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   Chapter 560 Jealousy

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Max glanced at Daisy coldly. This woman really regarded herself as the apple of Wayne's eye. "I don't know if your surname is Song or Dong. Why didn't Wayne give you a name?"

Daisy was stunned. She angrily waited for Max. They came here to embarrass her. Wayne didn't say anything, but this woman dared

Leila looked at Daisy curiously. What Max said embarrassed her. The expression on her face was complicated. She took the man's hand and walked inside.

Staring at the backs of the two people, Daisy was lost in thought. Was this woman too happy? Now she had everything, and she was just the illegitimate daughter of Wayne, his chess piece. If she didn't listen to him, she didn't dare to imagine her future, and her mother. It seemed that Wayne didn't really love them. She clenched her fists angrily.

"What are you doing? Don't you know what day it is today? How dare you look so fierce! "

Hearing Wayne's scold, Daisy lowered her head timidly, "Father!"

"Pay attention to your identity, and the guests today are all distinguished guests. You'd better restrain your emotions, otherwise..."

Daisy nodded. She didn't dare to disobey Wayne at all, and she even didn't listen to him. Because Wayne once said that if she didn't want to lose everything now, she must listen to him. Daisy compromised.

Wayne was much more powerful than Johnson. He could contend against Max. Although he was powerful enough to contend against Max, he was not as good as Max in everything. This made him very depressed and always thought of different ways to kill Max.

"Father, can we just let it go? They are..."

"That's enough. I know what to do. You just need to play your role well. Weren't you sisters in the past? You'd better not offend the woman of Max!"

Daisy nodded obediently, and Wayne went to greet other guests. Daisy wore a trademark smile, as if the reprimand had never happened.

"Humph, I didn't expect a woman with unlimited glory to be so submissive in front of Wayne. What's wrong with you? Where is your arrogance and your disdain?"

Looking for the voice, Daisy found the figure of Astrid. She was willing to sell her bestie for love, live a superior life, and do anything to achieve her goal.

"Oh, it's you. Haven't you been to such a high-end place? I don't think you have enjoyed the attention of others except for the wedding ceremony by Veron's side, have you?"

Astrid's face is pale. Among all the girls, she hates Daisy the most. She has a better life in the Song family than Leila, and she has better food and clothing than Leila. But the arrogance of Daisy made her hate him very much.

Although Daisy kept an eye on the title of illegitimate daughter, her life was getting better and better. She got rid of Johnson and followed Wayne.

"I don't care!" Although Astrid had left Veron, she had recei

ll my fault. I shouldn't have invited bad people. It's all my fault!"

Max didn't have any good impression on them, and he didn't care about their apologies. He stared at Wayne indifferently, "It's not a big deal. Why bother you to come here in person?"

"It's all our fault. We didn't entertain your wife well and frightened her. You'd better change your clothes now. The party is about to begin."

Max nodded and interrupted her to pick up the clothes. But Daisy quickly stepped into the lounge and said, "Let me do it. Your man should go out to talk about business."

Max squinted at her dangerously. There was always a struggle between Daisy and Leila. This woman must have a purpose by taking the initiative today.

"Don't bother. She is my wife. No one else should interfere in this matter." Said Max in a colder tone.

"Mr. Mu, Leila is my sister. I should call you brother-in-law. Are you afraid that I will hurt my sister?"

Max turned around and looked at Leila. He was worried about her, especially when Daisy take care of her. He wouldn't let her go no matter what Wayne thought of him.

"Well, Mr. Mu, there are still a lot of people waiting for you outside. Leave this to Daisy. There are so many people that I'm afraid Daisy won't have a chance to hurt Mrs. Mu. Mr. Mu, are you too narrow-minded?"

"Husband, you can go first. I'll be back soon after I change my clothes."

With a smile on the corner of Max's mouth, she was not shy at all since there were so many people here. Although Max knew that she did it on purpose, Max enjoyed it very much and went out with Wayne with a smile on his face.

When there were only two people in the lounge, Daisy's face completely darkened. She threw the clothes on Leila and said, "Leila, you're so arrogant. How dare you ask me to serve you!"

"No, no, No. since you don't want to come, why do you bring clothes here?"

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