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   Chapter 568 Deep Love Between Mother And Daughter

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 9075

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The maid went downstairs helplessly. When Matt saw the woman in front of him at a loss, he was furious at the woman's embarrassed look. Looking at so many people in front of him, he seemed to have no idea why the maid came to make troubles at this time.

"She is looking for mom. You can take her to Leila. Anyway, don't let her cry again. It's late."

Looking at the maid, Max tried hard to suppress the anger in his heart, but the maid had no choice but to place all her hopes on Matt.

Matt was worried that Leila would take Flower away, so he wanted to stop her and her daughter from seeing each other often. It was Matt's idea. Flower cried so hard while the maids had no choice, especially when Max was present.

Matt didn't know what to say to Max, but it could be imagined that Matt was as difficult as the maid, or even more difficult than her, because Leila was sent away by himself.

"Well, you can go upstairs and look after Flower. I will check up on her later. Max, you have drunk so much, and I think you are tired. You'd better go to bed early now."

Looking at Max, Matt felt sorry for his son, but he still sent Max away at once. However, Flower couldn't stop crying. Presumably, Max would not leave so easily.

"I'm not tired yet. I'll wait for Leila to come and ask her how she takes care of our child. Doesn't she feel sad to hear that Flower is crying like this?"

Max frowned, he didn't see Leila for a long time, and the cries became more and more desolate.

Max said helplessly, "Butler, go and see what Leila is busy with. Why hasn't she come yet? Does she still have Flower in her mind? Why does Flower cry like this today and no one is there? "

The butler stood beside Max and kept looking at Matt, seeming to ask for help from him. But now such a thing made people feel helpless. Matt looked at the butler with sharp eyes, hoping that the butler wouldn't tell Max the truth so soon.

"What? Why haven't you moved? Do you want me to go there myself? " Max glared at the butler, who came to him helplessly and said, "The... Mrs. Leila is no longer in the house. Mr. Max, you'd better go back to take a shower and go to bed early. "

Max was so angry that he immediately stood up and looked at him with disdain, "Say it! What happened? "

Spencer had to look at Matt again. The expression on Matt's face changed dramatically, and he didn't even dare to look into Max's eyes.

"Well, you don't have to look into it anymore. It's Leila who wants to leave here. We can't stop her."

Matt stood up and came to Max's side. Seeing his abnormality and anger, Matt felt that he had misjudged today. He knew Max well, so he wanted to solve this matter here, otherwise, Max w

encer was worried. After all, the two of them were now affected by Matt's involvement. There were many misunderstandings between the couple.

Spencer poured himself a glass of red wine and looked at everything outside. A sneer appeared at the corners of his mouth. Was this the so-called love? As for love, it seemed that it had nothing to do with him. Thinking of this, Spencer took a hard sip of the red wine and then went back to his room. Perhaps for him now, sleep was the most important thing to do. After all, he didn't know what Max would order him to do tomorrow. Fortunately, he only told him to look for Leila today.

Although it looked simple, it was not easy for him to find Leila. After all, once Leila was angry, she wouldn't be found by Max so easily. After shaking his head helplessly, Spencer fell asleep.

He was too tired now. In addition to running around with the Max, he had to work hard every day, so that he wouldn't embarrass himself in front of Max. More importantly, he wouldn't be scolded by Max all day long.

As long as he thought of Max's cynicism about himself, Spencer felt painful in his heart. However, after staying with Max for a long time, he gradually felt that Max's abuse of him was just a kind of irony. As for this kind of irony, he had already realized his own mistake and ability. Max always showed wisdom beyond ordinary people under such circumstances, but Spencer always made a mistake at critical moments, or even used his violence to solve problems. In this regard, Spencer was not comparable to Max.

No wonder Matt kept scolding Spencer. He just wanted Spencer to be smart and modest.

Spencer felt helpless, but he had always admired Max, because he felt that there was a cold and gorgeous charm in Max, which was enough for him to work for Max.

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