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   Chapter 569 Self Pity

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Closing his eyes, Spencer wanted to leave everything outside. He didn't want these complicated things to fill his mind, so he shook his head and gradually fell asleep. Outside the window, a bright moon hung in front of the window. Under the moonlight, his outline was still so clear and bright.

The night was long, especially when Max didn't see Leila in front of him. Although he was a little drunk, he was really in a bad mood since he couldn't see Leila. This kind of situation made him feel a little helpless. Perhaps this was the reason why they could feel that love was spreading.

The man helplessly leaned against the balcony and looked at the stars outside. He didn't know what was on her mind. He just felt depressed and wanted to shout, but it was almost midnight.

In the dead of night, Max looked lonelier. After all, even Spencer would leave him in the end. Looking at the darkness in this big house, he felt very helpless. He didn't know what he was doing, and even what he wanted to get, everything had become meaningless.

The man supported his chin with his hand, as if he was imagining something. In the end, he turned around with all his strength, looking at everything in front of him, helplessly lying on the bed. He didn't know why he did this, he just wanted to know where Leila was.

The pillows beside him were thrown to the ground one by one. Max slowly opened his eyes again. Looking at the soft light in front of him, he felt a little confused. It seemed that it was just like those nights with Leila, he couldn't tell the reality and fantasy.

"Leila, where are you?" The corners of Max's mouth slightly moved, and he gradually closed his eyes and fell asleep.

After leaving the Mu family's old house, Leila walked alone on this strange and familiar street. Looking at the endless road in front of her, she suddenly had a worry in her heart. She hoped that the road wouldn't end so soon, because she hadn't figured out where to go now. She could only wander around here aimlessly, back and forth, she even didn't know what to do.

She looked at the road in disappointment, hoping a familiar face would appear in front of her, and then told her that if there was no place to go, she could go to his home first. If so, Leila would be very grateful to this person.

But at this time, there was no one on the road, and everything was just quiet and lonely. So she helplessly looked at the road ahead, her eyes dull. She did not know if she should continue to walk.

Gradually, she didn't know how long she had walked, or even why she had been walking here all the time. But now it seemed that everything could be imagined. Today, she would be homeless. She didn't know who she could rely on. Everything had changed, and she didn't even know why it had to be like this, she continued to walk forward helplessly.

"Leila, why are you here?"

A car passed by Leila. She didn't notice the person in the car, but the person in the car kept staring at her back. It was not until the car turned the corner that the person in the car saw clearly that this woman was the one he had been looking for. Leila didn't not


Charles shrugged helplessly. "Is that what you are worried about? I thought you were worried that you would fall in love with me."

The man still smiled, and his smile eased the hostility and uneasiness in Leila's heart. Maybe something like this would only be felt by herself.

"I'm afraid I won't love anyone anymore. As for you, haven't you met the girl you like all the time? Hurry up to find your true love, or in the end, I'm afraid... "

Leila wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. Suddenly, Charles covered her mouth tightly with his hand and said, "Well, let's stop talking about this now, okay? What I need now is to get out of the car. My princess, are you going to the garage with me?"

Leila looked out and found that she had followed Charles to the door of garage. It was dark here. She was chatting with him just now, but she didn't notice that his car was still starting. Leila shook her head helplessly, she got out of the car and stood at the door of the garage.

"Are you waiting for me here? Don't you want to visit my home? " When Charles came out of the garage, he saw Leila standing at the door of the garage and waiting for him. He shook his head helplessly when seeing Leila's shy smile and behavior. It seemed that she must have been frightened by him and became embarrassed.

"What's wrong with you? Don't worry. I'm the only one living here. I don't even have a servant. You can live here as long as you want. You should be at ease now."

Charles led the way, followed by Leila. This was the first time that Leila came to Charles's new apartment. Seeing everything here, she knew that Charles was actually a very lonely person. When she walked into his house, she was shocked again. What kind of house it was. Leila had never seen anything like this before. No, it should be said that Charles's house was probably the most unique house in the world. The shape and decoration of the house made her feel refreshed, but after a long time, she found that these abstract paintings were all naked women, which made her feel a little shy.

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