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   Chapter 557 Join In The Fun

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After saying that, Max left quickly, leaving only Aunt Liu behind. Looking at his resolute back, Aunt Liu felt very helpless.

Robert was completely affected by what happened in Wendi, but the matter of the two women did make the two men laugh for a long time.

Hearing this, Robert said in a sharp voice, "I don't understand. Why don't you give the documents to them and let them go? Let's see how far they can do! What kind of relationship could be like this? "

Max just smiled. He just watched an interesting show.

Robert's shrill voice came from behind, and Max said without looking back, "I'll just pretend that what happened today has never happened, and you, I can also be my good friend. I hope that this matter will not be known by anyone." When Robert heard the voice of Max, Robert nodded repeatedly!

Robert sighed. In fact, he had been asking himself this question all the time. Sometimes, some true feelings could not be expressed with words, but hidden in the heart. If words could describe the feelings, then they were not real feelings!

Robert thought in his heart, but when he saw Max's love for Leila, Robert was moved. She really didn't know how to express her current thoughts.

Robert shook her hair irritably and said impatiently, "but I know that now you ask me to get involved and Wendi is making trouble for me every day. Mr. Mu, are you trying to kill me?"

Max was still tolerant to Robert. He just felt it interesting to watch them quarrel.

After Robert left, Leila came to him and looked at him in a daze. The former felt strange. "Mr. Mu, what's wrong with you?" Leila came to Max with concern.

"Nothing, nothing. I'm thinking about you and Wendi!" Max smiled at Leila.

Leila was stunned. Did he still want to hold accountable? Obviously, the answer was No. she wouldn't give him a chance!

"No way! Otherwise..." Confused, Leila looked at Max. It seemed that such a thing would never happen to Max in Leila's eyes. But now seeing the serious look on Max's face, Leila was a little afraid.

"Really? Then how are you going to compensate me, Mrs. Mu?" Max looked at Leila with an aggrieved look in his eyes.

"Do we still have feelings for each other?" Leila was more aggrieved than him, "Leila, what nonsense are you talking about? Love is not wasted, because when you do something for the person you love, you feel happy and satisfied. When you see her smile with satisfaction, you will feel that the world is in front of you. "

Max looked at Leila with concern. Although this woman was stubborn, she indeed needed the nourishment of love. Now Leila and Wendi w

This not only made Max feel very helpless, but also made Robert and Wendi feel the same helplessness. Max almost activated the two couples to look for Leila, and Wendi unhurriedly followed behind Robert. "Don't worry, she is fine now!"

Robert turned around and took a look at her. The recent contact between the two women was very unusual. It seemed that they must have known something. But looking at the anxious look of Max, Robert could only comfort him.

He was not afraid that Leila would be angry with him. He was worried that something bad had happened to Leila. Thinking of this, he felt a headache. Obviously, they cared about each other very much.

Time passed little by little, but Leila still didn't show up. Max sitting in the office with a gloomy face, Robert had already called his people to looking for Leila. It hadn't been the time for to call for police yet. Wendi seemed to be very relaxed, humming along the way.

"In my opinion, you must have quarreled with each other again. I have explained it to you about the stealing of the document last time. It's my idea and has nothing to do with her. Mr. Mu, don't embarrass her with such a thing all the time. Don't you know that she has nowhere to hide in front of you? You two are in sharp contrast, She felt inferior, so she hid herself! "

A faint smile appeared at the corners of Max's mouth. Leila actually felt inferior in front of him, but she was eloquent when she was angry with him before. But that woman didn't like him to always talk about her little mistakes. No wonder Leila was so angry. So she must have hidden herself now. He shook his head helplessly and told Robert not to continue looking for her. Leila would definitely appear when she showed up.

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