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   Chapter 571 Different Roles

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Just as everyone was guessing who the woman was, they suddenly heard a harsh horn. Seeing that it was Max's car, they didn't dare to neglect it. Because Max was also a VIP here, no one here dared to offend him.

In their minds, Charles was much more approachable than Max, and there had always been very few women around Charles. Now, everyone was guessing if this woman was Charles's goddess, so they didn't see Max's car driving in. Max looked at the crowd indifferently and looked at the person in front of him with disdain, "Are you free now? "

Everyone didn't dare to speak. At this time, Max got out of the car, and then another woman appeared beside Max. This woman dressed very enchantingly. After getting out of the car, she came to Max and gently held his arm.

"Mr. Mu, what's wrong with you? Why are you so angry with these unimportant people? Don't disturb our pleasure."

The woman said in a coquettish tone beside Max. The man didn't say anything, threw the car key to the driver, and then walked into the restaurant with the woman. Everyone began to compare why there was such a big difference between the two of them.

They had heard a lot about Max and Charles, but it was the first time that they had seen the difference between the two men, which made everyone wonder if the two companies could coexist in the future.

Max and the woman walked into the restaurant at the same time, and then found a table by the window and sat down. Max looked out of the window, as if he had something on his mind, but the woman opposite didn't seem to notice that he was unhappy at all. "Mr. Mu, you know what? The department store has begun to discount today. I haven't got any clothes and jewelry yet. Look at this, Do you think I'm too shabby to come out with you? "

The woman said to Max in a coquettish tone. Max seemed to hear it, but in fact, he didn't.

"Oh, Mr. Mu, do you understand what I just said to you? I'm still waiting for your answer."

The woman looked at Max again with sparking desire in her eyes. She was happy with such a thing, because Max was so rich that he could satisfy the vanity of all women.

"I see. Go and pick some decent jewelry when you free."

Max said to the woman opposite impatiently. After hearing that, the woman immediately stretched out her slender hand and said, "Oh, that's great. You are the one treating me best ."

The woman's hand fumbled on his hand for a few times. Max felt an itch in his heart and quickly pulled his hand back.

"All right, all right. Let's order now and have the meal. Let's go to the department store right away." Max was sitting and looking at the woman opposite him. After hearing his words, the thick foundation on the woman's face was almost wrinkled.

He didn't like this kind of woman, but at least when he was with other women, he would

ve any advantages. The only advantage is that you are so mean. I'm not jealous, and I don't want to be jealous. Don't laugh at me anymore."

Looking at him, Leila felt helpless. It seemed that the two of them had nothing to do except quarreling.

"Really? Are you really not jealous? What I saw was that someone was jealous, and the smell of jealousy is very sour." Charles looked at Leila with a snicker.

"No, no, No. Charles, I'm warning you. If you make fun of me like this, I'll spend all your money at any time. I'll let you live on the street and beg for money in the future."

Leila pointed at Charles's angry face. She didn't know since when Charles had become an outspoken and glib man in front of her. And Leila didn't know since when she began to get used to such a quarrel with him.

She also found advantages from him, but Charles would never say these, and Leila would never be polite to Charles. The two were like the person one has a love-hate relationship with each other.

"Oh, look at them. They are a happy couple. It's rare to see such a perfect match." At this time, Charles and Leila's ears were filled with such words.

Charles looked at Leila, who was listening attentively to the words around her. Gradually, he felt a little uncomfortable, as if everything had become a little unrealistic, because Leila was a very realistic woman, and she could distinguish right from wrong.

But now such a romantic thing could still happen in such a restaurant, which made Charles and Leila feel a little itchy at the same time. They both wanted to see what kind of couple the so-called man and woman behind them were. If they could be praised like this, they must be two outstanding people.

"What are you thinking about?" Looking at Leila in front of him, Charles was deep in thought. He didn't understand why she was so absorbed and what was she thinking about.

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