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   Chapter 572 A Prank

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Leila still couldn't figure out many things about Charles, but her character was so strange that Charles couldn't figure it out. Maybe this was one of the reasons why she attracted him, thought Charles.

"Oh, nothing. The people around seem to think highly of these two people. I'm just wondering what kind of man and woman they are. They deserve their praise. But I can imagine that this man and woman must be a couple. Otherwise, how could that woman kiss that man?"

Leila talked a lot to herself, which surprised Charles. Did she stay out of her mind for so long just to know so many things? It was ridiculous. He shook his head helplessly.

"No way. It's other people's business. We shouldn't think so. So, your task is to eat the food in front of you carefully. Otherwise, I won't let you go tonight." Charles looked at the woman in front of him with a snicker.

Leila looked down subconsciously, "Ah, so much food, I I can't finish it. "

She looked at Charles with embarrassment. The man looked at her with a snicker and said, "You have to eat it up. All these are for you. Didn't you say you were hungry just now? Now I have prepared so much food for you, but you said so again."

Charles felt helpless.

Seeing his disappointment, Leila felt a little helpless. "Well, I promise you that I won't waste the food here. Are you satisfied now? But I'm afraid I'll be a fat person after tonight. It's all your fault in the future."

Leila looked at the food in front of her helplessly. There were so many food that she felt very uncomfortable. She really couldn't imagine what would happen if she ate all of them.

"Well, hurry up and eat. Don't waste it."

Charles looked at Leila with a snicker and urged her to eat the food as soon as possible.

Although Leila was reluctant, she didn't want to waste so much food, so she frowned with a painful expression.

"Charles, you've gone too far. You did it on purpose, didn't you? Humph, I'll teach you a lesson."

Because of anger, Leila called out Charles's name, and at the same time, Max behind her heard Charles's name and her voice.

Subconsciously, Max looked back and saw Charles, so he said coldly, "What a coincidence! You are here too."

Charles replied with a charming smile, "Yes, this is a membership system. I don't think there is anything serious that I can't come here."

Charles looked at Max in front of him. Although he had a smile on his face, his tone was still full of hostility.

What made Leila even more embarrassed was that if Max saw her here, would he take her back at all costs?

The knife and fork in Leila's hand fell to the ground. Looking at the person in front of her, she didn't know what to do, and even didn't know why she had to agree Charles to have dinner here. She knew that this was a high-end restaurant, and people like Max must be regular guests here. How could she not thin

n't want to have any connection with him.

"Leila, you have the nerve to say that. Flower is looking for her mother everywhere at home, but she can't find her. I didn't expect you to be here."

Max looked at her with a sneer.

When Leila heard the name of Flower, she was a little shocked. After all, Flower was her daughter. How could she bear the pain of separation of her daughter now? And for Leila, it was not that she didn't want to go back to Flower, but that Matt didn't want her to raise Flower at all. She was driven away by Matt. Max should know this better than anyone else.

"That's enough, Max. Don't talk about things like Flower. It was you who caused my departure. Up to now, you still don't know where you were wrong. What on earth do you want to do? Why do you torture us like this?"

Leila looked at Max seriously, which made him a little embarrassed and embarrassed. He didn't expect that Leila had completely changed in the short time she left, which surprised him and sighed.

"Leila, I tell you, you have only two choices now. You can go back with me now. I won't blame you and Charles for what happened before, and the other way is that if you don't go back now, you may never see Flower again."

Standing beside Leila, Max whispered in her ear.

Leila looked at him angrily, "Max, you've gone too far."

"Mr. Mu, what's wrong with you? Why don't you come back? You have a good chat here and I'm here to join you. What do you mean by leaving me alone there?"

A coquettish woman appeared beside Max, with a goblet in her hand. After she came over, she held Max's arm with one hand. This surprised Charles and Leila at the same time. Although there had always been a lot of women around Max, according to his taste, this woman really had nothing in common. She looked like a prostitute, which should not be what Max wanted.

More importantly, he was cheating on her during their marriage!

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