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   Chapter 516 Come To Me Voluntarily

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Although Johnson had been with her these days, Lily could still see that although he was in the hospital, his heart was not in the hospital.

In the end, Lily noticed that. Johnson sighed slightly, "I finally met Mr. Mu about the company, but..."

Before he finished his words, Lily had already known the result. She nervously held Johnson's hand and asked, "What about the company?"

When Max proposed to acquire the company at this time, Lily's intuition was that even if they sold the Song Group, they wouldn't get much benefit?

He looked at Lily sadly. Now it had reached an uncontrollable point, and no one could turn back.

Lily didn't believe it, but when Lily saw the sad look on Johnson's face, they could imagine their future.

She held Johnson's hand tightly and said, "Johnson, look at him. He is our son. Do you really have the heart to see him lose everything since he was born?"

Johnson sighed helplessly. Max had given him a big problem. He lowered his head and sighed, "What else can I do? But you can rest assured that we will save the Song Group last. "

Although he said so like this, Johnson didn't think so in his heart. He wasn't sure, but he had to do as Max said.

Lily looked at him in surprise. If they did like this, the Song Group would have a great impact. If Max continued to add insult to injury, they might not have a chance to turn the table, Johnson sighed helplessly, "Anyway, I have decided to do so."

Lily could only nod. "Then be careful!"

The sound of high-heeled shoes suddenly came to the ward. Sophia and Daisy appeared at the door in coquettish clothes. Since they met Johnson at the banquet last time, Johnson had not contacted them actively, which made the plan of Wayne and Daisy fail. This time, Daisy took the initiative to come to them.

Lily knew these two women. She looked at Johnson in surprise and had a bad feeling. One was his ex-wife and the other was his former daughter. Lily felt a burst of chill. "Johnson, what do they mean?"

She was not married to Johnson until now. She was the legitimate Mrs. Song, but why did this woman who had betrayed Johnson appear here with the illegitimate daughter? Was it because they had rekindled their relationship or they had reached an agreement? All these made Lily feel very uneasy!

Did they want his ex-wife and daughter to mock and hurt her? But she was the current Mrs. Song.

Johnson was also very surprised. He hadn't completely thought about the cooperation proposed by Daisy, to be exact, he was worried that by that time, the Song Group might really be unable to survive because of Max, "What are you doing here? You are not welcome here. " Johnson stood up and said in an unfriendly tone. Sophia arrogantly glanced at the woman on the bed, who was younger than her, and gave birth to a son for Johnson. She smiled and congratulated Johnson, "Johnson, Congratulations!

recruitment notice. Therefore, no matter what position the Mu Group had recruited, he sent his resume first.

Leila nodded slightly to the man opposite her. She had seen through Hunter's ability, and last time as an intern, Hunter participated in the advertising shooting of the Mu Group. Max was famous for being rigorous, but she didn't expect that Max was very satisfied with Hunter's work.

Leila looked through his resume, and every one of them was flawless. Leila suddenly raised her head, "Can I ask you? Your resume is very perfect. I don't know why you came to the Mu Group for an interview?"

Hunter seemed to be well prepared. He just looked at Leila with a smile, "I think I have answered you this question in my previous internship!"

Because she was quite familiar with him, Leila left Hunter without scruple. This time, it was not only because of her relationship with Hunter, but also because of Charlotte!

Hunter was able to work in the planning department smoothly. Unexpectedly, the new employee in the planning department was Hunter. It was hard for Charlotte to accept the fact. During the work, she went directly into Leila's office. "Can I know why?"

Leila was reading the materials carefully. She was not surprised at Charlotte's arrival, as if she had expected that Charlotte would come to blame her.

Seeing her unhurriedly, Charlotte knocked on the table with one hand and said, "Leila, don't think that I will be afraid of you just because you are Mrs. Mu. Now please answer my question. You did it on purpose, right? You want to see me embarrassed in the company, right?"

"Manager Fan, I think you should know that you are the manager of the company, not a lively one. I don't have to watch your people make trouble, nor have time to see you embarrassed. So you know that I didn't mean it! I can even say that I'm helping you. At least you can see him every day. Isn't it good to do so? "

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