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   Chapter 567 Brotherhood

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Spencer looked at the man beside him and glared at him. When did he be looked down upon by him? He was very unhappy to hear such irony, but in front of so many people, Spencer had to endure it silently.

Max sat down at the bar counter and ordered a dozen beer. Before Spencer came to him, he began to drink. When Spencer came to him and saw that there were many empty bottles in front of Max, Spencer couldn't believe his eyes. He didn't even know when Max could drink so much. What's wrong with Max today? Why is he in such a bad mood?

"Brother, what's wrong with you? Don't drink so much. Father will scold me to death when you go back!" Spencer wanted to take the beer from Max's hand.

"Spencer, what are you going to do? Do you dare to disobey my order? How dare you do this to me?"

Max looked at him with a bit of ferocity in his eyes. Spencer looked helpless and worried. Looking at Max in front of him, Spencer had always regarded him as his brother. Although Max had a cold and ruthless personality and had always been the president of the Mu Group, and he had always coveted the position of president, in the heart of Spencer, he still admired Max, because every time Max encountered something, he would not escape or retreat. He could even rely on his own ability to resolve it. This was what Spencer admired the most.

"Oh, brother, you haven't told me what's wrong with you. What can make you difficult You didn't come out for business today. What's wrong? Is there anything wrong? Or Alas... "

Seeing that Max was like this, Spencer didn't know how to comfort him, or that Max didn't need others' comfort at all. But now seeing such a decadent man, Spencer was somewhat dissatisfied. Thinking of this, he really felt a little worried.

Max was the son that his father valued the most, but now he could be so willful. His willfulness needed to pay the price of breaking up with Matt. He had many dissatisfaction in his heart, but in front of Max, they were pure brothers, except for the company's interests.

"Spencer, do you know what happened to me tonight? I just wanted to make Leila jealous of me, but I didn't expect that the woman didn't respond at all. How sad I am? You are right. I was indeed on the road. My mood was deeply affected by that woman, Leila."

While drinking, Max looked at Spencer beside him with blurred and even a little drunken eyes. Thinking of this, people felt a little helpless. Spencer could only silently accompany him. Seeing him drinking, he could not drink at all.

Looking at the current situation of Max, Spencer felt distressed and helpless. He had never been like this for a woman. There had always been no lack of women around him, an

room. The aunts seemed to have tried every means to stop her from crying. But now they didn't know how to make her stop crying. Matt had told them to treat Flower as their own children. In this case, the aunts could already think about the position of Flower in Matt's heart, but when they thought of this, The aunts were so anxious that to stop Flower crying as soon as possible.

If it went on like this, they would be blamed by Matt.

Max came to the living room and looked at the person in front of him. He seemed to be thinking about something, but he heard Flower was crying in the living room. He frowned and said, "What's wrong? It's so late, but Flower is still crying. Leila, go and have a look!"

As soon as Max finished speaking, Matt and Spencer looked at each other, not knowing how to tell what had happened to Max in front of them.

"Max, you went to drink again. Didn't you say you were going to work?" Matt was in high spirits and wanted to interrupt, but the cries of Flower would not lie to anyone. Max was already annoyed, and now hearing her cries was even more annoyed.

"Leila, what's wrong with you? You can't even handle your own child!"

Max sat down on the sofa in disgust. At this time, when Matt saw his unhappy face, he didn't know how to persuade him. "Max, as you know, Flower is still a child. How can we adults understand about this child's matter? Aunts have already greeted her on the top. Don't worry about Flower."

Max frowned and looked at Matt, "Aunts? Can they do it? Let Leila have a look. After all, Flower only wants her now. "

With one hand supporting his head and the other hanging on the sofa, Max felt helpless about the cries of Flower.

"Bad news, Senior Mr. Mu. Miss Flower is crying to see Mrs. Mu. We really have no other ideas."

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