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   Chapter 590 Threat

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When the car arrived at the old house of the Mu family, through the crack of the door, she saw the brightly lit house. She was confused. Was there a guest at home now, or was Matt playing tricks again? Thinking of this, Leila was very curious, so she sneaked in.

As a result, she saw Rosa's car parking in the yard of her house. Her mood suddenly dropped to a freezing point. It was so late, how could Rosa appear at her home? It must be a little unusual.

"I'm back."

Leila happily held the gift in her hand, but when she entered the door, she saw a burst of anger on Max's face. She turned around and saw Rosa crying bitterly. Leila's heart sank. What happened?

Looking at the expression on Max's face, Leila knew that she was going to be blamed by him again.

"Why do you come back so late?" The temperature in the living room dropped sharply when Max questioned. Leila walked to him aggrievedly and wanted to explain, but it seemed that Max didn't want to listen to her explanation at all.

"Miss Song, why do you come back so late? I thought you had come back a long time ago. Do you know that Max is very unhappy when you are not with him! And what did you say to Max? Why did he hate me so much and warn me not to talk nonsense here? I really didn't say that much to you. Why did you do this to me? "

Rosa looked suspiciously at Leila, and then looked at Max, who was getting more and more depressed.

"Miss Bai, what are you talking about? I just went to see my good friend. It seems that it has nothing to do with you. How can you say that?"

Standing in front of Rosa in a hurry, Leila wanted to explain, but the woman wouldn't listen to Leila explanation at all.

"Didn't you say that you just went to meet Wendi? Then why did you go home so late? Besides meeting her, where else did you go?"

Max questioned her impolitely in front of Rosa, which made Leila feel a little helpless. "I I were going to buy something. "

Max frowned, "Okay, but you promised me that you would come back soon. Why is it like this now?"

Leila didn't want to explain too much. She got a reliable news from Wendi. She couldn't wait to bring Johnson to justice, so she didn't have much time to chat with him now!

She went upstairs happily with the gift box, not caring what happened between Max and Rosa. The man was ignored, and he held Leila's shoulder with dissatisfaction. "Well, don't be childish!"

"Well, I'll tell you something later!"

Rosa kept crying, and her voice was louder. Leila didn't know what had happened between them, but Max had a very bad attitude towards her.

"Well, you can leave here forever. We don't need to see each other again, for your dignity!"

Rosa nodded while crying. Le

er raised his eyebrows. It seemed that Max had known about Rosa's plan, so he was not surprised. He looked at Max in front of him playfully and said, "I thought you didn't notice that. It's all because of Rosa lost to love, and in the end, she didn't even want to revenge on you."

Max smiled. He had known Rosa for many years, and he knew her better than anyone else. She didn't have great love for him, but was more possessive than love. Therefore, Max didn't worry, but worried that Rosa would be used by some bad people. Fortunately, her nature was not bad, and she was convinced by Max in a few words.

"Haven't you given up yet? I advise you to give up. There are reasons why our father didn't hand over the Mu Group to you. It's not because I'm too excellent, but because you're too ambitious!"

Ignoring Max's words, Spencer gave a farsighted smile and said, "Then let's see who will get the Mu Group this time. I'm looking forward to it!"

Looking at his greedy eyes, Max knew that Spencer had allied a lot of forces this time, and he must have been well prepared. Max looked at him helplessly, "Do we really need to do this, we are brothers? If you stop now, I may let you go, but if you insist, I won't show mercy to you! "

"Brother, I won't lose to you so easily this time. I must take back what belongs to me," said Spencer with an expression of wanting to be beaten

When Leila went upstairs with the child in her arms, she suddenly heard what Spencer said. She stood at the stairs in fear. No wonder Max asked her to be careful. It turned out that it was because Spencer had never given up.

She stood still with worry. When Spencer passed by her, he specially looked at their son. Leila couldn't help but hold her child tightly, as if she was afraid that someone would take her child away.

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