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   Chapter 4 A Promise For Marriage (Part Two)

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"How is Grandpa?"

The man's low voice passed by Fiona's ear. Without looking at her, Spencer walked straight to Ethan. "Is everything okay, dad?"

Fiona breathed a sigh of relief.

"Yes. Your grandpa will wake up soon." Then, Ethan put his hand over Fiona's shoulder and introduced her. "This is Fiona. She just arrived here at M City today. Why don't you say hello?"


Spencer mumbled, turning to look at her.

"Hello," Fiona greeted simply.

"Hello," he replied with a single nod. After looking at her for another brief second, Spencer said nothing more, and turned his head to look inside the ward.

"Well," said Anna timidly, "I made a special dinner at home today for you. Would like something to eat? Spencer? Fiona?"

"No, thanks,"

they both said at the same time.

Their reply made Anna feel even more embarrassed.

"Thank you. But I'm not hungry," Spencer added. And then, his eyes went back to look at Fiona.

Fiona could feel Spencer's gaze, but she didn't dare to look into his eyes.

Just then, a doctor came out of the ward. "Excuse me, everyone. Mr. Wayne Cheng has woken up. He is asking if someone named Fiona has arrived," he announced.

"Yes! Yes, I'm here!" Fiona said hurriedly, her heart beating quickly in her chest.

"Mr. Wayne Cheng is asking for you," the doctor said with a smile. The doctor bowed slightly and opened the door.

They all hurriedly squeezed into the ward. Spencer strode in first, and rushed to the bed, holding Wayne's hand in his. "Grandpa! I'm here. I'm here for you, grandpa!" he exclaimed emotionally.

Meanwhile, Fiona was standing behind everyone else. She thought she ought to say something to Wayne, but decided against it.

"Ah, Spencer!" Wayne's old and tired voice came. He opened his eyes slightly and looked at Spencer. "I'm not interrupting your work, am I?" he asked in a small voice.

"No, you didn't." Spencer shook his head. "You are the most important person in my life. I'll keep coming back to your side even if my work gets stalled."

"That's nonsense! "You are on duty. You shouldn't waste your time just because of me," Wayne said.

"I guess you're right, grandpa," said Spencer with a smile.

"Umm.... Is Fiona here yet?" Wayne asked.

"Grandpa Wayne..." Fiona said under her breath, her voice choking with tears. She stepped around all the other people and went by his side. "I'm here, grandpa. I'm here..." she said, nearly on the verge of tears.

"My good girl!" Wayne raised his other hand. It was trembling weakly. Fiona reached out to grab them.

"Grandpa Wayne, how are you feeling?" Fiona asked.

"I'm fine." Wayne held Spencer's hand with one of his, and the other with Fiona's. Without warning, he suddenly put the two of their hands together.

Feeling Spencer's calloused and warm hand, Fiona was shocked.

"Grandpa! What are you doing?!" Spencer was also shocked and wanted to withdraw his hand, but Wayne used all his strength to hold it back.

"Don't let go. I hope that you two can get along well," Wayne coughed. "I'm old. My only hope is that you can settle down. I sent Fiona here to make you fulfill my wish."

'Settle down?' Fiona became more and more confused.

"Grandpa, what do you mean?" Spencer asked sternly.

"I hope you two can get married as soon as possible," Wayne said matter-of-factly.

"What?" 'Get married?!' Fiona thought, her thoughts running wildly. 'Marry.... this... this stranger?'

Spencer frowned deeply and didn't say anything.

"I planned on telling you when Fiona graduates from college. But given your grandpa's condition.... There was no other way," Ethan explained.

"Your marriage was already arranged when you two were still at an early age," Wayne continued, "The bracelet on Fiona's hand is a token. I gave it to your grandma at first. Then your grandma gave it to your mother. Then it was given to Fiona. Fiona has been wearing it for eighteen years now!"

Dumbfounded, Fiona glanced at the dark golden bracelet on her hand. It was a bracelet that she had worn ever since she was born. For so many years, the glint of the gold and every other color on it had never faded, as if it had just been newly bought. The patterns on it were still as clear as the day itself.

But she did not expect that it was a love token. Worse, it wasn't any ordinary love token--it was an engagement token!

"Grandpa, this is ridiculous!" Spencer sneered. "In this time and age, who still gets to decide on someone else's marriage through a measly token? Besides, I have no plans of getting married anytime soon."

"It doesn't matter what you think right now. You have to keep your promise! That's just basic human decency!" Wayne retorted. With a small cough, Wayne continued, "This is a matter between our two families. Your mother and Fiona's mother had arranged this marriage for a long time! Besides, your father also agrees with this decision!"

"Grandpa, I..."

But before Spencer could finish his sentence, Wayne suddenly started to cough violently, his face turning red.



"Are you all right, Grandpa? What's happening?" Spencer hurriedly patted his grandpa on the back.

Wayne grabbed Spencer's hand and looked straight into his eyes. "This is what I want, Spencer. My dearest grandson..." Wayne said in a quivering voice.

Anna began to sob quietly, tears falling down her cheek.

"I don't have much time left, Spencer. Do you really want me to leave this world with sadness and regret?"

"Grandpa, I just don't understand. Why her? I don't even know her," Spencer asked, his lip pressing into a fine line.

"There is no one else I want you to be with other than Fiona!" Wayne exclaimed, a dignified look still present on his face. He coughed again, and paused to catch his breath. Then, he continued, "If you can't agree to my terms, don't ever come see me again. I am a dying old man who can pay the cost of living for as long as I want. I will wait for you two to be wed."

Spencer's brows furrowed deeply as his jaw clenched. Then, he turned to glance at Fiona with an expressionless look in his eyes.

The air in the room grew tense as they waited for either Spencer's or Fiona's reply. Finally, Spencer looked back at Wayne and nodded sternly.

"Okay, grandpa. I promise I will do as you wish."

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