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   Chapter 556 Caught Red Handed

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"Leila, what are you calling for?"

"Wendi, I want to give all these documents to you now. It's not safe to leave them here." Leila said cautiously.

"All right. Be careful. " Wendi said helplessly on the other end of the phone.

"Okay. I'll wait for you at the same place at twelve o'clock tonight." With these words, Leila hung up the phone. In order not to make any noise on the other side of the wall, Leila tried her best to avoid talking too much to attract others' attention.

Just a few brief conversation made Leila feel a little stressed on herself, which made her very helpless. If she wanted to get it, she had to pay something, which was beyond her imagination.

After hanging up the phone, Leila sighed deeply. She had been waiting for such a long time, and it was today, which made her very sad. But at this time, she had made up her mind that tonight was a very crucial night, and what she needed to do was to hand over all these documents to Wendi. If the documents were handed over to her smoothly, then Leila could defeat Johnson and avenge Lillian, and they could live a peaceful life

At the thought of this, Leila's heart was filled with joy, but at this time, she also began to worry that if she went out at night, she would definitely alert Aunt Liu, because Aunt Liu's room was next to hers, which made her feel very difficult. When Leila thought about this, she suddenly thought of Max, who seemed not to come back today. It was already evening. It was really strange.

Leila's heart was full of doubts, and she began to feel uneasy. Where did Max go? Did he find something? This really confused Leila, but only now did she find that everything here seemed to be fine in her eyes. But now Leila didn't know where Max was.

Thinking of this, Leila opened the door. At this time, Aunt Liu was busy in the kitchen. Seeing this, she walked behind Aunt Liu, looked at Aunt Liu's busy back and asked, "Aunt Liu, has Mr. Mu come back?" Hearing her question, Aunt Liu turned around and looked at her.

"Mrs. Mu, what can I do for you? Mr. Mu hasn't come back yet. I heard that he was on a business trip. " Aunt Liu looked at Leila and said.

"Oh, nothing. I'm fine. I have to go back to my room and have a rest." Then Leila turned around and went back to her room.

To Leila's surprise, Max went on a business trip at such a critical night. Was God helping her?

She couldn't help but think in this way, but she had to be more careful. As long as tonight passed, the name of Johnson would once again become the focus of people's

nt of her, including the angry eyes of Max, and Aunt Liu, who were standing beside Max with a faint smile.

At this time, Leila finally understood what was going on. It turned out that Max had known everything, but he and Aunt Liu were deliberately acting in front of her.

When Max arrived at Wendi, he didn't look at Leila, but went straight to Wendi. Wendi had nothing to say about all this. "Woman, if you want to take revenge, just say it. Your husband have enough these materials like this. It doesn't need you two stupid women to steal them at all. But you are as stupid as her!"

"Mr. Mu, is it really appropriate for you to say that to Mrs. Mu? I guess she will be unhappy."

Wendi looked at Max angrily. At this time, Max didn't want to pursue it anymore. He waved his hand and asked those people to let go of Wendi. "If you have anything to say, just say it. There's no need to do so."

Max came to Leila again, "It seems that you are more suitable for planning. You'd better just stay in the planning department and mind your own business."

When Max returned home, he often felt the figure of Leila around his mind. Max saw Aunt Liu, so he said to her angrily, "Am I not good to that woman? Anyway, Leila has a good starting point, she wanted to help Wendi, so I don't blame her. "

Max was really angry. Max was not sure if he would really help Leila, but the look of Leila was lingering in his mind.

Max was a little annoyed. He didn't allow anyone to hurt Leila, and didn't want Leila to do the stupid things, even if Wendi was her best friend. He liked Leila from the beginning. He said to Aunt Liu in a low voice, "Aunt Liu, she is fine. Take good care of her in the future."

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