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   Chapter 7 I'll be your guardian

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"What's your phone number?" After walking out of the ward, Spencer asked.

"No, I don't have." "I don't have a phone." Fiona replied coolly.

"You don't have a cell phone? How can you contact others if you don't have a phone? " Spencer stared at Fiona furiously.

"I'm the only child left in the Ji family. Who am I going to call with my phone?"

"You..." Spencer's eyes narrowed dangerously, and before his anger was just about to flare up, he smiled, "you are such a glib tongued girl!"

"Because of you." "Mr. Spencer, we will spend more time together in the future. It's not good of you to hate me that much. Don't forget, whether uncle Ethan would have done something today is uncertain if it hadn't been for my father at that time. You have no reason to hate me. "

"Their identities! It's natural to sacrifice in the battlefield! " Spencer's beautiful eyes were burning with anger.

"You are so stubborn." Looking at his sullen face, Fiona shook her head and turned to leave.

"Who let you go?" Spencer grabbed Fiona's wrist and threw her against the wall. With his body almost clung to her, he lowered his head and narrowed his eyes at her. "You are such a disobedient girl!"

Meanwhile, the wounds on Fiona's back seemed to be getting worse.

"I am not your subordinate!" "I don't have any reason to listen to you!" Fiona stared at him restively.

"Really?" "From now on, I'm your guardian. "said Spencer with his magical smile. If I do that, I have the right to control you, right? "

"What makes you do that? !" A sense of frustration rose in Fiona's mind.

"Because I'm your fiancé," said Spencer, smiling. He pretended to look upset and sighed. "Alas, it's really troublesome to marry a young girl and I should become her parent."

"You don't have to do it!"

"I promise grandpa that I will take good care of you!" After saying that, the smile on Spencer's face disappeared instantly. He stood up and walked out coolly. "Remember to buy a cell phone, and trust me, you will use it."

His black boots stepped on the marble floor of the corridor, with a click sound.

Fiona took a deep breath, her hands sweating. It needed high psychological quality to confront with Spencer.

But she did need a cell phone.

Early the next morning, Fiona left the house with her sketchpad, paper and pencil.

"Victor, you send me to the mobile phone store and you can leave." "After I buy my cell phone, I want to go around and find some inspiration to draw. I haven't done it for a long time." said Fiona

"Miss Fiona, Mr. Wayne asked us to protect you."

"I really don't have anything to protect," Fiona said with a faint smile. "I can do it myself."

"Miss Fiona, we only follow Mr. Wayne's order."

Fiona was speechless and helpless. She spread her hands and said to Victor, "Oh, then please give me your phone. I'll call grandpa and tell him myself."


Victor called Mr. Wayne, "hello? Mr. Wayne, Miss Fiona wants to see you. Okay Miss Fiona, here you are. "

"Thank you." Fiona thanked him and took the phone, "Grandpa."

"Hey, Fiona, what's up?"

"Grandpa, I want to go out today. Could you please don't let Victor be with me all the time?" "I can handle myself.", said Fiona in a coquettish voice.

"No way? You just came here and you know nothing! "

"Grandpa," Fiona sighed, "you know, I'm not a child anymore. I can do it."

Wayne thought about it for a while and sighed, "Okay, I know. Take care of yourself."

"Okay." Fiona breathed a sigh of relief and handed the phone to Victor.

"Yes, Mr. Wayne." Victor hung up the phone and said to Fiona, "Miss Fiona, let me take you to buy your cell phone."

In the ward, Spencer was standing beside his grandpa's bed. He heard the sound on the phone clearly and had no expression on his cold face.

"Didn't I ask you to go on a date with Fiona?" Grandpa put the phone aside and said, "take a look. She went out herself."

"I don't have time. It's Monday tomorrow. I'm leaving this afternoon." Then Spencer began to peel an apple.

"You!" Wayne thought for a while and said, "you can take Fiona home with you. She's going to do sketching. The scenery is nice where you work. I think it's a good idea."

"Our base is full of men. What do you want her to do?" Spencer asked with a frown.

"She is your wife!" "If you don't be with her, how can I have a great-grandson?"

Smiling, Spencer handed the peeled apple to his grandpa and said, "Grandpa, you eat this apple. I'm going to take Fiona to the base, and I won't let her go even a step. I'll take her with me during the training."

"You bastard! How dare you! Let her take a ride when you are going to do trainings."

"Ha ha, Grandpa, I'm leaving!" Spencer stood up and walked out of the ward with a smile. "When I come back next week, Grandpa, it's time for you to leave the hospital."

Spencer's assistant, Johnson, had been waiting outside the ward. When he saw Spencer coming out, he hurriedly saluted and said, "Mr. Spencer!"

"Yes." The smile on Spencer' s face had completely disappeared. He looke

d extremely cold and scary and said, "let's go."

"Yes, sir!" Johnson followed promptly. He had just heard Mr. Spencer's bright laughter, but when he walked out of the ward, he looked cold. No wonder they called Spencer "Moody" in private.

"We need to pick up a person first." Spencer walked outside with a strong wind.

"Yes, sir!" Johnson had tons of doubts in his mind, but on the surface, he could only nod politely. Who is the person they are going to pick?

People were coming and going in the most bustling pedestrian street in M City. After getting off the car, Fiona prepared to buy her phone alone. When she got off, her attention was attracted by the advertisement on the bus stop in front of her.

"The new season jewelry design competition of ZR company begins, we sincerely invite you to participate. The first prize will be rewarded millions of promotion, and the designer will have the opportunity to become the designer of our company. It doesn't require education but talent. What are you waiting for? "

After finishing reading it, Fiona quickly took down the drawing board and pencil behind her, and wrote down all the information on it.

"Young Master, what are you looking at?"

A young man in his twenties sat in a black car across the road, staring at Fiona who was in front of the bus station.

Fiona's long and black hair flew down the canvas when she was quickly writing the words on the advertisement. She pressed her lips slightly, and her charming eyes were full of earnest.

"Uncle Andrew," the young man said softly, "it seems that someone has seen our advertisement."

"Young Master, many people have seen our advertisement. Several hundred people have signed up for the competition, right? "

"Oh? Really? " The young man replied flatly with a slight smile on his face. When he was about to open his mouth again, he saw Fiona leave after taking her stuff.

The young man's expression changed. He rolled down the window and began to look for Fiona among the crowds.

"Young master, what are you looking at? Aren't we leaving yet? "

"Go, go." The young man sighed silently and sat back to his previous position, but his eyes were still fixed at where he had just been. We will meet again someday. I remember you.

Walking along the corridor, Fiona calculated in her mind. The money that her parents left for her was only enough for her to graduate from college. If she could win the prize this time, she wouldn't have to worry about money and her future job.

Thinking of this, she smiled unconsciously. She could realize her dream and the reality at the same time. That was the best she could do at the moment!

Spencer got off the fancy SUV, folded his arms and waited for Fiona.

'So I had to park the car here just because Mr. Spencer was waiting for that girl? ' Johnson wondered. She was such a beautiful girl! Mr. Spencer's sister?

"What are you laughing at, Fiona?"

Watching Fiona step by step towards him, but she didn't notice him, Spencer asked coldly, "do you pretend not to see me?"

Hearing the voice, Fiona stopped her steps and looked up at him. The smile on her face froze. "What are you doing here?"

Raising his eyebrows, Spencer didn't say anything.

"Oh my God! He's so handsome!"

"How imposing!"

Hearing the noise around, Spencer furrowed his eyebrows. He strode towards Fiona and pulled her up to his car. "Follow me to the gym," he ordered

"Are you crazy?" Fiona struggled desperately.

"If you don't want to be carried on my shoulder in such a busy street, you'd better not struggle." Spencer warned coldly and looked around. He just wanted to get on the car and leave as soon as possible. It was not a good thing to attract the attention of the public.

"Why should I go to the base with you?" Fiona asked.

Spencer tucked her in the car like carrying a little chicken and got on the passenger seat. "I'm your guardian. You have to listen to me. Johnson, drive the car. "

"Yes, sir!"

"Hello!" Fiona reached out to open the door, but found the car started steadily.

"Just give up struggling. I can't even deal with a little girl like you?" Spencer then gave a mocking glance at Fiona.

"What on earth do you want to do?" Fiona answered slowly.

"I'll take you to the gym. On a date!" He stressed on the last word.

Johnson pursed his lips. 'Great news!' he thought!


"It's grandpa's order," said Spencer. He interrupted Fiona and said, "you have no choice."

"I haven't bought my cell phone yet."

"Humph," Spencer found a comfortable position to curl up, closed his eyes and snorted, "women are troublesome."

Looking at his expression, Fiona knew that the conversation couldn't go on, so she turned her head and looked out of the window.

The car ran towards the west. There was a moment of silence in the carriage. Johnson drove steadily, and Spencer had a good sleep.

Feeling bored, Fiona took out the canvas and started to paint on it.

After a date was written on the signature, she added the letters " to settle." on it.

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