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   Chapter 13 don't smile to others

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"You also have blood on your butt." Said Spencer calmly.

"What?" Fiona was even more flustered. She grabbed the coat of Spencer and covered it on herself butt.

Looking at her pale face, Spencer had long forgotten that he was going to teach her a lesson.

In Spencer's arms, Fiona grabbed his collar and shouted, "you put me down! I can walk myself! "

"Why are you so stubborn?" Spencer glanced at the woman in his arms and said, "I know it's troublesome for women to have a period."

"I'm not pretending to be strong!" "Do you know it's improper for a man to touch a woman?! Put me down! I can walk by myself! "

"Don't move!" Spencer held her more tightly and she couldn't move anymore.

"Where are we going? !" Fiona asked anxiously.

"The infirmary."

"I don't need to go to the infirmary! I really don't need it! " Embarrassed and angry, Fiona said, "I'm begging you. Please put me down! If you carry me out like this... " Before she could finish her words, a surge of dizziness overpowered her. She couldn't bear to think further.

"So what?" But Spencer didn't care about it at all. He already walked downstairs with her in his arms. "We are going to get married soon. It's normal for us to be intimate. You have to get used to it."

"Why should I get used to it? !" Looking at the side face of Spencer who was standing in front of her, she felt so warm all over her body. She quickly turned her face away and said, "our marriage is fake. You live your life and I study. We will not interfere with each other."

"Well, you want to live with me, I will not give you the chance!" "I'm not interested in you. I've seen so many women. It was an accident to hold you," he said

"Then put me down!" "You've tightened my rope. I can't move."

"That's what I want." A smile appeared on Spencer's face.

"You..." She furrowed her brows and remained silent.

"What's wrong? Do you feel pain? " Asked Randy.

"Yes." Then she lay in his arms because she had no choice.

"So you didn't go to the canteen to have lunch last night?"

"How do you know?"

"I guessed," He looked straight ahead and asked, "why didn't you call me?"

"Why should I call you?" Fiona asked.

"You..." Spencer stopped and glanced at Fiona, "Grandpa asked me to take care of you."

"I can take care of myself." Lowering her eyes in silence. She was wondering how long she could live with this temperamental man taking care of her?

He held his breath and continued, "don't think that I have no idea what you are thinking about. Don't make me angry in the future. "

Fiona's eyes widened in disbelief. "How did I piss you off?"

"If you don't piss me off, how could I treat you like that on the training ground yesterday?" Spencer responded in a stiff tone.

Frowning, Fiona still felt a little scared when she recalled what happened yesterday. She whispered, "I don't know where I irritated you. Did I say something improper to Kristen? "

"Do you think so?"

"No, it's not." Fiona shook her head and pulled herself closer to him. "Can you put me down? We can have a talk," she asked

"No, I think that's good."

Fiona took a deep breath and said, "can you stop treating me like that, Spencer? If I did something wrong, just tell me. I will change. "

"If you keep being obedient, I won't be angry."

"Mr. Spencer!"

"Mr. Spencer!"

They walked forward and met a few people. They all stopped and bowed to Spencer.

"Yes." He held Fiona in his arms and walked on.

Noticing the unhidden smile on those people's faces and the way they looked at them, Fiona's face turned redder. She closed her eyes and pretended to pass out. 'Spencer, I will never come to your house again for the rest of my life.

As soon as Spencer lowered his head, he saw that Fiona closed her eyes tightly, her hair caressing her face, her eyelashes trembling slightly, and her face flushed. She looked very beautiful. He felt good to see her lying in his arms obediently and being under his control.

Walking all the way to the small white building, she felt the good physical strength of the man. He held her in his arms with steady breath and fast speed, soon they arrived at the infirmary.

"Ouch, why is Fiona here?"

There was only a male doctor in his forties in the infirmary. Seeing that Spencer walked in with Fiona in his arms, he quickly stood up and asked, "Is Fiona injured?"

"You... You know me?" Fiona was confused.

The doctor chuckled and said, "I only heard people talk about you, and don't know what you look like. I've heard from those who come here, I saw you today..."

"Jim, stop exaggerating, what's wrong with her!" Spencer interrupted the doctor coldly.

"Well, well. Are you sick, Fiona? " The doctor moved closer.

Then he put the dished on the bed and asked, "what's it, Fiona?"

"I I'm fine. " Fiona blushed and

sat on the bed, "drink some hot water."

"Yes?" The doctor turned to look at him and asked.

"This woman got her period. It's so hurt." Spencer shouted angrily.

"……" With a blush, Fiona raised her hand to her brows. Why did he look like a fool!

"Well, as for your disease, There is nothing I can do." The doctor shook his hand and said, "You just need to rest. Drink some hot water."

"Who are you fooling?" Spencer stared at the doctor and continued, "you should find a way to make her feel better. Otherwise, I will let you be a target."

"Mr. Spencer, please forgive me this time!" The doctor came to sit beside Fiona, frowning. "When did it hurt?" he asked

"Last night."

"Did you also have that feeling before?"

Fiona shook her head and said, "I felt a little pain this time, but I'm much better now."

Standing beside the bed, Spencer didn't say a word. 'did she get frightened yesterday?' he thought?

"Maybe it's because you're not used to the climate here. Have more rest, eat on time and don't run around." After that, the doctor Jim turned to Spencer and said, "Mr. Spencer, I really can't cure this disease. I have told you everything that I know."

"What's the point of keeping you here? !" Spencer cast a burning, reproachful glance at the doctor and then he scooped Fiona up and carried her out of the room.

"Spencer!" It was the first time that Fiona had felt so sad. "Put me down! My leg is not broken. I can walk by myself! "

"Fuck! How many women will be jealous of you because you are in my arms? You're so ungrateful." Spencer snorted.

"Leave your kindness to others. I don't want it." Fiona tried to push him away. But when she touched the firm muscles on his chest, she couldn't move at all.

"Don't try to struggle for no reason." With a triumphant smile, he led Fiona to his apartment on the second floor of the white building.

Looking at his two bedroom and living room, Fiona was stunned. This place was not like what she thought. It was more like an apartment than a simple dormitory. It was totally in the style of Spencer, equipped with furniture and bar counter.

"Is this your house?" Fiona muttered

Spencer's eyes dimmed with disappointment. He put Fiona on the bed in the side bedroom and said, "yes, this is my house. You can clean up first. There are some clothes in the wardrobe to change. "

Annoyed, she left the bed and pulled her trousers to have a look. What should she do? Should she leave this place? Her trousers would have been stained with blood if without sanitary napkins!

After a short while, Spencer turned back and opened the door. When he saw the distressed look on Fiona's face, he smiled and threw the thing in his hand to her. "Catch it!"

"What?" Fiona caught the bag quickly and looked at a large bag of sanitary napkins!

"What How did you get this? " Fiona's eyes widened. Her face turned red and she felt a little embarrassed.

"You can use it now."

"Use it? !" Fiona's eyes almost popped out. She looked at him like looking a monster.

It was the first time that he had seen such rich expressions on Fiona's face. He stepped forward, raised his eyebrows and said, "yes, it's very useful. Sometimes, we can use it, for it is really good for sopping up the water, to put it in the shoes and the hat to avoid water. "

It suddenly dawned on Fiona and she nodded. But when she thought of the scene that Spencer had hung a piece of sanitary napkin on his coat, she couldn't help but laugh. Then she laughed.

With a soft smile, the corners of her mouth and her eyebrows curved, her little face blushed. She looked more beautiful than when she didn't smile.

When Spencer saw Fiona's smile, he felt hard to breathe. The smile on her face, like a flower, blossomed in his heart. He narrowed his eyes and warned, "Fiona, don't smile to others anymore, okay?"

"Why not?" The smile on Fiona's face disappeared, and she put on an emotionless face again.

He turned around and answered coldly, "because it's ugly. You stay here today and I'll work in the next room. "

The door was slammed shut. Fiona collected herself from her thought. She actually laughed from the bottom of her heart.

When he was about to leave, it occurred to him that it was time for lunch. He turned to Johnson and instructed, "go and ask the cooks to make some blood-nourishing dishes for Fiona."

"Yes, Mr. Spencer!"

After Johnson received the order, he went downstairs. And Spencer began to pace back and forth.

When he opened the door of the bedroom, he found that Fiona was lying on her side, sound asleep. Her black hair was scattered on the bed. Her breath was smooth, quiet and beautiful.

Spencer didn't walk further, lost in thought. If my mother hadn't died, you would be my sister. But what should I do now, Fiona? You're really different from before, Fiona.

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