Grandpa Wayne!"

"Spencer is coming." Wayne turned his head and looked at Spencer. He asked, "didn't Fiona come with you?"

"She is cooking lunch for you and will come here soon." Spencer then sat on the chair beside the bed, looking tired.

Wayne looked at him and asked, "Did you stay with Fiona last night?"

"Of course not." Spencer shook his head and asked, "Why do you ask this question?"

"You look tired."

A smile spread across Spencer's face. He responded, "Grandpa Wayne, you are thinking too much."

"Spencer, why do you keep it from me? I know, "said Wayne with a smile on his old face," Although you two haven't gotten your marriage license yet, you have been engaged long time ago. It's reasonable for you to live together. There's nothing to hide from me. I'm looking forward to having a great-grandson! "

"Grandpa Wayne, I really didn't hide anything from you! I went to Terence's company last night and made some adjustment for his program. I didn't finish the work until the last night. "

Wayne was a little angry and said, "So when am I gonna get a great-grandson? I'm waiting for you! Even if Fiona's pregnant now, the baby won't be born until next year. If you don't hurry up, I'm afraid I have no time to wait to see my great-grandson. Alas! "

"Grandpa Wayne, please don't say that again. You have a long life!" Spencer hurriedly said, "Don't talk about just a great grandson. At that time, you will surely be surrounded by a group of great grandsons, who will badger you to tell them about your heroic deeds."

Wayne was amused by his words. He laughed and said, "Just like you when you were a child. I didn't expect you to get married so soon. "

But Spencer just smiled and said nothing.

"Ahem!" Wayne looked at his grandson and asked in a low voice, "Spencer, do you blame me for sending Celine abroad?"

The smile on Spencer's lips suddenly became a little bitter. He replied, "No, I don't blame him."

"I have no choice. You have to trust me. I did it all for your own good." Wayne was touched. "Even if I don't send her abroad, you're doomed to marry Fiona!"

The scene immediately brought chaos to Spencer's mind. He felt deeply powerless and couldn't help hating rufus. The past had been like smoke, but it had not gone with the wind. There had always been a mark in his heart. He hated Fiona, but he was destined to marry her. Even though Fiona hated him, she couldn't escape her fate to marry him. Were they destined to be entangled with each other? Then, who is the poor one?

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Right at this moment, someone knocked on the door.

"Come in!" Shouted Spencer.

"Mr. Spencer, it's time for Mr. Wayne to take his medicine." A nurse walked in and pushed a cart.

"Okay." Spencer nodded and said to Wayne

, "well, Grandpa Wayne, I'll go to the bathroom and you do the check first."

"Okay, just go"

After walking out of the hospital building, Spencer came to the garden, grabbed a stool and sat down.

Before his grandpa fell ill, he didn't think he had any pressure nor thought about his future. As for his own "little family", he did not have any fantasy at all. He only needed to find a qualified wife and continue his descendants, because except for that woman, he had no feeling of love.

But suddenly Wayne told him that he had a wife, and that person must be Fiona!

He was vexed at the thought.

He took out half a box of cigarettes, which was given to him by Terence last night.

He opened his lighter, lit the cigarette and took a deep drag.

After smoking two cigarettes, he felt it boring. But when he was about to stand up and walk back to the gate of the hospital, he saw a person rushed in, carrying two lunch boxes and heading to the outpatient building.


Spencer stood up and watched her go inside then he slowly followed her inside. 'Fiona, grandpa Wayne wants me to have a baby with you. What should I do? Would you like?

In the ward, Fiona walked in with two thermos bottles. But she didn't see Spencer. She was surprised, but she still looked calm.

"Hello, Fiona!"

"I'm coming, Grandpa Wayne." Walking to the bedside, Fiona said, "I have brought lunch for you. Would you like some, Grandpa Wayne?"

Smiling, he said to the nurse, "My granddaughter in law brought me a lot of food and I'm sure it tastes better than the food in the hospital."

"That's for sure, Mr. Wayne," the nurse said with a smile. "The food brought by your granddaughter in law contains deep love, which can't be done in our hospital."

"Haha..." He was deeply impressed by the nurse's words.

Fiona handed one lunch box to the nurse, and put the other on the cupboard beside the bed.

"Why did you bring two?" Asked Wayne.

"This one..."

"This is for me!" Spencer opened the door and said, "Grandpa Wayne, your grandson came to take care of you early in the morning, and he is too hungry to eat."

With a meaningful smile, Wayne responded, "Fine. I promise you won't forget it after you eat the food cooked by Fiona."

"Grandpa Wayne, why not praise her! She must be out of her mind for such compliment! " Spencer snorted and strode into the ward. Sitting on the bench, he said, "open the lunchbox!"

Fiona sighed in silence. OK, I will save his face in front of Grandpa Wayne.

Spencer smelled the food as soon as the box was opened, the food was different from the one cooked in the canteen or the Cheng Family's, because it was full of the home scent.

It was so strange that he had such a feeling. He had always despised to hear the word "the taste of home", which he thought was too sentimental. But now he was also sentimental.

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