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   Chapter 558 Space For Each Other

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 9476

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Robert looked at him in confusion. It seemed that everything that happened today was different from the way Max dealt with the past. He stared at Max and said, "It seems that you have really changed!"

Max was not angry, and there was still a smile from the bottom of his heart. "Have you really loved any woman? I think this is love!"

Robert nodded. His marriage with Wendi was just because of love, but their opinions would always diverge. More often, he would compromise with that woman, not because he was cowardly and incompetent, but because of love. He nodded calmly. It seemed that Max had become a little bit of human nature because of love.

Silence returned to the empty office. If Leila was safe now, then Max needn't to worry about Leila. And this time, it was obvious that she didn't dare to face it because of guilt. Thinking about what Johnson had done to her, even if Leila took the initiative to speak, he would give the document to her without hesitation, but that woman was stubborn and refused to accept it.

Thinking of what she had done, she didn't argue or question. In the end, she just hid quietly. The man shook his head helplessly. "Leila, when can you really open your heart to me?"

Max rubbed between his eyebrows tiredly, picked up his coat and went out.

Even if it was sunny in winter, it would still be very cold. Max drove back to the old house of the Mu family. Matt was taking a walk in the yard with Flower. It was a good choice to exercise in such a weather.

Max appeared in front of them in a black windbreaker, and Flower was much older than before. Her face was full of surprise when she saw him. Matt looked behind him and asked, "where is Leila?"

Normally, the two of them would stay together, but this time, it seemed that only Max came back. Thinking of this, he felt something was wrong.

Max found an excuse to perfunctorily deal with Matt, but he didn't expect that Matt would snort, "You two are old enough. You can say you two have a quarrel. What business trip? Are you willing to let that girl go on a business trip alone?"

Max lowered his head in embarrassment, letting Matt scold him. Then he took over Flower and wandered around in the yard for a while. Matt finally understood that this man was depressed now, so he'd better not ask anything else, so Matt told him about the recent situation of Flower.

"Your child has grown up a lot. As parents, you should come back often. Don't say that the child is not close to you, especially Leila. She ran out willfully and let you come back to see the child alone?"

Max just smiled. He just didn't want to go back to the apartment alone and came to see the child by the way. But when he saw Flower, he was in a good mood. When Flower saw him, she actually smiled happily. Then she pointed at the pine in the yard

blame yourself too much. Since you are his wife, you can sit down and have a good talk with each other. It's so late now. Won't he feel sorry for you?"

Leila kept silent. Before leaving, she had been holding on in front of Max. She didn't expect that her impulse would put her in a dilemma. She looked out of the window sulkily and said, "By the way, you and Miss Lu..."

It was hard to say something. When Leila asked this, Charles's face darkened, and he was even angry about what happened to Bella. That woman didn't seem to live a peaceful life since she came to Charles's house, which made him miss the quiet days in England very much. So when he received Leila's call, he drove out regardless of everyone's objection.

Feeling the heavy breath of the man beside her, Leila suddenly turned around and looked at his tired face. "Sometimes you should find out more about other people, or you really can't find a girlfriend!"

Charles took a meaningful look at the woman beside him. His heart had been on Leila from the beginning to now, so he had no mood to look at other girls. Since Leila had been married and had her own children, he had never shown any of his feelings. Presumably, only he knew such a thing.

He looked at the woman in front of him silently and didn't know how long it would be for him to see her in such a quiet way. He looked out of the window silently and didn't want to start the car for a moment.

"Well, Leila, don't talk about me like that anymore. You keep complaining about me as soon as we meet. What about you? What should you do tonight? Aren't you going home?"

These words went straight to the heart of Leila. She looked out of the window silently again. Even she didn't know where she was going tonight. Maybe Max was still angry, and she couldn't bear to go back. It was useless to apologize, and Leila didn't like to apologize either!

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