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   Chapter 559 Mutual Understanding

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 9717

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Charles suddenly stopped the car and parked it aside. "Leila, go back. You are too willful now. Besides, you have a daughter. Do you really plan to..."

At this time, Leila was a little hesitant. Thinking of her daughter, and thinking of the angry look of Max, Leila also knew that she had done something wrong this time. But she was too ashamed to apologize.

"Leila, don't do this. I'll drive you back now." As Charles said, he started the car. Leila turned around nervously and glanced at him. She hesitated for a while and didn't stop him. But now she didn't want to see Max immediately, so she asked Charles to drive her to the old house of the Mu family.

The car stopped at the door. Leila hesitated whether she should go in or not. Looking at the door, Leila knew that if she went in like this, Matt would find out what had happened between them. If she didn't go in, she would fail Charles's painstaking efforts.

"Well, Leila, go back early. Remember what I said. Don't always make yourself so tired. A couple should understand each other. He loves you, so he won't hurt you!"

Leila nodded. Charles's tone was a little low, as if he had experienced a lot. His voice and comprehension seemed to be from the bottom of his heart. "Charles, don't always care about me. Also think about your own business. And thank you tonight!"

Leila opened the door and walked in directly. The cold winter made her shiver. A figure suddenly appeared in the yard, and then she heard Flower's babbling sound. She felt a lump in her throat and walked a few steps into the living room. Seeing that Max was holding Flower, Leila was stunned at the door of the living room. She didn't want to see him, but there he was.

Both Matt and Max saw Leila standing at the door. Max stood up and walked to her. "Why do you come back so late? Flower misses you so much."

Stunned, Leila nodded her head all of a sudden. She had thought that Max would blame her severely, but she didn't expect that he would treat her so gently. Leila took the opportunity to hold Flower and went over to Matt, "Dad."

Matt nodded with a smile. He didn't care about what happened before. He was in a better mood when he saw Leila come back. He left the living room with Flower in his arms.

Holding her hands, Max sat on the sofa in the living room. The silence gradually spread. Leila wanted to speak for several times, but Max suddenly held Leila tightly. "Well, I know what you want to say. Don't say so much now. Drink some ginseng soup to warm up your body. Look at you now. Don't do this again!"

Leila was so moved that she sniffed. She nodded hard and cried on his shoulder, "I'm sorry, I'm really sorry!"

The man patted her on the back gently. He knew very well about Leila's willfulness. This woman was stronger than he thought. She never wanted to trouble Max for the Song family, nor would she use the power of the Mu

d it was normal for her to retch. "I'm fine. Don't be so nervous, as if I'm really so fragile."

Max held her hand and got into the car. Leila sat beside him, lifting her dress. It was already noon, and there was always a smile on the corner of Max's mouth. Such a feeling of satisfaction was really good, it made him feel sweet in his heart.

When the two arrived at the banquet, a lot of people had already come here. Because the host was Wayne, most of them still showed respect to him.

"Thank you. Thank you for coming to my baby girl's birthday party. Please make yourself at home and have fun!"

Wearing a high-end dress and delicate makeup, Daisy looked particularly dazzling today, as if she was the only princess in the world. She raised her chin arrogantly and looked at everyone, especially when she saw Leila, she held the dress tightly in her hands. Perhaps only Leila was more eye-catching than Daisy in the world today. Leila's appearance with Max made Daisy very unhappy. Leila had everything, including love and career. Seeing that her sister was living a good life, Daisy frowned for no reason.

Max gave the gift to Wayne, and then took the woman beside him into the room. Suddenly, Daisy appeared in front of Leila and deliberately bumped into Leila's shoulder. "Leila, you're here. You're so beautiful today!"

Daisy's delicate face was a little distorted, and Leila understood what she meant. With a smile on her face, Leila said, "You are beautiful too. Happy birthday!"

Compared with the envy and jealousy of Daisy, Leila's calmness and elegance showed that Daisy was a little vicious. Even so, Daisy didn't want to lose to Leila.

"Although I don't like your wishes, I still have to say thank you, so as to show my current identity and status. What do you think?"

Shaking her head helplessly, Leila held Max's arm and walked in. Wherever they went, the two of them were the focus of attention.

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