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   Chapter 11 uninvited visit

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As Fiona was drawing the cliff across the training ground, she looked down at the drawing board. Suddenly, she felt a black shadow that had blocked the sunshine.

She knew who it was without even looking at it.

"Fiona, you don't even look at me!" Said Spencer.

"I'm drawing." She wiped the place where she was unsatisfied with and didn't look up at Spencer. Why did she feel that Spencer was making trouble out of nothing?

"Stop drawing. A guest is in the base. Come with me." As he spoke, he peeped at her painting.

Fiona finally raised her head. From this point of view, she felt that Spencer was unusually beautiful. His angular chin, long neck, and slightly rolling Adam's apple

"Eh hem," in order to hide her absence of mind, Fiona turned her face away to cough. "I'm also a guest."

"What kind of guest are you?" Before she could finish her sentence, Spencer grabbed her hand and pulled her forward.

"Oh, oh! My drawing board! My rubber band! " Fiona struggled, "don't pull me!"

"Johnson, hold it for her!" Shouted Spencer.

"Yes, sir!" Spencer immediately picked that thing up and followed them.

"Let me go!" Fiona's little hand was held by Spencer's coarse hand, and she couldn't get used to such intimate contact. "Let go of me, I can walk myself!"

"Why? It could be regarded as a date. Don't you need to hold my hands in a date? " Spencer held her even tighter. It felt good to hold her cold little hands!

"Who wants to date you! Let go of me! " Fiona struggled desperately. She had always been indifferent, but now she couldn't help but shout.

Spencer suddenly stopped and let go of her hand.

"Phew!" Fiona breathed a sigh of relief and rubbed her swollen hand. He was powerful!

But before she could breathe a sigh of relief, her body suddenly became lighter, and her feet were off the ground. In an instant, the sky and the earth were spinning round, and she smelt full of the smell of Spencer. He must be crazy!

Standing behind them, Johnson was stunned. Mr. Spencer, how could he actually carry Fiona on his shoulder!

"You look small, but you are a little heavy," Said Spencer with a smile.

Suddenly, Fiona woke up. She wobbled on Spencer and twisted her arms and legs. "Quickly, put me down! Spencer! "

"It only takes a few steps to get there. Don't worry. I'm not tired." He was determined not to let her go. I can't fix you?

On the way to the shooting field, the playground, the fight field, the picture that Spencer carrying Fiona on his shoulder was pictured in everyone's mind.

Fiona's head hung in the air, and she felt like her blood was going to break her brain. He carried her on his shoulder strode along the road and soon arrived at the building.

When Kristen saw the tall figure coming from not far away, the light in her eyes had faded away before she could smile.

"Put me down!" Fiona shouted desperately.

"All right, all right. Let you go! You are making me so annoyed! " Spencer wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her down from his shoulder.

"Well..." With her feet touched the ground, Fiona shook her head. Due to the insufficient oxygen supply or shyness, her face was red.

When she just stood firm, she saw several women standing not far away. 'Are these our guests?

The leader was a woman who wearing a uniform with two bars and three stars on the shoulder badge. She was a colonel.

Fiona measured her up secretly. She was tall, with regular facial features. Her uniform couldn't cover her good figure. Her crew cut with neat ears made her look more capable and heroic.

"Spencer!" Kristen directly called his name.

"Let's go." Spencer grabbed Fiona's hand and pulled her to stand in front of Kristen. "Why are you here?" he asked with a smile

"I just come here to have a look." Kristen took a look at Fiona intentionally or unintentionally.

Feeling the slight hostility in Kristen's eyes, Fiona looked at her and greeted her as if she hadn't seen this, "hello."

"Hello." "This is..." Kristen saluted and asked Spencer

"Didn't you know that Miss Fiona was here so you came here?" A sly smile appeared on Spencer's face.

"Spencer, you..." Fury was written all over Kristen's face.

It suddenly dawned on Fiona, and she stared at her hand that was holding with Spencer's, as if she wanted to gaze into a hole. 'Is he using me as an excuse?' she thought.

"Let me introduce for you, Fiona." He pointed at chase with his chin and said, "This is Kristen."

"Hello, Kristen." Fiona nodded.

"This is Fiona, she is my..." With a frown, he turned to look at her emotionally and said, "What are you to me, Fiona? Date? girl friend? Or Fiancee? "

"Fiancee? !" Kristen turned pale with fear.

"Yes!" Spencer put his arm around Fiona's back and over her shoulder.

Wow, he was going to crush her shoulder!

"Yes, I'm going to get married with Spencer," Fiona replied carelessly, enduring the pain.

Kristen clenched her teeth and stared at him, "why do you get married all of a sudden? Why didn't I

hear anything about it? "

"Why should I tell you that I am going to get married?" Casually, Spencer caressed Fiona's hair. Well, he wanted to touch her face just now, and it was indeed soft and gentle.

"But I like you..."

Before Kristen could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by Spencer. Raising his head suddenly, Spencer looked at her coldly and said, "if you don't have anything else to do, you can leave now."

"I..." Kristen was aggrieved, she said to Spencer but she stared at Fiona and shouted, "no! The military exercise is coming. I'm going to compete with you! "

"What's the competition?"


Fiona wasn't interested in their competition. But unfortunately, someone didn't let her go. She was just carried back from the shooting range, and now she had to go back again. How boring it was!

"Can you let go of me first?" Spencer dragged Fiona in front, and Fiona felt that Kristen's eyes were shooting through her

"I'm in a bad time," said Spencer, raising his eyebrows. "Miss Fiona, please cooperate with you."

Fiona sighed, "Only this time. I want to thank you for buying me a cell phone."

She could feel the warmth from his hands. It was her closest encounter with a boy in the past 18 years.

Under the shooting range, Johnson asked someone to clear the scene, while Spencer answered a phone call.

Only Kristen was beside Fiona. They stood side by side.

If it weren't for the fact that Spencer looked very serious when he answered the phone, even Fiona would have suspected that he was deliberately hiding from her.

"May I know who you are, Fiona?" Kristen suddenly asked.

"Position?" Shocked, Fiona responded, "I'm just a student."

"Student?" Kristen raised her voice and sneered, "You're just a student. How dare you marry him? Do you think you deserve him? "

After Spencer picked up the phone, he heard Kristen's words from a few steps away. He stopped and wanted to hear what Fiona would say.

Lowering her head, Fiona smiled and asked, "what do you like about him?"

Kristen was stunned this time. "You..."

"Do you like him because he is handsome, skillful and has a high position?" With an unfathomable smile, Fiona asked, "is that so?"

"Yes!" Kristina nodded her head straightforwardly, "he is young and promising, promising and promising. You are a student, and you don't deserve him. Anyone who can stand by him must be as outstanding as him. "

"So you think you are the one who can stand beside him?" Fiona raised her eyebrows.

"It's not me, it's not you." Furiously, Cassie said, "if you're smart, you'd better get away from him."


'why didn't you come back, theon?' he thought?

"Why don't you say anything? Are you scared? " Cindy laughed scornfully and said, "or do you want to wait for Randy to come back and tell him?"

"Kristina, you are so young. Why do you waste time on him?" But she was interrupted by a sneer.

'damn it!

Suddenly, he squinted and thought, 'what does she mean? Is it a waste of time to love me? '?

"What do you mean? !" Said Cassie furiously.

Fiona said, shaking her head. Since Leo didn't come back, she wouldn't be so polite.

"Cindy, you just said that the person standing next to Randy should be as outstanding as him. If he is choosing a colleague, I agree with you. However, what he wants is someone whom he will spend his whole life with. "

But she could only heard what Aaron said. He patiently waited for her to see what she was going to say.

"So that person may not be so excellent. Maybe he just need a warm family, a person who would worry about him when he was on a mission, a person who would cook for him when he was ready to go home, and a woman who silently supported him to take care of him. "

Something tugged at his left chest. He couldn't help thinking about the things that followed the description of Fiona.

"Cindy, do you understand what I mean?" As soon as he finished his words, he took a look at chase.

Cassie said unwillingly, "it's just your wishful thinking."

"I'm his fiancee, and my thoughts are his thoughts." As soon as she finished her sentence, Fiona dropped another bomb. "Oh, by the way, our marriage was decided by Wayne in person. Uncle Cheng agreed on it personally. Not everyone can let me leave."

"You..." Feeling hurt in her foot, Cassie got angry and shouted, "what do you mean?! Are you referring to me? "

"Cindy, what are you shouting for?"

Fiona finally made up her mind and walked out. Both of them turned back.

"I will go to the training ground first!" She stomped her feet and stormed towards the middle of the training ground with fury.

"I finally see the benefits of being a good talker." He walked to Fiona leisurely.

"You heard everything?" Aaron was a little surprised.

"Yes," said Randy, nodding his head.

"I'm so sorry to let you hear my nonsense." Aaron pressed his lips.

"Nonsense?" Raising his eyebrows.

"That's true. In fact, I think you and Kristina make a good match. I was just talking nonsense."

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