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   Chapter 3 A Promise For Marriage (Part One)

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 6483

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The Cheng family was perhaps the most powerful and influential family in M City. The eldest member, Wayne Cheng, was a man of great power. Although he had retired long before, many people of high social status still respectfully called him Mr. Wayne Cheng.

The current head of the Cheng family, Ethan Cheng, had also inherited his father's glory and high status, and his son Spencer Cheng also held the same amount of potential.

The Cheng family and the Ji family had a very close relationship with each other that had lasted for a long time. After Fiona's parents died, Fiona had never gone back to see any of the Chengs. Only Wayne came to see her from time to time.

As Fiona sat in the backseat of the car, she shook her head and decided that the best thing she could do was to let the past go. 'As soon as I get to M City, I'll visit Grandpa Wayne first. Then, I'll go look for a place to live. After that, I'll have nothing to worry about other than going to school when the semester finally starts. That's it, ' she thought to herself with determination.

A few minutes later, her lids began to grow heavy. With a yawn, she leaned against the window and took a nap. What she didn't know, however, was that this trip to M City was going to change everything...

After a three-hour drive, she had woken up. They finally arrived at M City.

The sight of M City caused a lot of fragmented memories to flash through Fiona's head. The memories were distant as she glanced up at the warm, orange sky.

Laughter of children playing in the courtyard, refreshing morning exercises, her mom's voice calling her home for dinner, the way her dad chuckled...

"We have arrived, Miss Fiona," Victor's voice came from the passenger seat.

As soon as the car pulled over, somebody opened the car door for Fiona. Taking a deep breath in, she grabbed her bag beside her and got off the car. She looked around and saw that they had stopped in a community named Four Seasons Scenery.

"Victor, are we in the wrong place?" Fiona was confused. From her understanding, they should have been either at the hospital or at the family villa.

"No. We are where we're supposed to be. It was Mr. Cheng's order. He told me to bring you here before going to the hospital. This is where you will be staying--your new home, if I may say. You are situated on the tenth floor. Everything has been taken care of, and your name is already on the property ownership certificate."

"What?" Fiona was taken aback. "No, Victor, this is too much! Tell Grandpa Wayne I can't take it!"

"Miss Fiona, it's only half an hour's ride to D University. It's a very convenient place for you to live. Mr. Cheng knew that you wouldn't want to live in the family villa. And so, he bought it for you," Victor explained.

"But I can't accept such an extravagant gift," she murmured, biting her lips.

"Mr. Cheng said that if Miss Fiona doesn't take it, he would tie you up with a rope! If Miss Fiona chooses not to live here, we will go to the school and wait for you there every day, making sure that you come home here!" Victor exclaimed.

Fiona was speechless for a while. What a stubborn man!

"Miss Fiona, please!"

"…… All right.

" Fiona sighed heavily and followed him upstairs.

The tenth floor apartment was already decorated. It was simple yet had a touch of elegance and modernity, which suited Fiona's taste quite well.

All of Fiona's luggage were placed neatly in the living room. "Miss Fiona, where should we place the piano?" Victor asked.

Just then, Fiona remembered that her mother used to play the piano near the window. Every time she played, warm light would hit her lovely face. Fiona looked around and saw that there was a balcony. "Put it over there at the edge of the balcony, leaning against the wall."

"Right away!"

Fiona put down the bag she was carrying on the floor. It was already getting dark outside. "Where is Grandpa Wayne? I want to see him now, Mr. Victor," she said.

"Of course. Let's go, Miss Fiona," Victor nodded and left with Fiona.

Outside the ICU of M Hospital, all of the members of the Cheng family were looking over Wayne anxiously.

Soon, Victor arrived with Fiona.

"Mr. Ethan, Miss Fiona is here!"

Ethan turned to look at Fiona, and a smile of relief appeared on his face. As Fiona approached, he greeted her warmly, "Ah, Fiona! You're all grown up! You look as beautiful as your mother."

"Hello, Uncle Ethan!" Fiona greeted back, vaguely remembering what Ethan looked like.

"How have you been doing all these years?"

"Good, I would say," Fiona replied with a slight smile.

"Oh my goodness! Is this Fiona? You are so beautiful!" An elegant lady in her fifties stepped forward and took her hand. "Did you have any troubles getting here, my dear?" she asked.

Fiona shook her head with a smile.

"This is your Aunt Anna," said Ethan.

"Pleasure to meet you, Aunt Anna!" Fiona said. She knew the woman was the second wife of Ethan. Wayne had told her about it once.

"What a polite girl!" Anna exclaimed cheerfully.

"Is Grandpa Wayne awake?" asked Fiona, looking into the ICU ward with concern.

"Not yet. But the doctor said that he would be fine after his medication."

At the moment, a man came from the other end of the corridor. It looked like he had just arrived at the hospital, and there was a tired look on his face.

"Mr. Spencer!" Victor called out, bowing slightly.

"Mr. Spencer," some others said simultaneously.

Fiona turned around and saw a man in his early twenties approaching.

The man, Spencer, was wearing a sharp looking uniform and a pair of black, leather boots. He walked towards them with big strides. Spencer was tall and had a well-toned body. His skin had a light tan to it. But what was so remarkable about his appearance was his face. His face was angular, his lips were thin, and his cold eyes were framed perfectly with his thick eyebrows.

Fiona had never seen such a handsome man in all her life!

"Ah, good. Spencer's here," Anna called out.

'I see. So this is Spencer...'

Fiona frowned imperceptibly. Spencer was only walking up to her and she already thought that his personality was too strong for her liking. Although she had heard a lot about Spencer from Wayne, she had never met him until now. He was a little older than Fiona was. When she was born, Spencer was already starting school.

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