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   Chapter 6 this is my grandson's wife

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In the graveyard of the western suburb of M City, Fiona was dressed in black with several bunch of chrysanthemums. She walked towards her parents' graveyard. Her parents' tombs were next to each other on a hillside, where the scenery of the whole M City could be seen.

After walking for more than ten minutes, Fiona saw the tombstone. The last time she came here was at the end of February. Because the school had a countdown of 100 days because of the college entrance examination, the school was protected and students couldn't go out.

"Dad, mom," Fiona gently put two bunches of chrysanthemums in front of their tombstones, lowering her eyes, plucking the weeds out of the crack of the stone, and said, "my exam results have come out. I have ranked the second in M City and applied for the D University. The offer hasn't been issued yet, but I can go there for sure. Is your daughter awesome? "

"Besides, Grandpa Wayne has been in poor health recently, so I moved to M City. When I was in middle school, I wanted to go back to M City and live in our former house. But our house was pulled down. I was so angry Grandpa Wayne bought me a house near the school I can visit you more often from now on. "

"Father, mother, you have made an engagement to me. Why didn't I know that? You should have told me earlier! " "Grandpa Wayne suddenly told me. I was freaked out. 'Spencer is such a bastard, and he looks so old He is nine years older than me. I don't want to marry him. "

After that, Fiona smiled again and said, "I am just complaining. I won't really refuse to marry. Don't worry. I'm fine. "

Time passed before Fiona noticed it, she had so many words to say. After saying goodbye to her parents, Fiona walked to another direction of the cemetery with the left bunch of chrysanthemums.

Not far away was the tombstone of Aunt Sandra who was Spencer's mother.

"Aunt Sandra." Walking to the tombstone, Fiona gently put the chrysanthemum down. Looking at the beautiful young woman in the photo, she sighed, "aunt Sandra, I'm sorry. Please don't blame my mother for what happened at that time. I believe that she will be very guilty if she knows that it will lead in such a bad result. "

"I don't blame Spencer, because I know how painful it is to lose one's parents. Grandpa Wayne told me that Spencer became unpredictable since aunt Anna moved in. "

"It doesn't matter he blames my mother. Aunt Sandra, please forgive my mother."

A gust of breeze blew, and Fiona's eyes were a little sore. Thinking of Cheng Family reminds her of her dead parents. For so many years, she had been trying to run away from the family. She thought she would be able to get rid of Wayne when she reached adulthood. However, she still couldn't escape.

When Fiona walked out of the cemetery, Victor was still waiting outside.

"Victor, thank you so much," Fiona walked quickly to them.

"It's my pleasure. I just follow the rules of Grandpa Wayne's residence," . Victor answered politely, "Miss Fiona, please get in the car."


Sitting in the car, Fiona asked, "Victor, will you always be with me? You're Grandpa Wayne's assistant and I feel uneasy well if you follow me all the time. Besides, this car is too exaggerated. I... "

"I know." Victor smiled, "Grandpa Wayne said that Miss Fiona came to M City not long ago and she was unfamiliar with the place. He let me follow you for a few days. When you are familiar with the place, my task is over then."

Fiona breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank you, Victor."

Fiona directly asked Victor to take her to the hospital. Wayne looked better today.

"Grandpa Wayne!" As soon as she entered the ward, Fiona opened her mouth.

"Fiona is here!" Wayne smiled and said, "Come here! Come here!"

"Yes." Fiona sat on the edge of the bed and took out a blue cartoon meal box. "Grandpa Wayne, this is the lunch I made for you. Would you like to have a taste? It may not be delicious."

The smile on Wayne's face widened. "Of course. My granddaughter-in-law is a good cook," he remarked

Hearing this, the caregiver quickly set up a small table on the bed and took over the food container.

Fiona's face turned a little red, but she felt awkward when she heard grandp

a call her 'granddaughter-in-law'.

"Fiona, please don't call me Grandpa Wayne from now on. Just call me grandpa as Spencer does from now on,"

"…… Okay. " Fiona nodded. The doctor said that Wayne tended to get irritated easily so she had to listen to him.

There was a click of the door.

All of a sudden, the door was pushed open. It was Ethan, Anna and Spencer.

Spencer was still in his uniform, looking extremely handsome.

"Oh, Fiona, you came so early!" Ethan smiled.

"Uncle Ethan, Aunt Anna..." Fiona stood up from her seat without taking a look at Spencer.

Spencer gave a cold look at Fiona and pretended nothing had happened yesterday. He walked to the bed and called, "Grandpa."

"Spencer?" Looking at the dishes on the small table, Wayne said to everyone with a smile, "come here to have a look, Spencer and all of you! Come here and have a look. My granddaughter-in-law Fiona brought me lunch! Three dishes and one soup with porridge and rice, both delicious and good-looking. Spencer, look at Fiona. What a perfect wife she is! You are so lucky to have such a wife! "

Fiona merely smiled at grandpa's words. Her eyes were still cold because Spencer was still here.

"Yes, Fiona is beautiful and smart." Ethan nodded with a smile.

"Compared with the dishes cooked by Fiona, I'm too embarrassed to show my cooking skill ." Anna praised with a smile.

"Aunt Anna, I feel more embarrassed," Fiona replied politely. "I usually cook for myself. I don't care whether it's delicious or not. I'll just eat it if I'm able to. I'm afraid that grandpa can't get used to it."

Hearing this, Waynes face suddenly darkened. He thought of what Fiona had suffered, held her hand and said, "if you want to eat anything, just tell me. If you don't want to cook by yourself, I will send a chef to cook for you. Grandpa will help you with everything from now on. "

Wayne had been protecting her in the past ten years.

Fiona nodded, "Grandpa, I know you are nice to me. Thank you, Grandpa."


"Come on, Grandpa. Try it,"

He praised while eating.

"By the way, Spencer," Ethan asked, "have you decided when you and Fiona will get married?"

"October 8." Spencer spoke out the words coldly.

"Why so late?" Wayne frowned.

"We are just trying our best," Facing his grandfather, although Spencer still sounded harsh, his voice wasn't that cold. "Fiona's birthday was on October 8."

"That would be nice," Anna said with a smile. "October 8 is a good day for you. We should settle down earlier and hope that the wedding will cheer our father up."

"Spencer," said Wayne, "you need to apply for the marriage as soon as possible, and Ethan, you need to make a quick decision on it and don't miss the best time."

"Yes, father."

"Yes, Grandpa."

"Fiona, there is still some time before the new semester begins. What are you going to do?" Anna asked.

"I..." Fiona wanted to say that she wanted to find a part-time job. But on second thought, she knew that Wayne won't agree that. So she turned her mind and said, "I'm going to walk around in M City. I'll do sketches while getting familiar with the environment."

"Sketch?" Anna smiled gracefully, "Do you learn art?"

"Yes, I have always been learning." With a faint smile, Fiona replied, "I majored in design at the University."

Major in design, designer......

"Spencer, I will be the most famous designer in the world in the future!"

"I have made up my mind to take your first work!"

"Okay! It must be yours! "

The memory fragments suddenly appeared in front of Spencer. He felt as if his heart was tugged lightly by feathers, making him come back to his senses.

"Fiona, you and Spencer are going to get married, so you should try your best to get along with each other. What do you young people call that?" Wayne was confused. "Oh, yes, Date!"

"You do know a lot, father." Ethan seldom made jokes.

"Too many things to deal with. I don't have time." Spencer refused in silence.

"There aren't too important tasks to do. You won't leave it to your men, will you? !" "As your grandpa, I command you to date Fiona."

"Yes!" Spencer immediately stood up and saluted, "Grandpa!"

Fiona was stunned.

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