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   Chapter 10 be gentle again

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"You will stay with me all the time." Spencer strode in front of her and said in a commanding tone, "Don't hang around. Look at those silly guys. They are all captivated by you."

"Send me away." Staring at Spencer's broad back, she trotted to catch up with him.

Suddenly, he stopped, which made Fiona stumble and almost hit him.

"You wish!" "You don't like to stay with me, but I want you to stay. I just want to torture you," he continued

"You..." But as soon as Fiona released her anger, she stopped talking. 'Spencer, you are torturing yourself as well?

He brought Fiona to the open-air combat field. The dirt on the ground was rising, and the two people threw against each other.

Daniel ran to him, saluted and said, "Mr. Spencer, we haven't practiced it for a long time. Do you want to have a try with me? I heard that if I can defeat you then I have the opportunity to listen to Fiona play the piano. "

Fiona lifted her eyes and looked at Daniel. He was a big dark guy, half head taller than Spencer, and he looked honestly and stout.

"Who tell you that?" Spencer glanced at the battle ring.

"Mr. Spencer, please have a try!" Daniel asked again.

Suddenly, Eric ran to him and laughed, "Mr. Spencer, Daniel has gone back to work hard last time after he lost to you. He won't give up until you give him a chance."

Lost to Spencer?

Fiona was shocked, her face full of disbelief.

When Spencer turned his head and met Fiona's gaze, he felt that he had been insulted.

He was looked down upon by a girl? She didn't believe that he could beat Daniel?

"Okay! I promise you! " "Keep your eyes open and don't let anyone else see through me," Spencer reminded

"You are really bloody and violent!" Fiona snorted with disdain.

He said nothing but just took off his coat and threw it to Eric. He only wore a fitting black vest, and his strong back and angular arms were exposed to the air.

He had a nice figure.

That was all she could say of him. But he was not her type. She liked men who wore white shirts and smiled brightly.

When the people at the base heard that Mr. Spencer was going to make a move, they all rushed to tell each other. Not long after, the training ground was full of people, who watched carefully as they cornered.

Spencer and Daniel stood in the open space in the middle of the fighting court a few meters away.

Fiona was standing in the middle of the crowd.

"Ha!" Daniel roared and rushed to Spencer with his fist.

But Spencer dodged and waved his fist. In a flash, two figures intertwined, punching and kicking, their movements were smooth and efficient.

"Nice!" The crowd around them cheered and applauded.

Spencer was as flexible and strong as a swimming dragon. Every time Daniel was about to touch him, he moved suddenly, so Daniel's fist missed.

'Fiona had more respect for Spencer in her heart. Apart from haggling with girls, he has some skills.

"Mr. Spencer," Daniel kicked but failed to kick him, and said, "don't you feel embarrassed to hide from me like this? Attack! Even if you lose Bah, I haven't decided to lose yet! "

"Then let you be sincerely convinced!"

As soon as he finished his words, Spencer turned around and prepared to defend himself as well as his opponent. Suddenly, he reached out his hand and struck a deadly blow at Daniel. Daniel hurriedly dodged and quickly leaned his body to one side. Suddenly, he raised his right elbow with lightning and tried to hit Spencer's back.

"Ah!" Fiona frowned and cried out unconsciously.

Hearing the voice, Spencer turned to look at Fiona and said, "look at it, Fiona!"

Fiona was shocked. How could he still talk in such a dangerous time? Was he going to make a fool of himself?

Everyone held their breath and stared at Spencer. When his elbow was about to fall, he suddenly moved to the back of Daniel, stooped down and gave him a sweep leg to push him to the ground.

All of a sudden, there was a cloud of dust. Daniel fell to the ground.



"Mr. Spencer won!"

The crowd burst into a warm applause. Just as Fiona wanted to raise the corners of her mouth, she saw Spencer raising his eyebrows and looking at her. She raised her eyes, and the smile at the corners of her mouth disappeared. Show off what......

"Mr. Spencer," Daniel shouted as he jumped up from the ground. Ignoring the dusts on him, he moved close to Spencer and continued, "you were in such a hurry just now. How did you get behind me?"

"Just turn around." Spencer patted the soil on his hand.

"You turned around much faster than I did!" Daniel was full of envy. "Let's have a try next time!"

"Let's talk about it later. Now, take your men to train!"

"Yes, sir!" Daniel suddenly stood up straight and saluted her.

The crowd dispersed in order and went back to their places for training.

Fiona stood where she was, and Spencer already strode to her. The corners of Spencer's mouth rose slightly and his breath was uneven. Walking to the side of Fiona, she could smell the mixture of soap and sweat from him.

"How is it going?" Raising his eyebrows, Spencer pretended that he had made Fiona seen something better.

"I have to say, what you did just now is in accordance with your present identity." Fiona replied coolly.

"Women are all double faced." Spencer was not angry perhaps because he just won. He said in a good temper, "Let's go, I'll take you to some other places."

"Can I go back to get my painting board?" Fiona asked. She could even come up with a prototype if she encountered some wonderful scenery on the way.

"Is your drawing board made of gold? And you have to carry it no matter where you go? " Spencer snorted disdainfully.

"Painting tools are necessary for painters, just like weapons are necessary for you. Will you forget your weapons where you go?" Fiona asked.

Staring at Fiona for a while, he responded, "I hate talking to you."

"That's because what I said makes sense. You can't deny it."

"You are even more annoying now."

"……" Fiona was speechless.

However, Spencer insisted on asking Johnson to fetch it for her. Fiona felt reassured when she held the drawing board.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the training field, the sound of shooting was deafening.

"Wait here. I'll go have a look." After he's told, Spencer walked to the middle of the training ground and saw a young man miss the target and then he kick him twice.

Fiona shook her head. No one could stand the temper of this young master.

As soon as Spencer arrived at the training ground, he forgot about the time. The new comers almost let him scold him for a while. Then he turned around and walked back angrily.

As soon as he turned around, he saw Fiona. It felt like he had known where she was long ago.

Sitting on the bench outside the yard, she drew with a pencil in her right hand, looking far away and putting a few strands of hair behind her ear.

Her every movement, every look and every action were so gentle.

Looking at her, he felt that the girl in front of him was the same as the scene in his memory.

"Sit down, Spencer! I want to draw a portrait of you! "


"Don't move, understand?"


"Your eyes...... Spencer, it's really difficult to paint your eyes! "

"That's because you are the only one in my eyes."

"Mr. Spencer! Mr. Spencer? "

"Yes?" Hearing someone call his name, Spencer was surprised. He turned around and saw the puzzled look on Johnson's face. He came to himself and frowned. "What's up?" he asked

"Report to Mr. Spencer!" Johnson saluted to him again and said, "Kristen is here."

"Why is she here again?" Spencer's face darkened.

"Well..." Touching his head, Johnson looked at Fiona who was concentrating on her painting far away and said, "since Kristen heard that Fiona would come, she insisted on coming and having a look."

Spencer then cast a glance at the direction where Fiona was. Suddenly, he lifted the corners of his mouth and said, "let's go. Take me to see her."

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