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   Chapter 517 The Appearance Of A Rival In Love

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 10073

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Charlotte's face turned pale. Although she made some mistakes in her work recently, she was confident that her working ability wouldn't be castigated. She didn't expect that Leila would let Hunter stay in the planning department. Wasn't it a humiliation to her?

She had actively wooed Hunter and even confessed her love to him before, but this man was indifferent. Now he was recruited by Leila to the planning department. Wasn't Leila laughing at her?

"That's enough, Leila. It's my own business who I like and what I do. I don't think you have the right to intervene!"

Leila closed the file and looked at Charlotte calmly. Charlotte said that not to interfere her business. It was just a new employee in the Department. But Charlotte couldn't wait any longer. It seemed that Leila hadn't done anything yet.

"Miss Fan, I don't need to report to you who I want to use. The most important thing now is to deal with your own business. Otherwise, I'm afraid that the reputation of the company will be affected because of your mistakes. What do you think?"

Charlotte was completely satirized by Leila. Leila didn't want to do that, but Charlotte had gone too far. No matter what, it was difficult for Charlotte to hide her arrogance. It seemed that Max's punishment didn't work on Charlotte last time.

"You... Leila, I hope you won't make any mistakes, or you should know the consequences! "

Leila frowned unhappily. Everyone in the company knew that she was Mrs. Mu, even if she made a mistake, it was Max who punished her, not Charlotte. "I think you should remember that even if I made a mistake, it would be the CEO who punish me. It has nothing to do with you!"

Charlotte left her office in a rage. Leila leaned against the back of her chair in silence. She didn't want to argue with anyone in the company, but Charlotte's domineering look didn't change at all.

Hunter came in. When he saw the two women quarreling with each other just now, he almost thought that the two women would fight. But he didn't expect that it was just a simple quarrel. Leila smiled at him, "What's the matter? Do you feel difficult to adapt to the new job? "

Hunter shook his head. Before he came here, he had been well prepared and knew the divisions of work in the Mu Group. He came here only because the current leader of the planning department was Leila.

Hunter still remembered the first time he saw this woman. She was young and energetic. He fell in love with her at the first sight, so he has been indifferent to Charlotte's love.

"I'm sorry. I think she came to see you because of me, right?" Hunter stood opposite her. Every time he faced her, he felt at a loss and didn't know what to do.

"What? You have discovered it so quickly, since you know why you are here to work, aren't you afraid... "

Hunter was anxious to explain, "We have nothing to do with each other. I refused her because I already have another woman in my heart!"

Leila nodded and handed the latest information to him,

nd Hunter come out together, he was really jealous. This woman had no ability to distinguish the men at all. No matter who she was with, she was always gentle. "Leila, you can only go with me after work. As for other men, you'd better stay away from them!"

Leila was stunned. Sure enough, this man still minded her coming out with Hunter. Now she recalled that at that time, this man's eyes had been fixed on the two, but she didn't notice it through the dark glass!

"What happened today is just a coincidence, and nothing happened between us!"

A faint smile appeared at the corners of Max's mouth. He naturally knew that nothing had happened between them. If something had happened, he would not only be angry as he was now.

The two of them looked at each other. When Max saw the frightened little woman in his arms, he was in a good mood. He raised his hand to rub her hair and said, "Well, I know. This person's intention is unknown. You'd better not get close to him!"

Leila nodded and knew that he was worried about her. She didn't reject him. After all, Charlotte was here. She didn't want to get herself into more troubles.

The second morning, Johnson released the result of the incident. He claimed that he was cheated and implicated the Mu Group, and sincerely apologized to the public.

The two sat in the car and listened to Johnson's broadcast. Leila just stared out of the window without any expressions and complained about Johnson's hypocrisy.

It seemed that Max had expected all this. He issued a statement, declaring that everything of the Mu Group was standard and could withstand inspection.

This matter made the Song Group stand at the center of the storm. Every day, a large number of reporters would interview Johnson, and some even dug out the relationship between Leila and Johnson to investigate this matter. Johnson insisted that he was framed by someone, but he was questioned by the reporters. "As Max's father-in-law, did he have special treatment on you?"

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