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   Chapter 561 Do You Think I Want To Come

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"Do you think I want to come here?" If Wayne hadn't worried that he would have offended Max, Daisy wouldn't have served her rival.

With a smile on her face, Leila said, "Although you are unwilling, you still come!"

The mockery and contempt in her tone made Daisy uncomfortable. It was obvious that she wanted her to lose her virginity, but she was so lucky to meet Max.

"Leila, don't think you can do whatever you want as long as you are Mrs. Mu. If it weren't for me, you might not have met him. Shouldn't you thank me?"

"Daisy, you are right. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have been Mrs. Mu now. But it's a pity that I have a happy life, but you have become an illegitimate daughter. Fate is so unfair!"

Daisy angrily looked at the woman in front of her and raised her hand high. Illegitimate daughter was the pain in her heart forever. There were too many women around Wayne. Although he looked good to them on the surface, only they themselves knew Wayne's attitude towards them. Now it was just that she still had a chance to be use, which was her pain forever.

Speechless, Daisy was going to slap on Leila's face. There were only two people in the lounge, and she didn't need to disguise herself at all. Especially in front of Leila, the two had been together for many years, and they had a bad impression on each other. In particular, Leila was so arrogant that she wouldn't mess up with her.

Leila quickly grabbed her hand, raised her right hand and slapped heavily on Daisy's face. "Daisy, don't think you can hurt me again. I'm telling you, I'm not who I used to be!"

Daisy showed fear. She was stunned. Leila's big watery eyes were cold. She trembled and broke free from her hand. "Leila, how dare you hit me?"

After changing her clothes, Leila looked at herself in the mirror. She looked very leisurely, not bothered by what happened just now. On the contrary, Daisy was a little surprised. This woman was different from the previous Leila. She had really changed.

Leila silently opened the door, and Daisy's body suddenly pressed against the door. "Leila, why did you hit me? I'm... "

Before she finished her words, Leila raised her hand and slapped again. Daisy covered her painful face with her hand. Although she was unwilling, she didn't dare to do anything. Wayne had warned her not to alert the enemy.

"Daisy, I warn you, if you keep doing this, I will beat you every time I see you!"

Leila left in big steps, while Daisy pounded the wall angrily. This Leila was too arrogant, and her heart was filled with hatred.

"I didn't expect that you would end up like this. Daisy, you are just nominal Miss Daisy. Look at you, you are in such a mess now. I really don't know what else you can do. Even you are going to be bullied by Leila. It seems that you don't have a chance to turn over this time. Leila is destined to be the big winner!"

"Are you wil

im in silence, and Max's face was very cold. "Nothing. My wife doesn't like here, so we go back first."

Max took the lead to leave, and then many people left. "Mr. Dong, it's time for us to leave. Thank you for your hospitality."

Everyone had a smile on their faces, but they were so far away from him. Before Wayne achieved his goal, almost everyone had left.

[Daisy walked to him and asked, "What happened to father? Why did they all leave?"

Wayne slapped on Daisy's face, "Why did you ask her to come up on your own? You would only get the opposite result!"

Daisy was stunned. She just wanted to tell everyone the relationship between them and the Mu family. No one expected that Leila would suddenly leave. "Father, I..."

"That's enough. Stop talking about it. If you still want to celebrate your birthday in the future, I advise you not to make decisions by yourself."

Wayne also realized that Max really loved Leila, not acting according to the circumstances as he thought. It seemed that if he wanted to force Max to surrender, Leila was a very crucial woman.

After getting on the car, Leila took a long breath and finally got rid of the scene of deceiving each other. "Don't come to such an occasion in the future. I don't like it."

Max held her hand and said, "You must come a few more times, or how can I hear you call me husband?"

Leila gently pushed him and shook her head, "You're so annoying!"

"Why don't you call me husband from now on? Then I won't go anywhere but stay with you." The man suddenly leaned over to her and said, "Wife, call me husband."

Leila looked out of the window shyly, with a slight smile at the corners of her mouth, and unconsciously uttered the word "childish". Max turned his body and breathed heavily behind her head, "What, wife, what did you say?"

Before Leila could say anything, she was pressed down by the man's heavy body. "Wife, why don't you say it?"

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