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   Chapter 591 The Last Part

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 10852

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"What's wrong? Hasn't he given up yet?" Confused and worried, Leila appeared beside him. Max patted her on the shoulder to comfort her.

"Should we tell father?"

Max shook his head. Since Spencer would fail every time, he believed that this time was no exception.

When Leila was worried, Max suddenly received a call from Robert. Robert had found Sam, and now Wendi had completely grasped the evidence of Johnson's murder. Now she had submitted all the evidence to the police. Now the police had begun to investigate the matter of Johnson, and she believed that all the truth would be revealed soon.

On that day, all the newspapers and news were reporting the news of Johnson and Lily colluding with each other. The public prosecution against Johnson was put forward because he was suspected of instigating and hurting others, and Lily was arrested by the police for instigating intentional homicide.

When Leila and Wendi appeared in front of Johnson, he was much older than before.

Wendi asked him if the explosion of anger in the past had anything to do with him. Johnson admitted it. Wendi hugged Leila and cried. She finally had the chance to avenge for her parents. Seeing that Johnson was taken away, Wendi cried excitedly.

Robert patted her shoulder gently and said, "All right, all right. Now everything is the same as you imagined. Our life will be better and better in the future."

Wendi nodded. Then she looked at Leila. She was in a good mood, but she didn't expect that everyone's guess was right. Now that Johnson was punished as he deserved, Robert was relieved. He held Wendi tightly and said, "Well, your wish had finished. We can go back and have a second baby."

Standing outside, Leila watched Johnson and Lily being taken away by the police. She raised her head excitedly with tears in her eyes. "Mom, I finally find the bad person who killed you. You can rest in peace now."

Wayne watched the report on TV. His three chess pieces, until now, only the last and most important person was left, Spencer.

"You idiots! You are just a group of useless people. You can't do anything you want. I have warned you not to be arrogant before. Now, just an ordinary woman as Wendi has made you lose everything. In the end, you are even put into prison. If I had known it earlier, I wouldn't have spent so much money to purchase the Song Group."

Wayne looked at Daisy angrily. He had asked Daisy to remind them before, but he didn't expect that they would still be sent to prison by Wendi.

"Father, now that it has happened, I think we'd better think of other ways to make it up. After all, this matter..."

Wayne nodded. Fortunately, he had been well prepared, so after so many things happened in the end, Wayne could still asked Spencer to deal with it.

When Spencer received the news from Wayne, he appeared in the baby room of the old house with full confidence. Looking at his little nephew who was sleeping soundly, Spencer smiled sweetly. He took the opportunity to get on the car with the child and took away the son of Max unconsciously.

When Matt found out, he didn't expect that it was a kidnap. It was not until Spencer called that he told Max that he wanted to be the CEO of the Mu Group no

will forgive everything you have done, but if you insist on doing it to the end, I think... "

Before Max finished his words, there was a sound from nowhere, and then everyone surrounded Spencer. After that, Spencer was all tied up and sent to Max. Max was not happy as he thought, but showed a sad look to Spencer. After all, Spencer was his brother, and Max didn't feel good for him to hurt his brother.

"Tell me, who told you to do that?"

Spencer still kept silent, but he ignored the ability of Max. Soon after doing the investigation, Max knew that he chose to cooperate with Wayne. When he was angry, he directly said that Spencer was a fool. Wayne had always wanted to annex the Mu Group, but Spencer actually cooperated with Wayne. Luckily, Max was more shrewd in means of Spencer, otherwise, the future of the Mu Group would be ruined.

Hearing that, Matt was also very disappointed in Spencer, so after discussing with Max, he planned to only keep his shares and dividends in the Mu Group and not to participate in the company's work for the rest of his life.

Looking at his brother in silence, Max told him that Wayne's previous criminal record was made by making some illegal transactions. Although Spencer had regretted, the Mu family's decision would not change.

Holding her son, Leila breathed a long sigh of relief. Max held her gently from behind, "What are you thinking about?"

Leila turned around and looked at him. They had just solved the crisis. Max seemed to be in a good mood. She took out a delicate box, and thought perhaps no one would disturb them again.

The man looked at her curiously. To his surprise, Leila had bought a set of cups for his parents, sister, and brother. The cup means life time. Max pouted and thought for a while, "They seem not enough just the set. Aren't we going to have a child in the future?"

Leila leaned on his shoulder shyly, "Don't let me be so scared in the future."

Max smiled and didn't say anything. He gently touched her back, with a firm light in his eyes. He had made up his mind that he would accompany her for the long time from now on until the last moment of her life.

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