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   Chapter 18 The Man in White Shirt

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At the end of June, the campus of the D University was surrounded by green trees, which were so beautiful. The boys were sweating on the basketball court and the football field. Couples were whispering intimately on the bench under the trees on both sides of the sidewalk, students were sitting on the small lake and hillside, preparing for the exam. It was a flourishing scene.

Getting off the bus, Fiona entered the main gate of D University. With a small handbag on her back, she strolled around the campus.

After leaving the hospital yesterday, she went back to the Four Season Scenery, holding the university offer for a long time, and she decided to come to the university she would live for the next four years today.

With every step she took, she was in a better mood.

This is the library, this is a canteen, and this is the art school building Fiona muttered to herself, trying to remember the right direction.

"Hello, Ryan. Look! When did this beautiful girl come to our school? "

Two tall boys walked out of the dormitory building and went to the lake beside the art school. The dark-skinned boy held the basketball and poked the waist of another boy. "Look!"

The boy named 'Ryan' held the medical materials and didn't look at where the boy pointed. He just patted the boy on the shoulder and smiled, "You think everyone is beautiful in your eyes."

"No, it's true! She's a fairy! " The boy was a little impatient. "I told you that the girls in our college are not good enough for you. But look at that girl I've seen! This girl is good enough for you! Ryan Wen, I promise that you will never regret if you take a look at her. "

The smile on Ryan's face widened. He nodded and looked around. His bright eyes widened in surprise when he saw the girl stood along the lake. It's her! She was the girl who was writing with the drawing board on her back at the bus station!

"Isn't she beautiful Hey, Ryan! Why are you running? "

Fiona walked along the lake, the genial breeze slowly blowing, the willows on the shore and her hair blowing together. She walked to an empty bench. When she was about to sit down, someone called her.


The gentle voice of Ryan was right behind her. Startled, Fiona turned around with her bag in her hand, and her heart missed a beat when she found herself fall into a gentle whirlpool. The boy had short hair on his forehead, bright eyes and a tall nose. He looked like a warm boy. He was holding these papers in his arms, sniffing.

It was important that he was wearing a spotless white shirt, looked so clean and sunny...

"Hello." Surprised, Fiona asked, "are you calling me?"

"Yes." Ryan nodded and looked at her. His heart beat fast and said, "My name is Ryan Wen. My last name is Wen and my first name is Ryan. "

"Ryan Wen..." Murmured Fiona. When she was about to ask him why he introduced herself so enthusiastically, a boy suddenly showed up.

"Hello, nice to meet you." The boy who had been with Ryan also ran to Fiona. With a friendly and honest smile, he said, "My name is Sam, Sam Zhao. Beauty, what's your name? "

The question of the name caught Fiona off guard.

Seeing this small action, Ryan was panicked and hurriedly said, "We are not bad people! We are the junior student of D University! If you don't believe me, I'll show you our student cards! "

After saying that he took out a student's card from his pocket and handed it to Fiona.

With the student's license in his hand, Ryan stared straight at her. Fiona suddenly raised the corners of her mouth. Ryan's heart seemed to be melting in this moment. A thousand flowers could not match her smile

"I trust you. I won't look at your student card. What do you want from me? "

Sam swallowed and said, "I just want to know you! I've been here for three years, and I've never seen such a beautiful girl as you! I've never seen you before. My God, am I nearsighted? "

A flush of shyness crept over Fiona's face. She opened her mouth, but nothing came out.

"Hey, Sam was just being straightforward. Don't take it to heart." Ryan spoke hurriedly.

Fiona shook her head and said, "It doesn't matter."

Sam was embarrassed and scratched his head. "I still don't want to talk about it. Ryan, you say something."

"Are you a student of this school?" Ryan asked, "Why haven't I seen you before?"

"I have been admitted to the D University this year, and I started school in October.." "I'm Fiona Ji. My last name is Ji and my first name is Fiona."

Fiona... Fiona

yes! He knew her name!

Ryan clenched his fists in

silence, trying to hide his ecstasy, and said, "So you are a freshman junior! We are students from economics and management school. What about you? "

"I'm from the art school."

"No wonder you are so beautiful and elegant!" Sam said in a hurry, "nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you." Said violet.

"Nice to meet you too." Fiona nodded and her phone buzzed that time. She took out her phone to check the caller ID.

Sam snickered and whispered in Ryan's ear, "How do you think? She is a freshman junior. I will take the initiative if you don't like her."

All of a sudden, Ryan flung a thick file to Sam's stomach and whispered, "You have no chance."

"Haha..." Sam knew what Ryan meant as he rubbed his belly and smiled.

Looking at the caller ID was Spencer's, she hung up without hesitation.

"Fiona, is this your first time here? Why don't we show you around in the campus? " Seeing that Fiona had hung up the phone, Sam said enthusiastically, "we have nothing to do anyway, right? Ryan? "

Looking at the examination materials in his hands, Ryan smiled and said, "Yes, we're idle."



The phone rang again but Fiona gently hung up the phone with a frown.

"I'm sorry," Fiona raised her head and apologized, "well, I have something else to do at noon. Thank you for your invitation. I hope we can meet next time."

A strong sense of loss arose from the bottom of Ryan's heart, but he still pretended to be indifferent to it. "It doesn't matter. If you have anything to do, just leave. We still have chances to meet each other in the future. If you need any help at school, come to me."

"Thank you." Fiona nodded and said goodbye to them. The phone that rang again in her hand.


Looking at her tender hair, slim shoulders and slim figure, Ryan smiled. He knew he would meet her again.

"Hey! Are you out of your mind? " Sam shook his hand in front of Ryan and said, "It's been three years that a lot of girls in our school are chasing you, but I've never seen you have a crush on a girl. But this time, it seems that things are not going well!"

"What's wrong?" Asked Ryan with a smile on his face.

"Someone is falling in love!" With a smile on his face, Sam started to run towards the basketball court, as he shouted, "Ryan, hurry up to study. I'm going to play basketball. I'm counting on you for the final exam!"

"I'll play basketball you tonight!" Ryan called out and shook his head with a smile. When he was about to walk to the library, something occurred to him. He took out his phone and dialed a number.

"Hello? Mr. Ryan, what can I do for you? "

"Andrew, help me check whether there is a girl named Fiona Ji on the competition of the new season jewelry design competition in our ZR Company. Her first name is Fiona and her last name is ji. "

"Yes, Mr. Ryan."

"Well, that's all. Tell Dad I'll be back next week. "

"I know, Mr. Ryan."

The smile reappeared on Ryan's face when he hung up the phone. He looked at the school gate, took the book and walked to the library briskly. Nice to meet you, Fiona!

On the other side, Fiona walked in a hurry and didn't have time to pick up the phone which was calling from Spencer. She answered it in a hurry, "what's the matter, Spencer?"

"Where are you? !" "How dare you hang up on me?" Spencer's voice sounded slightly angry on the receiver.

"I was busy just now." Fiona was a little impatient.

"What is it?" He snorted and asked, "didn't you say that you would bring lunch to Grandpa Wayne yesterday? Why haven't you come to the hospital yet?"

Caught off guard, Fiona wondered if she had misread the date? She checked the time on her phone, "It's ten o'clock in the morning."

"So what?" Said Spencer in a naughty way. "When will you arrive?"

"12 o'clock at the latest." Fiona pressed his lips into a thin line. She knew very well that Spencer was in the hospital so she decided to save his face.

"Then bring two lunches for us. I went back this afternoon and I had no time to have lunch because I stayed in the hospital to take care of Grandpa Wayne. "

But it seemed that he took it for granted, which annoyed Fiona. "Why should I do that?" she asked

"Because I won't bother you this month."

"Really?" Fiona raised her voice suddenly.

"Of course." He added in a strange voice, "I'm very busy now and I don't have time to play with you."

"All right." Fiona nodded, "I'll bring the food to you when it's ready."

"Hurry up, don't starve me."

"Okay." Fiona then hung up the phone and walked towards the bus station.

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