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   Chapter 2 Graduation Speech (Part Two)

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"Mr. Victor!" Fiona asked, wondering why Grandpa Wayne wasn't here.

"Miss Fiona!" Victor greeted. Upon her arrival, Victor quickly turned to her and bowed. "Has your graduation ceremony ended?"

"Yes, it's over. Why isn't Grandpa Wayne here?" she asked.

"Mr. Cheng," Victor said with a somber face, "Mr. Cheng is ill and he is in hospital. I came here to pick you up, Miss Fiona, so that I may bring you to see Mr. Cheng."

"Oh my god. He's sick?" Fiona exclaimed in shock. "What happened? Is it serious?"

"Yes, it is very serious. He is in the ICU," Victor said sadly. "Mr. Cheng cares about you dearly. Please, let us not waste time. Come with me."

There was hesitation on Fiona's face for a brief second. She bit her lips, thinking about how much she didn't want to go there, but...

"Alright," she said with a nod. "Let's go."

"Very well, Miss Fiona. Please go pack up your things and put them in the car. I heard that you have enrolled in D University. You have no need to come back here. Mr. Cheng has already arranged everything so that you may move to M City."

Just when Fiona was about to protest, she saw how her aunt's eyes lit up. Seeing this, Fiona sneered in her heart and decided to just go along with it. "Okay. I'll go pack now," she said flatly.

"Understood, Miss Fiona. I will go downstairs and make all the other necessary preparations to help you move."

"Thank you so much, Mr. Victor."

Fiona made her way to her bedroom, her aunt and the rest of her family following closely behind, pretending that they would help her tidy up.

"Oh, Fiona! I'm going to miss you so much!" Angela Lin, Fiona's younger cousin, exclaimed in a slightly sarcastic manner.

"Yeah, sure. Whatever," answered Fiona casually, picking up her suitcase and stuffing it with clothes.

"Hey. Since you're leaving and all, aren't you going to leave me something as a little souvenir?" Angela Lin said with a snort. As she spoke, her eyes wandered to a black piano in the corner of the room.

"My senior year's textbooks and notes are on my desk. Many of the junior students offered me a high price for them, but I didn't sell it to them. I'm giving them to you now for free. It's time for you to take the college entrance examination next year," Fiona said. Even without raising her head, Fiona knew that Angela wanted the piano. But there was no way Fiona was going to agree to such a thing. That piano was a gift from her parents, and so it had a lot of sentimental value. She didn't want to give it to anyone, much less to Angela.

"Fiona, you're moving out. Bringing a piano with you would be so cumbersome! Do you really want to trouble yourself and a lot of other people by moving it? You might as well give it to me!" Angela asked directly.

"That's right, Fiona," said Jenny. "Angela likes this piano very much. Why won't you just give it to her? Besides, Mr. Cheng has always been so kind to you. If you ask him for a piano, he will surely buy you a better


Hearing this, Fiona quickly turned and glared at them. "Yes, Mr. Cheng treats me well. But that doesn't mean I can ask him for anything! I'm taking my piano with me and that's final!"

"Why... why are you so angry?" Jenny, stammered as her face went pale.

"Miss Fiona, is there something wrong?"

At this moment, Victor rushed into the room with several people. When they heard Fiona's enraged voice, they quickly rushed to her room. Jenny was so scared that she stepped back.

"Is anyone bullying Miss Fiona?" Victor's face turned stern, and Jenny's family fell into silence.

"No. Everything's fine," Fiona said calmly. "Mr. Victor, can I bring this piano with me?" she asked as she pointed at it.

"Certainly, Miss Fiona. If you wanted to bring this entire house with you, it would be no problem at all, let alone a piano," Victor said with a nod.

"Thank you, Mr. Victor. Take it outside now, please."

With a snap of his fingers, Victor pointed to a couple of the men behind him. "Come on, you two, move the piano downstairs. Be careful!"

"Yes, sir!"

After half an hour later, the room was almost completely empty. All the stuff there were made by Fiona's own purchases. Although her aunt's family was a bit mean, they weren't that bad. In fact, Fiona even still had the heart to compile all her study materials and pass it down to her younger cousins.

Bending down, Fiona carried the last bag left. "I'm leaving now," she said, turning to Jenny. "Thanks to you and your family for taking care of me for so many years. I will leave my study notes for the college entrance exam, and I hope that Angela would get into the university she wants to get in. I will come back to visit you if I have chance."

"Let's go, Miss Fiona." Victor followed behind Fiona and gestured her outside.

As Fiona stepped out of the house and closed the door, there was nothing in her heart but relief. For ten years, she had lived here. There was no reluctance. 'Moving on with the next chapter of my life...' she thought to herself, remembering what she said at the graduation ceremony with a smile.

"Ugh! She's the absolute worst!!" Angela grunted as soon as the door closed behind Fiona. In an angry fit, Angela threw the notes Fiona had given her on the ground, some getting torn apart. "Who the hell would want her rubbish!" she shouted.

"Angela! Stop it!" Angela's father, Mike Lin, picked up the papers again. Then, he looked sternly at Angela. "Look at your cousin's scores! Then, look at yours! She is the second best in the city. Your cousin has given you a great advantage by giving you her notes! Just stop it! You can't throw it away!" he explained.

"Your father's right. You need to study harder," Jenny said, helping her husband pick up the papers.

They did not know, however, that Fiona was still standing by the door and had heard everything. A cold and smug smile crept up her lips.

"Mr. Victor, shall we go?"

"Right after you, Miss Fiona."

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