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   Chapter 555 Breathtaking

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 8622

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Lying on the bed, Leila looked relaxed. At this time, she had completed the task that Wendi asked her to do. Now, she was waiting to hand these documents to Wendi. Wendi's praise for her, and Wendi had promised her to find out the truth of the matter, so Wendi would live a peaceful life, This was really a very tempting condition, and Leila was also moved by the peaceful life, because in such an environment, she had already been fed up with hatred, even a little harm, which made her unbearable.

Therefore, Leila pretended to be regretful and wanted to get close to Max again, but in fact, she had already planned to confess to Max after what happened.

However, Max didn't have the patience to please Leila. For love, Leila] cared most about Max. She didn't want Max to be hurt in this matter.

At first, Leila thought that she would be humiliated if she stayed with Max, but she didn't expect that Max would fall in love with her. She also fell in love with that man, and she wouldn't allow anyone to hurt him.

Looking at the documents in her hand, Leila picked up the phone happily and skillfully dialed Wendi's number. "Hello, Wendi, where are you? I've got the documents. Wendi, don't break your promise! Leila chatted with Wendi happily.

When Wendi heard that Leila had got the document, she was eager to come to her now. "Okay, I'll go to see you now."

When Leila heard this, she couldn't help but feel a little worried. Today's matter seemed to be too smooth, which seemed not to be a good thing. But now that she had got the document, she didn't have to worry anymore.


"What? Is there anything bothering you? " Wendi couldn't wait anymore.

"No..." Obviously, Leila didn't know what to say. What happened today was beyond her imagination. She didn't want all her previous efforts to be in vain at this last moment. But facing this easy to get happiness, she felt that she was too cautious.

Thinking that she could go back to her previous life, Leila couldn't help but forget that she was still at Max's home. At this time, Leila happily agreed to Wendi's request.

When she thought of this, she couldn't restrain her excitement any more. It was as if she wanted to see Wendi right now. But at this time, Leila could only hide in her room and didn't know what was going on outside. But the situation outside was very important to her, Thinking of this, Leila braced herself to come to the living room. Seeing that Aunt Liu was still busy in the kitchen, as if nothing had happened just now, she was completely relieved. Then she saw ever

"It's good that you are fine. I'm afraid that you are not feeling well now. When Mr. Mu comes back soon, he will blame me for not taking good care of you." Aunt Liu looked at her with a faint smile.

At this time, Leila didn't want to say so much to Aunt Liu. The only thing she wanted to do now was to have dinner as soon as possible and then go back to her room. When the night was quiet, she would find an opportunity to hand over all these top secret documents to Wendi, so that she could have a good sleep tonight.

Thinking of this, Leila quickened her pace. At the same time, she also paid attention to Aunt Liu's every move. Aunt Liu's behavior didn't seem to be special today, but from Aunt Liu's behavior, there seemed to be something that could arouse her vigilance. But when Leila thought carefully, it seemed to be impossible, because when she was in the study, Aunt Liu went out to buy vegetables, which didn't allow Aunt Liu to follow her at all. What's more, Aunt Liu didn't know that she had already stolen the documents in the study.

The only explanation was that Aunt Liu went out ten minutes earlier today, but there seemed to be nothing special. When Leila saw this, she couldn't help but want to look at Aunt Liu a few more times, but Aunt Liu didn't seem to care about her eyes. It was just that the way Aunt Liu looked at her now seemed to make her feel more guilty.

After having dinner in a hurry, Leila quickly went back to her room and checked the documents. She felt relieved when she found that the documents were still there, but there would be many troubles at night, which made her feel very uneasy. Helplessly, she could only call Wendi again, which made Wendi feel surprised.

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