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   Chapter 589 The Truth

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Wendi smiled complacently and kept silent.

"What on earth have you found? Don't be so inexplicable. Why do you bring this to me now? Tell me quickly, okay?"

Leila stood up and was about to leave, but Wendi still stood up calmly. "Don't you want to know about your mother's death..."

Leila's face changed dramatically. She didn't expect that Wendi would know everything about her. She knew that the reason why Wendi came back to work with Johnson was that she wanted to investigate the truth. At this time, Leila just wanted to leave here as soon as possible. The closer she got to the truth, the more timid she was.

"Humph, I have already known about your mother's death, but I hope you can be quiet after knowing it. They have a plot, so I hope you can take your idea seriously!"

Seeing that Leila was so scared, Wendi couldn't help but feel a little worried. She knew that it was meaningless to say so much to Leila, so Wendi turned on the recording and let her listen.

The truth was often cruel. Johnson and Lily colluded with each other. It was Lily who chose to kill Lillian cruelly in order to get her property. The perpetrator was a man named Sam.

Holding her hands tightly, Leila wished she could kill Johnson to avenge her mother, but Wendi stopped her in time.

"Leila, calm down. I know you will be impulsive when you know the truth. It's not that simple. You go back and tell Max first!"

"This is the matter between me and Johnson. It's none of Max's business. Keep this evidence and I will find that man as soon as possible!"

Leila left angrily.

Wendi stood behind her and watched Leila leave decisively. She wanted to go up and tell Leila something, but thinking of her current mood, Wendi decided not to get involved in this matter.

When the two bodyguards saw Leila rushing out angrily, they didn't dare to ask more. The two got on the car at the same time and didn't dare to say anything.

Looking at Leila getting in the car angrily, Wendi knew that Leila would never be softhearted again. She couldn't help but feel helpless. She didn't expect that Leila was still the same as before. Leila had a strong sense of justice. But Wendi had a lot of worries in her heart. She knew too much now, which seemed to be very disadvantageous to her. Thinking of this, Wendi's heart skipped a beat. She thought of a person, she believed that Max would protect her well.

Wendi frowned unhappily. It seemed that Lily did it deliberately. Lily must have found something on Johnson, but it didn't matter now. Wendi had already got the evidence of their collusion. She was hesitating when to hand these documents to the police!

Wendi had been depressed a

bstacles in their way. So now they must be careful and not let down their guard!

Looking at the time, Rosa knew that it must be the time for Leila to meet Wendi, so Leila must not be home yet. So she had to take this opportunity to meet with Max.

After a simple dressing up, she drove out of the apartment. Although what Max said made her feel a little sad, the angriest thing for her at this time was that Grady blamed her. Although it was not as harsh as it seemed, in Rosa's heart, these words were more severe than any other words. How could she thank him for being scolded like this? And it was instigated by Max. Thinking of it would make her feel resentful.

Leila's car was driving on the road, she was in a bad mood. "Turn the car around. I want to go downtown." Even her voice was full of anger.

The two bodyguards beside her looked at her in confusion. "But Mrs. Mu, we are going home now. If we don't go back, I'm afraid Mr. Mu will blame us."

"I said turn around." Leila looked at the two people beside her impolitely. Of course no one could understand her anger. Leila had to vent it in this way.

The bodyguards were innocent and helpless. They had to listen to her and stopped the car in the downtown. Looking at the bustling square, Leila was in a better mood. Looking at so many beautiful things in the window, she was healed.

So she walked into a shop casually, and the bodyguards were waiting for her outside. After the woman walked around, she saw a cup, which looked very cute, so Leila bought it back without hesitation. When she saw the two bodyguards outside, she couldn't help laughing, "Well, we can go back now."

The car drove towards the high-speed road in the distance again. Holding the packed gift in her hand, she was in a much better mood.

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