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   Chapter 14 a gift for me

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Spencer standing in front of the door for a long time, Fiona moved slightly in her sleep. Looking at her, he got nervous immediately.

I'm just as old as you are now when my mother died. My eighteen years old and the happy life I have dreamed of were destroyed at that moment. Fiona, you have no idea how much I hate you? I don't know who I can hate except you.

At this moment, his phone rang

Suddenly, the phone in the living room rang. With a frown, Spencer regained his composure and went to the living room to answer, "Hello?" …… "Okay, I know. I'll be right there. "

Hearing the noise, Fiona got off the bed quietly and opened the door, only to find that Spencer was about to leave the room in a hurry.

"Where are you going?" Fiona blurted out.

He stopped, turned around and said, "there's an emergency."

"Are you leaving here?" Fiona frowned.

"Yes." Spencer was about to open the door, but was stopped by Fiona.

"What about me?" Fiona asked anxiously.

Spencer stared at her for a few seconds and said, "you just stay here. I will come back before weekends. I will take you back to the city."

Fiona nodded, "Okay, be careful."

Be careful

After saying that, Spencer opened the door and walked out of the room.

Fiona slowly walked to the balcony. When she saw Spencer downstairs with a serious look on his face, strode forward, and talked to Johnson who was standing by his side. Then he took out his mobile phone, looking very serious as if he was going to do something very important.

Sure enough, men were very handsome when they were serious.

As soon as Fiona licked her lips, a possibility occurred to her. Perhaps she could design a men's necklace which would be the entry of ZR Company's jewelry design competition!

Thinking of this, Fiona rushed downstairs. As soon as she ran out of the small white building, she saw Johnson.

"Hi, Johnson!" Fiona called out.

"Hi, Fiona!" "Why are you here?" he asked, smiling

"Oh, I'm going back to the family building." With a faint smile, she asked, "has Spencer left?"

"Just left." Johnson scratched his head and said, "Fiona, Mr. Spencer said that when he was absent, you lived in the small white building. Our people will soon move your things here. You don't have to live in the family building these days."

"Am I going to stay here?" Fiona asked in surprise.

"Yes. Mr. Spencer told me that you would stay in his house, and the meals were brought upstairs by the small kitchen downstairs. If you don't have anything else to do, don't go out. save yourself from... " Speaking of this, Johnson suddenly stopped and smiled dryly at Fiona.

"Save what?" Fiona was confused.

"Nothing, nothing!" "Mr. Spencer said that save us training or something and put you at risk.," he said, waving his hands

'how could he say that? Fiona didn't believe in it. But anyway, she didn't expect him to say anything sweet.

Realizing that Fiona did not continue to inquire him, Johnson wiped the sweat secretly, feeling terrified. Because what Spencer had said was, "You look at her. Tell her not to go out when she has nothing to do even don't go out of the white building. Don't let her to seduce the big shots like you!"

When she went back to the second floor of the white building, the people in the small kitchen had brought the dishes, which filled the table.

There were many kinds of soup, including spinach and pork liver soup, fried lotus root, red dates and eight treasure porridge, black chicken soup These are all blood-nourishing dishes

"Why are there so many dishes?" Fiona was a little surprised.

"Yes, we made two sets. But Mr. Spencer had something to do and left. Miss. Fiona, please have these dishes. They are good for your health. " The cook responded, absent-minded.

"Did he ask you to do it?" Fiona asked.


"Why don't you invite other people to eat with me? It's a waste if I can't eat so much. " Fiona advised.

"No way!" The waitress waved his hand and said, "Mr. Spencer doesn't like others to come here. Please enjoy yourself, Miss Fiona."

After saying that, the man hurriedly ran away, as if there was a monster chasing behind him.

"Alas..." With a resigned expression, she sat down at the table and began to eat silently.

Looking at the dishes on the table, she hesitated. Did Spencer tell the cook to do this? Why did he do that? She was getting more and more confused with Spencer. Sometimes, he seemed to want to kill her, and sometimes he seemed to care about her.

'what should we do, Spencer? How am I supposed to face you in the future?

It was very quiet in the villa. The night was as cold as water and the stars were sparkling in the sky.

Sitting in front of the window, Fiona held the easel and came up with her design.

In the past, she drew freely on her own, and she only learned a little about jewelry design. Would it work if she really took pictures for a competition?

However, she still couldn't put her brush on the paper. After a pause, she thought that it would be good for her to have a try anyway.


Taking a deep breath, she started.

For three consecutive days, Fiona was drawing in the house. As the dishes were served on time, she didn't leave the room. She sat leisurely, and the necklace she had painted had a prototype. She just thought of Spencer occasionally and wondered how was he now.

Early in the next morning, Fiona turned over in her sleep and felt the damp in the quilt. Was it raining?

She rubbed her eyes, opened the curtains, and saw that it was raining outside the window. Even outside the window, she seemed to be able to smell a faint smell of earth in the air.

From time to time a group of people ran around the white building. Even it was raining, their training would not stop.

Fiona frowned. She hated rainy days the most. Once it rained, the scars on her back would ache. She knew it was a psychological effect, but she could not resist.

Fiona sighed and grabbed a corner of the curtain. Just as she was about to close the curtain again, she tried hard, the curtain came crashing down. Fiona looked up to find the curtain hook open.

What should she do? 'Rainy days are not my cup of tea.'. She thought.

At this moment, her phone rang

When she was in a trance, the phone on the table suddenly rang. She put down the curtains, walked over and answered the phone. It was the first time she had used this phone.

"Hello? How are you? "

"Hi, Fiona." There was a calm voice from the other end of the line.

"Spencer?" Fiona asked with uncertainty.

"It's me. I'll be right back. " After that, he asked, "are you in the white building?"

"Yes, I'm here."

"Got it."

After he finished his words, Spencer hung up the phone. Fiona looked at her phone and frowned. Inexplicable

As soon as she put down her phone and turned around, she was startled to see the curtain falling on the floor. What if he would blame it on her when he came back? No way. She had to dress it as soon as possible!

On the other side, after hanging up the phone, Spencer closed his eyes and rubbed his eyebrows.

"Mr. Spencer, where are we going?"

"The white building."

This time things got a bit troublesome. Spencer hadn't slept for two days, but he felt a little tired.

After a while, they arrived at the white building.

"Here we are, Mr. Spencer."

"Okay." Spencer nodded and opened his eyes. Then he strode out of the car.

Johnson hurried to hold an umbrella for him.

"It's raining..." He looked up along the side of the umbrella and inadvertently glanced up to the second floor where Fiona was. As soon as he saw her, his eyes contracted. He did see her, but what was she doing? Why is she standing by the window?

His breath paused, and he started to bellow, "Fiona! What the hell are you doing? !" After that, he rushed into the rain and ran to the second floor.

On the second floor, with one hand grabbing the curtain and the other hand locking the window frame, she stood on tiptoe on the window sill, trying to restore the curtain to its original look.

The door behind her suddenly opened with a click. Unexpectedly, Spencer stood at the door. He narrowed his eyes and shouted, "Fiona, do you want to die?"

Fiona's body stiffened. She did not expect that he had returned so soon. She was a little embarrassed. She turned around and said, "you're back? I Ah! "

She wanted to turn around but failed. Her body shook on the windowsill. With her arms wide open, she was about to fall down.

"Watch out!" Spencer quickly ran to the window and held her in his arms.

The moment she was held by him, her lips happened to touch his.

Without a second thought, Fiona moved away from his lips. She was too scared to look at the face in front of her.

Spencer swallowed hard and almost doubted if they had just kissed. But when he felt the stiff body of Fiona in his arms, he was sure.

"Is this the gift you gave me? For my safe return? " A sudden smile of Spencer's broke the ice.

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