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   Chapter 5 why don't you die

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Suddenly, Fiona opened her eyes wide and stared at Spencer, unable to move.

"Okay, okay. Ahem..." Wayne finally felt relieved. He smiled and said, "silly girl, what do you say?"

"I..." Fiona frowned, "Wayne, I'm still young!"

"No, you're old enough. Spencer's grandmother was just the same age as you when she married me."

"Yes," said Anna smilingly, "Spencer is older than you. He know how to care for you."

Fiona glanced at the man in front of him, and she didn't think he would take good care of her.

"Silly girl, Spencer has promised, but we are waiting for you to nod. Do you want grandpa to beg you?"

Fiona felt a rush of anxiety. She knew that her aunt Jenny with her family would give her a hard time if without Wayne's help for so many years. Now grandpa was sick and he only had one wish to be achieved. Fiona was supposed to say yes, however, marriage was so important! She was still a child, and marriage was too far away for her!

"My silly girl, Spencer is a good boy. I can feel at ease to let him take care of you!" Then he continued, "you've been living alone for so many years. Now you have our family to back you up after you get married!"

Fiona was still hesitating.

"Fiona, I know you have something on your mind, but your parents have promised you to marry Spencer," said Wayne, his old face moved slightly. "They certainly don't want you to be alone. If you don't say yes, I can't explain this to them after I died. "

"Grandpa Wayne, you..." Biting her lips, Fiona said, "I, I agree."

"Good girl! Good girl!" Wayne finally burst into laughter. He held the hands of Spencer and Fiona and said, "you can go to register when it is Fiona's birthday!"


"Hasn't Celine come yet?" Wayne glanced around the ward and asked calmly. When Spencer heard the name, he was taken aback.

"Celine, she," Anna seemed quite uncomfortable and explained, "she's still studying abroad. She couldn't come back..."

"Humph!" With a snort, Wayne responded, "I don't care."

All of a sudden, something occurred to Fiona. She knew that Celine was Spencer's half-sister from different father and mother. Celine was brought here by Anna and she was one year older than Spencer. Wayne never liked her.

Wayne fell asleep soon. Everyone in the ward all walked out quietly. Ethan left in a hurry.

The palms of Fiona's hands were sweating, and the temperature of Spencer's palms lasted for a long time.

"Hi, Fiona."

"Yes?" Hearing that, Fiona came to her senses. She looked around and found no one in the corridor. "What's up?"

"When is your birthday?" With one hand in his pocket, Spencer stared at Fiona and seemed a little impatient.

"A few months left."

"I want the specific time!"

Fiona glanced at him and answered, "October 8."

"Okay, let's get married on that day." Spencer commanded decisively.

"Get married?" "Are you really going to get married?" She didn't want to get married yet!

"Do you think I was just kidding?" Said Spencer, curling his lips.

"But we just met..." Fiona responded in a daze.

"I think you have misunderstood something." Spencer snorted, "I marry you only for the sake of Grandpa. I can't refuse grandpa's request. I marry you just to set his mind at rest."

"And then?" Instead of being panic, Fiona asked with a sense of relief, "what are you trying to say?"

"Even if we get married, I won't fall in love with you." Spencer's eyes turned cold and uncertain. "Grandpa's health condition is getting worse and worse. The doctor said he couldn't hold on for three years. If...... If grandpa passed away, our engagement will be canceled. "

"Okay." Fiona promised. Although it might disappoint Wayne to do so, there was really no better solution, wasn't there? "Wayne has been taking care of me for so many years. I will try my best to fulfill his wish," continued Fiona. "But I have one condition."

"What condition?"

"The bracelet is still mine." Fiona replied coolly. She had been looking at this bracelet since she was a little kid. In addition, her mother had educated her a lot. As a result, she had great interest in jewelry design, which was why she had chosen this major. If anyone who took it back, she won't agree with that!

Having a glance at her slender wrist and dark golden bracelet, Spencer kept silent.

"Your mother gave it to me," Fiona took a deep breath, trying to convince him. "Actually, you don't have the right to take it back."

"Don't mention my mother!" All of a sudden, Spencer slapped on the wall behind Fiona, his ey

es was red with anger. "Who do you think you are?" he shouted at her

Leaning against the cold wall, Fiona shivered with fear. "What's wrong with you?"

"What's wrong with me?" "Do you forget the car accident ten years ago?"

Fiona's eyes were wide open, she looking at Spencer as if she was looking at a devil.

"In a car accident ten years ago, they all died! Why don't you die? !" Clenching his fists, Spencer slowly said, "because of that car accident, my life has changed thoroughly! the whole world is turned upside down! Fiona, it's your mother who killed my mother! "

Fiona's eyes widened and Spencer's words stabbed into her chest like a sword. He said that her mother killed his mother!

"I hate your family. But you are the only child left in Ji family! Fiona, you have to pay for what your mother has done! "

You have to pay for it!......

After that, Spencer strode away, but his words lingered in the corridor.

Regardless of Anna's detainment, Fiona sat in Victor's car, determined to return to the Four Seasons Scenery community.

She lay in the bathtub and didn't come out until the water was cold.

Standing in front of the mirror, Fiona wiped the mist off the mirror and turned around expressionlessly. She saw two ugly twisted scars on her back reflected in the mirror. The scars almost pierced through her entire back.

This was an indelible mark left by the car accident on the day when her fate had been changed.

"Mom, where are we going?" Sitting in the back seat of the car, Fiona, who was at the age of eight, saw the rain outside through the window.

"Go to my home!" The woman who answered her was the woman in the co driver's seat, Spencer's mother. She turned around and said with a smile, "today, Spencer will go home and we'll go to see him. Fiona, you'll definitely like him!"

Raising her head, Fiona gave a sweet smile.

"It's a pity that the weather is so bad. I don't even dare to drive in such a heavy rain." It was Fiona 's mother who was driving the car.

"It doesn't matter. You can drive slowly!"

At this moment, there was a ringing of the mobile phone.

They were driving to the Y South Road. Inside the car, someone's phone suddenly rang which seemed a little urgent.

"Drive your car. Let me answer the phone for you! You can hear what we are saying from the speaker. " Sitting on the passenger seat, Spencer's mother picked up the phone and answered it. "Hello?"

"Madam, something bad happened!" On the other end of the phone, it was the assistance of Fiona's father. "Something happened! Something happened during the mission. Now... "


The two women spoke at the same time. Fiona's mother held the steering wheel and her face was pale. She turned to the phone and shouted, "which hospital are you in?! Tell me! "

"In M City..."

"Watch out!" Before the assistant could finish his words, a loud scream came from Spencer's mother. The sound was so loud that it almost pierced through Fiona's eardrum.

"Squeak Bang! "

The assistant's scream was drowned in the high noise of the friction between the giant tires and the car crash. Without knowing what happened, Fiona felt that her body hit the front seat hard first, and then she turned a few times with the car. At last she was thrown out of the car and fell down on the side of the road.

She thought she would be dead as the pain in her back was unbearable. But she survived.

"Mom..." Fiona struggled to sit up. Her head was heavy and the heavy rain hit her body. She wiped away the tears on her face and saw the car with smoke rushing out a dozen meters away. The roof of the car was down and the wheels were upside down. The front of the car had been smashed.

The asphalt was a mixture of blood and rain. Tear trickled down from Fiona's face. She struggled to get up and walked towards their car. But she fall down when she just took a small step.


Standing in front of the mirror, Fiona sighed heavily. She closed her eyes and opened them again. After wiping the water on her body, she walked to the bedroom.

They all died. Why didn't you die?

What Spencer had said echoed in her mind. Fiona sneered. It turned out that there was someone in the world who hated her so much. But what was Spencer entitled to accuse her?

Later, it was known to Fiona that her father was not rescued from the accident on that day.

Her parents passed away in one night.

Fiona's father was injured on behalf of Spencer's father. A life for a life. Why would Spencer hate the Ji family?

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