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   Chapter 565 Mr. Mu Has Something On His Mind

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"Speaking of my brother, I don't know what's wrong with him recently. He always looks preoccupied. I don't know why, but he seldom talks to me recently. I really don't know what's wrong with him. I have never seen him like this." Spencer looked at Leila in confusion. He didn't know what would happen to Max, but it could be imagined that such a thing didn't need to be cared about too much. And Leila just wanted to know why Max was so upset and worried, but she was afraid that even Spencer didn't know it now.

"Can you ask him for me? I really want to know who this long face is for now. I don't want to see his long face every day. It really affects my mood."

Although Leila said it lightly, in fact, she still cared about Max, but there were some things that she didn't understand in her mind.

"What? Do you really care about my brother so much? Then why don't you ask by yourself? Are you afraid and dare not ask? " Spencer looked at her with a snicker. For these two people, Spencer didn't know what to say, and he didn't know how to answer Leila.

"I... I don't care about him at all. I just don't want to see his long face. It's affecting my working mood now. And Flower, isn't it very safe for her? I think you should take good care of her. Don't let your brother lose his temper on her. Well, that's it. I'll go to work. "

Leila looked a little nervous and incoherent. She didn't care what kind of look Spencer was looking at her, and then walked straight in another direction. It seemed that she really wanted to escape from Spencer. Spencer looked at her back and shook his head helplessly. He didn't know when the two of them could really grow up.

Then, Spencer walked towards Max's study. When he passed by the living room, he saw Max sitting in the living room in a daze. He couldn't help but wonder if Max still had time to be in a daze here. Max would never waste his time on it.

"Brother, what's wrong with you? Why are you in a daze here?" Spencer came to him curiously and talked to him, but Max didn't seem to hear him. Until he came to the side of Max, Max still didn't have any reaction. Helplessly, Spencer had to boldly stretch out his hand and shake it in front of Max. Max subconsciously turned around. When he saw the Spencer's hand, he couldn't help but slap it aside in disgust, "What are you doing? Don't you see that I'm thinking?"

The corners of Spencer's mouth curled up slightly. "Thinking? What's the problem? I really want to know what kind of problem it is that makes you so anxious! "

There was some mockery and disdain in Spencer's

and Spencer stood outside like crazy. In order to stop her from doing stupid things, the two of them had caused some physical contact, which accompanied by Leila's shouting, making Spencer feel a little tricky.

He couldn't adapt to the sudden change of Leila. She was fine just now, but now she became like crazy. Spencer felt strange.

At this time, Matt was quietly watching TV in the living room. From time to time, he would be attracted by the sad characters on the TV. Gradually, he heard Leila's cry outside. He could not help but feel a little helpless. What happened outside?

"What's the sound outside?" Matt was confused, so he pushed the wheelchair to the French window of the living room. Seeing that Spencer and Leila were embracing each other, he couldn't help feeling angry. Leila was wearing a thick coat, and Spencer was wearing a straight suit. All of these were in Matt's eyes. It seemed that he didn't want to know why they were behaving like this. Watching such a scene, people began to become very irrational.

"What are you doing? What are you doing here? " Matt's loud shout shocked both Leila and Spencer.

"Father..." With a pale face, Spencer looked at Matt. He seemed to have thought of the worst plan in his mind, but he couldn't tell Matt what Leila wanted to do. In that case, Matt would definitely make a big complaint in front of Max. Thinking of this, Spencer didn't say anything. He just looked at Leila silently, indicating that she should stop making troubles.

"Father, I want to see Flower. I want to see my child." He didn't expect that Leila didn't fear Matt at all, which made Spencer feel strange. It was the first time that he had seen such a scene. Wasn't Leila afraid?

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