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   Chapter 12 greatly shocked

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Looking at the upright back of Kristen, Fiona said, "I also think you should find someone who is good enough to match you. The infant marriage arranged by our parents is a burden to us."

"Burden? You mean you don't deserve me? " The smile on Spencer's face faded little by little when he heard what Fiona said.

Without knowing why, Fiona nodded and said, "you're right. I don't deserve you. You deserve someone better."

With his eyes squinted dangerously, Spencer took a step forward with his boots. Fiona raised her head and looked at him, as if she had seen a storm in his eyes and trapped herself firmly.

"It's good that you know that. I married you just for grandpa. Don't expect me to fall in love with you."

After he finished his words, he coldly passed by Fiona and bumped into her shoulder, which made the environment look grim.

With a frown, Fiona turned around and found that Spencer was walking farther and farther.

On the training field, Kristen was trying to fight. Spencer strode over, stood beside her and shouted to the coach, "give me the best weapon!"

The coach was taken aback and handed the weapon to him. What the hell did Mr. Spencer want to do with such a good weapon?

Spencer looked stern as if he wanted to froze the whole training ground with his aura.

Suddenly, there was a sudden sound of soft footsteps coming from behind. A hint of coldness flashed in Spencer's eyes. He held up his weapon and immediately turned around, pointing it to the spot between Fiona's eyebrows.

Fiona stopped and her back became stiff. 'Did he want to kill me?'

"Mr. Spencer, what are you doing?" The coach shouted loudly.

"Shut up!" Spencer spoke coldly.

All people around him, including Kristen, held their breath and said nothing. They didn't understand why he suddenly pointed at Fiona with a horrible look.

Spencer waved his hand gently and stared at her. He opened his thin lips in a very energetic way, "Fiona, apologize!"

"Yes?" Fiona couldn't help but ask.

"Apologize to me, Fiona." He then added, "I have only spoken for three times, and just for the second time."

Fiona opened her mouth. Her heart was about to jump out of her throat, but she tried to pretend to be calm. "Did I say anything wrong? If so, I apologize to you. I'm sorry. "

She'd better be more sensible in the face of life and death.

Her voice was so soft that even Spencer couldn't help but furrow his eyebrows.

The arranged marriage from our parents was a burden to us

You are right. I don't deserve you. You deserve a better man

What Fiona had just said echoed in his mind. Suddenly, he realized that he was angry for this, and did not make any movement for a while. After a long time, he slightly moved the trigger, and his arm slowly dropped.

Just when everyone was relieved, Spencer suddenly raised his hand and looked at Fiona.


The sound of the fighting echoed in the air!

"Mr. Spencer!"

All of a sudden, Fiona heard the screams of horror. Her brain went blank. Without enough time to think, she only felt something was slipping through her right ear and almost hit her head.

Suddenly, something fell to the ground behind Fiona. She turned around and saw a little sparrow that fell on her feet. It was dead. A hole appeared in the sparrow's head.

Punish someone as a warning to others.

'if I annoy him carelessly, will he kill me?' Fiona thought to herself?

He suddenly turned around and shot at the moving target several hundred meters away. Anyone could tell that he was venting his anger.

"Put them away!" After punching, he threw the bag to the coach. He did it in one go and said to Johnson next to him, "send Kristen away after a while."

"Yes, Mr. Spencer!" Johnson saluted him politely.

Fiona stood still and watched Spencer walking towards her. When she was about to say something when he passed her, Spencer walked straight forward as if he hadn't seen her.

On the training ground, Kristen took pleasure in Fiona's misfortune, but she felt it was too terrible when Spencer got angry. So she didn't say anything, turned around and asked the journalist over there, "how was the fight between you and Mr. Spencer?"

"All ten rings."


Fiona's eyes widened in disbelief. He finally regretted agreeing to his grandpa's request.

In the base, night fell. It was time for dinner. Spencer walked alone towards the canteen. In fact, there was a separate kitchen in his building, but he didn't want to make exceptions. Unless there were guests in the base, he would definitely have a meal with everyone.

He had been ref

lecting on his own abnormality the whole afternoon. No one had dared to disobey him like this before. It must be because of the rivalry between Fiona and him that he had wanted her to suffer. It must be this!

The canteen was noisy. Everyone was talking about the attitude of Spencer towards Fiona today. As soon as they saw him walking in, they consciously closed their mouths.

But Spencer didn't say anything, just taking food and eating by himself. "Why didn't you bring Fiona here?" Eric asked with no fear

"It's none of your business." Spencer didn't even raise his head.

Eric shrugged and said, "so I brought her lunch at her apartment?"

"How dare you!" Hearing Eric's words, Spencer immediately raised his head and stared at him with fierce eyes. "Doesn't she have hands or feet? You don't have to bring her food? Eat your own food! "

"Yes! Mr. Spencer! "

Eric made a salute to him and sat next to him.

During the dinner, Spencer was eating very slowly. He raised his head at the sight of anybody who entered the canteen.

It was not Fiona, who came for dinner.

After dinner, he took a detour. Passing by the family building, he found that the light in Fiona's room had been turned off. Anger rose to his heart all of a sudden. He waved his hand and strode away.

She was such a reckless girl! 'Fiona, I don't care about you anymore!

The next morning, there was no bird's singing, no blue sky and clean water. The sound of training is everywhere.

Staring at a person like a Yama, as long as he sees someone who displeases him, Spencer would say, "run with weight, 50 kilometers!"

"What's wrong with Mr. Spencer?" They gathered together and whispered.

"He must have suffered a lot from Fiona!" Daniel said with confidence.

"Is it because Mr. Spencer wanted to sleep in the family building and was kicked out by Fiona? It seems that his anger was all over us. "

"It's possible!" Eric replied with a mischievous smile.


They all laughed in secret. Spencer's eyes narrowed, he turned around and stared at them. "What are you laughing at? Why don't you tell me as you are so happy? "

"Well Nothing! "

The several people exchanged glances with each other and scattered like birds and beasts. Soon they were already 800 feet away from Spencer.

Spencer was very angry. After the morning exercise, Fiona was still nowhere to be seen. With the anger accumulated for the whole night, he rushed to the direction of family building.

When Fiona was fall in deep sleep, a bang was heard outside the bedroom. It seemed that someone kicked the door and came in.

"Fiona! Get out! " Spencer strode into the bedroom and called out her name.

Fiona quickly sat up from the bed with her hands supporting her body. Before she could say something, Spencer kicked the bedroom door open. He stood at the door and stared at her like a Satan.

"What's wrong?" With a pale face, Fiona sat on the bed in terror.

"What time is it now? Are you still sleeping? !" Taking a step inside, he squinted at Fiona and said, "get up and follow me."

"Where are we going?" Fiona frowned and said, "I... I'm not feeling well. Can you wait for a moment?"

"Not feeling well?" The expression on Spencer's face changed. He looked at her pale face and dark circles under her eyes, and asked, "what's wrong with you?"

"I..." Fiona's face turned red as she murmured, "I just have a stomachache."

"Stomachache?" He frowned and said, "there's a doctor in the base. Let's go and see him."

"No, thanks." Fiona waved her hand, "I'm fine..."

"What are you hesitating for? !" But suddenly, Spencer stepped forward and grabbed her arm to pull her out of the bed.

"What are you doing?" Shocked, Fiona almost jumped into his arms. The moment she stood up, she felt a rush of heat from her lower abdomen. I'm so screwed. '

When Spencer was about to curse, he saw a small bloodstain on the bed sheet and he asked, Is your period here? "

Fiona was shocked and her face turned red. She stared at Spencer and asked, "how do you know that?"

He pointed to the direction of the bed.

Suddenly, Fiona's eyes widened in surprise and she seemed to realize something. She turned around, rushed to the bed and covered the bloodstain with the quilt, hastily saying, "well, you go out first! I'll get out right away! "

Spencer didn't say anything, but took off his coat and stepped forward to put it on her shoulders. Before Fiona could react, he lifted her up in his arms.

"What are you doing?" "Put me down!" Fiona cried in his arms

"You also have blood on your butt." Said Spencer calmly.

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