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   Chapter 8 first time to the base

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Along the way, the scenery outside the window became more and more desolate. It changed from high-rise buildings to country road, and then into a forest without any human traces.

"Ah!" Spencer woke up from his seat groaning. With his eyes closed, he asked, "Johnson, what time is it?"

"Mr. Spencer, it's four o'clock. We'll be there in an hour."

'More than one hour?'! 'Are they going to sell me to a remote village?' Fiona wondered?

"Find me a bottle. I want to pee." Suddenly Spencer opened his mouth after stretching himself.

Fiona's face suddenly turned red. What did he just say? 'He wants to pee'?! Didn't he know she was in the car? How could he say something like that?

"Mr... Mr. Spencer," Johnson faltered, "well, I don't think it's a good idea? Your ...... Your date is still sitting in the back! "

"What? !" Spencer opened his eyes and turned around. As he expected, he saw the way Fiona looked at him. Her eyes were as cold as ice. "I almost forget. Then stop the car. I can't hold it for too long. Women are always troublesome! "

The car was parked on a forest path. After that, Spencer and his assistant got off.

"Would you like to go?" Spencer asked while casting a glance at Fiona.

"No, thanks." Fiona turned her head and said coldly.

He then whistled and walked into the forest.

Now the base was in an uproar because of a phone call from Johnson.

"What?! Do you think a woman will come to the base today? "

"I'm sure it's the message from Johnson just now!"

"Who is she? Is she beautiful? "

"Of Course!" Don't even think about it! She's Mr. Spencer's date! "

"A date?! ?"

"That's right!"

"Then I have to tell our buddy! This is the most important thing for Mr. Spencer! "

"I'd like to make an advertisement for our brand too!"

"Breaking news, breaking news..."

"Major news! Today... "

The off-road vehicle went to the base in the mountain by the last trace of the setting sun.

As Fiona looked up, she found that the green trees were towering, the landscape was surrounded by mountains and the scenery was amazing. It was really a wonderful place to paint! Fortunately, she also brought a drawing board and a pencil.

After they walked a few hundred meters, they arrived at a whistle in front. They were all well-armed. When they saw Spencer's car coming, they immediately raised their hands and signaled them to stop for inspection.

Spencer took out the proof from his pocket and handed it to them.

"Mr. Spencer!" After that, they saluted in a standard way, opened the guardrail, and the car slowly drove in.

"Mr. Spencer?" Fiona asked curiously.

"Yes, this is our base. Mr. Spencer is very powerful, he is valiant and heroic..."

"Cut the crap!" Patting on the back of Johnson's head mercilessly, Spencer roared, "Just drive your car!"

"Yes, sir!" Johnson immediately shut up.

'I've heard that he works in a special place. Turns out he works here? Fiona was a little stunned. He took her back to his secret 'nest'! Daring and a big shot? Fiona sneered at what Johnson just spoke of Spencer.

It was the first time that Fiona had been here, and she found the things in front of her felt fresh. When she was a child, she often asked her father to take her to the gym. Her father always said that when she grew up, he would take her to the gym, but unfortunately, her father didn't wait for her to grow up.

The dormitory area of the base was covered with buildings of two or three floors. In front of it were a football field and a basketball field. After they passed through the community, there was a large empty space in the back, a large playground, and then a donor. Fiona heard the forceful training sound which was of the same line.

After a while, the car stopped in front of the family building. Spencer got out of the car. He said, "Fiona, you can stay here for the next few days!"

"When exactly?" Fiona got off the car with her drawing board.

"Five days!" Spencer turned around and stared at her coldly, "from Monday to Friday, everyone is forbidden to go out!"

"Can I walk around here?" Fiona looked at the mountain in the distance.

Spencer pursed his lips and raised his voice, "Johnson, tell her! I'm not talking to her here! "

"Yes, sir!" Johnson saluted him and saw him off.

When he disappeared from her sight, Fiona turned to him and asked, "where should I live, Johnson?"

Johnson was startled to hear Fiona call him. With a shy look, he answered, "You can select anyone from the residential compound. Those rooms are almost empty because it is not the visiting time."

Fiona nodded. Suddenly, something occurred to her. "But I didn't bring anything with me..."

"Don't worry. We have everything here." Johnson

patted his chest.

"Thank you." The moment Fiona thanked him, she heard the clicking sounds from the crowd. She turned around and was startled! More than one hundred people were swarming towards her. They were all dressed in camouflage and were ready to surround her.

Taking a step back, she asked, "what... What are they doing?"

"Don't be afraid. They mean no harm." After Johnson comforted Fiona, he yelled at those men, "you bastards! What are you doing! Don't frighten her! There are still two people in the tree. Get off quickly! "

In the tree?

Fiona raised her head and saw two people squatting on a lush tree. They were smiling, showing their white teeth on their tanned face, and sizing her up. Then the two people jumped to Fiona briskly.

Fiona was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh.

"They heard that a female colleague is coming. And all of them want to have a look at." "It's all my fault. I shouldn't have told them about that," Johnson explained

"It doesn't matter." Fiona shook her head. She saw that many people were curious and shy about her, so she spoke politely, "Hello, everyone. My name is Fiona. This is my first visit here. I might need your help in the future. Please forgive me if I did something wrong. "

The moment she spoke, all the people around her started shouting and screaming.

"It doesn't matter!"

"We will take care of you!"

"Welcome here!"

"You have a very sweet name!"

"You are so beautiful!"

Fiona nodded to show her appreciation, "thank you!"

"How old are you?" Someone asked abruptly.

"I'm eighteen years old." Fiona replied.

"I'm older than you. I've just passed 19 years old!"

"Then what should we call you?"

"Of course, we should call her Madam!"


"You can just call my name," Fiona urged.

"What's on your back?"

"Drawing board. I like drawing." Fiona replied.

"Can you draw a portrait for me?"

When she finished, others said, "Draw for me! Draw for me!"

"And me!"

"Draw for me first!"

"What's your relationship with Mr. Spencer? Girlfriend? "

"Are you going to date with him here?"

"Could you ask Mr. Spencer to let us run less tomorrow?"

"What are you fighting for?"

Suddenly, there was a burst of shout behind the crowd, and the chattering sound immediately stopped. Everyone turned around and saluted.

"Mr. Spencer!"

The crowd dispersed automatically. As soon as Fiona raised her head, she saw Spencer who had a cold face strode towards her.

"Why don't you enter the residential building? What are you doing here?" He walked up to Fiona and looked at her coldly. His tone was as tough as usual.

"Come in now." But it was unnecessary for Fiona to continue this conversation. She nodded to other people and said, "Goodbye, everyone. I'll go now." After that, she followed Johnson into the family building.



The group of people waved at her and said goodbye. Spencer turned around and kicked the one who was standing in front of him. "What are you looking at? Your saliva are running out! Clean it for me right now! "

"Yes! Mr. Spencer! "

"And you, what are you doing here?" He said with a livid face, "you all haven't seen any woman?! Go do what you should do! I'll keep in mind that you run fifty more laps tomorrow! "

As soon as he finished his words, the group of people retreated quickly. In an instant, the family building was empty again.

"Johnson, I'll stay here." Standing on the second floor, Fiona pointed at a room and said.

"Okay, okay." Johnson opened the door for her in a hurry. "I'll have my men bring the toiletries here soon."

"Thank you." Then she asked, "well, do you have any clothes?"

"Men's clothes are everywhere here." With his arms crossed, Spencer leaned against the door frame and ordered, "Johnson, go get her some sets of the smallest size camouflage uniform."

"Yes, Mr. Spencer!"

Johnson went downstairs immediately, leaving only Fiona and Spencer in the room.

"How do you want to go on a date?" Suddenly, Spencer walked into the house.

"I don't want to date." With her back to him, Fiona started to collect her stuff. "Since Grandpa is absent, you can stop pretending that you want to talk to me," she said

"If you worked for me, I would have thrown you to the ground and feed the wolves," he said Spencer snorted.

"Spencer, if you were my superior, I wouldn't be willing to work at your company," Then she continued, "Mr. Spencer, please do me a favor. I'm going to bed."

"I will pull out your eloquent teeth one day!" He turned around and left.

Fiona stood up and turned to look at his back.

This man is really brave and strong?

He just bullied girls, more childish than boys in high school.

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